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Mobile: Don’t Starve!

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Don’t Starve (pocket edition) was developed by Klei entertainment in 2013, this review is for the iPhone (iOS) version but you can also find editions for Playstation, Windows and Linux! Prices vary a bit depending on where you buy it and the platform you chose.

1602 review mobile app dontstarve pocketedition 1602 review mobile game app dont starve intro artwork science 1602 mobile review dontstarve generating world headstone rip horror game app

Burton-esque artwork, can every game please look as beautiful as this?

Don’t Starve! (pocket edition) – official description: Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. – You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home. – Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style. Play your way as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land.

1602 review mobile game app dontstarve pocketedition wilson skeleton grave horror lost forest 1602 review dontstarve pocketedition wx78 robot character ingame survival 1602 review mobile game app dontstarve pocketedition wendy bats gothic game survival horror

Just look at this cute robot! WX-78 so far is my favourite character in this game!

My thoughts: This is a game that probably never will get boring, you have no tutorial to start with, the only hints the developers will give you is a Tim-Burton-like cartoon in the beginning that shows how Wilson got into that dangerous wilderness that the game is located in! You will be able to change the world a bit (by adding more or less sources, enemies, changing how long the day / night / season will be or if you want more or less challenging weathers) but the map itself will be generated randomly. Don’t Starve actually is what you want to do, eat, keep up your health and sanity, build a base, make friends with different creatures so they will fight for you – a long-time-entertaining survival game. As time goes by you collect more resources, learn how to create different things and by surviving you collect points and unlock different characters that all have slightly different stats and abilities / fears to influence the game! Probably the best purchase I’ve ever made on my mobile (btw, bought it on my iPhone 4S to afterwards find I could not play it on said mobile and had to wait 3 months until I got my new iPhone 6… I better read the requirements next time…)

And if you really need help, try the Don’t Starve Wiki!

Do you have some mobile app that keeps you entertained for hours? Have a nice evening!

New Glasses!

Hey there, Internet!

I have a fulltime job as geriatric nurse and even though I most probably would be allowed to wear my other pairs of glasses (see detailed review here) from Fledermausbrille (Augenoptik Kilian, Düsseldorf, Germany) I would be afraid of someone hitting and breaking them (believe me, in this job there is a high risk for that!) Until this month I wore a pair of plain, frameless and quite boring glasses to work that I bought about 10 years ago, needless to say my eyes were much better back then and even with those glasses I was quite blind. Eventually I got sick of wearing those and when I visited my mom I had the chance of driving the shorter way to Düsseldorf to take another look at all the different bat-glasses in person. This time I was looking for a plain but still gothy pair of glasses.

1511 review fledermausbrille bat glasses goth spiderweb engraving 1511 fledermausbrille gothic glasses spiderweb engraved

In the end I went with a half-framed pair, no applications on the temple stems but with spiderweb engravings on the outer corners of the glasses. So this myotic, kind of blind bat’s problem is solved and I already made a decision on which pair will move in next – I did mention before that they are addicting accessories, right?

When you are interested in a pair of your own, take a look at all the different glasses and shades (also non prescription for the lucky ones!) or contact lenses they sell on their webshop fledermausbrille.de, shipping worldwide, or maybe take a look at their stand at a goth festival in 2016?

Did you take a look at their stuff yet, what is your opinion? Have a nice evening!

Gothica Absinthe

Hey there, Internet!

Time to apologize! I have been writing on 4 posts at the same time and was not happy with any of them just to find myself in shock when I realized it has been a week without a post! So yes, I am very sorry for getting lost in my writings instead of simply posting. (Thanks to todays Faderhead newsletter talking about deadlines I woke up again!)

So alcoholic drinks have a hard time convincing me, I will have my Vodka when going out, enjoy a glass of Bloody Mary (hah, stereotypes!) or White Russian but when available I will always prefer an Absinthe. Luckily most of my friends agree so I don’t have to have a lot of other drinks at home. There are bottles that I would always have a spare one because it simply is that good, others will only be bought once to try them. Today I would like to introduce you to one that you can find a lot of different online-reviews for so it could have been a good or a bad one for me but talking about stereotypes I could not resist to at least try it!

1511 gothica purple absinthe essence of darkness wordpress 1511 gothica purple absinthe sugar 1511 gothica purple absinthe louche

Essence of Darkness, Gothica Absinthe (80% alcohol, 0.5l bottle). Official description: With a strong wormwood taste and merciless alcohol degree Gothica opens the gates to darkness. Dedicated to the inspiration the recipe makes use of artemisia absinthium as well as other ingredients that are known for their transcendental virtues. Because of its strength, we recommend to serve Absinthe Gothica with three parts ice cold water and two sugar cubes.

Well, the bottle already looks much different, shape- & designwise and with the liquid being unnatural purple / black colored. Not going to lie, I prefer my Absinthe colored by natural ingredients. We tried it with different amounts of sugar and water, giving us every color from bright milky purple to the hint of white / misty color you can see in the pictures.

Some reviews say there will be no louche when adding your iced water but there is, the picture shows 1:4 mixed, 1:2 was really dense, opaque purple. The first slug was strange, of course I did not know what I would have to expect when I read the seller’s description of this brand not wanting to be a traditional french style absinthe. Glass was put aside for a minute. In the beginning it had a strange, strong, nearly bitter taste that was much too intense for my liking and oddly was worse in those glasses with more sugar. The best mixture I tried with this absinthe was with 1 sugar cube and 1:2 mixed with water. Afterwards you will be rewarded with a lovely sweet aroma that will last for a while.

In the end it was quite nice, probably not my favourite but I am happy I tried it and when this bottle is facing the empty side I am sure I will buy a second one!

Have you tried this one yet, what did you think? Have a nice evening!

Random 15-07

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month and would not fit into another post… This time scheduled while I’m enjoying the weekend in Köln / Cologne at Amphi Festival.

dortmund plueschpfote wordpress

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer?

* Making plans for next year balcony gardening. Yes, this early. So many awesome plants and decoration, interested in dark gardening? There’s a facebook goth gardening group that has all the inspiration you will need!
* Ok, this was in June but so awesome meeting people in real life that you’ve known online (blog & facebook wise) for years! Hoping this lady (Meeow de la Peluche, picture!) will find her way back to blogworld soon again!
* When a storm throws some tree at you, could you resist or would take some branch with you?
* On weather, what happened? It acts really crazy lately!
* It is July, first good international Halloween shops have their new stuff in, what is everyone buying? What are your favourite shops?
* Septum Piercing? Nostril Piercing? Both? Maybe have been thinking about this far too much already…

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

* The Gothic Homemaker: Dye Fastness on Bien Aimée – Cleaning your clothes the goth way.
* Jade introduced us in her post The Evil Queen’s Apple juice to sime finnish brand that sells black apple juice – I definitely want this to be sold here in Germany, too!
* Naelle from De.Lirium did a lovely post on How to press mineral Eyeshadows, haven’t tried that yet but i tend to lose my lose products before being able to use them so will try!
* Cool Costumes for Kids using wheelchairs – Love to see more and more of those ideas lately, so here is another blog (Rose B Fisher) taking the halloween fun out to everyone!
* Elle Palmer shared a post on that sourtoe cocktail thing on her blog the weirdo.
* Sary (The Walrus Room) shared her Finger-Tattoo experiences with us this month!

Most played songs this month, playlist was made to get in amphi festival mood. (and sorry, that list seems to be quite german this month)

* Goethes Erben – Rot Blau Violett Grün Gelb
* Centhron – Ich war so frei
* The Crüxshadows – Helen
* Stahlmann – Schwarz
* And One – Sometimes

What has been inspiring for you during the past month? Have a nice evening!

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