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Where have I been? Changes that need to be done.

Hey there, Internet!

So maybe some of you noticed that I have not posted anything in a month (prior to the Zenmed post). There have been quite a few reasons.

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I currently am working 250-300hrs / month AND am in a postgraduate training. As much as I love working on this blog I earn my money as geriatric nurse. Wondering why I work that much even though here in Germany ~160hrs / month are common?

I’m preparing to move. Again. Let’s not talk about all the reasons in this post because hell, there are a lot. Moving to this city is part of the reason why I felt this horrible lately. What seemed to be so perfect turned into a complete nightmare. Moving needs money (so does the MOT test that needs to be done in September). So more working hours for more money, this year only though.

Networking, real life and online. I noticed a lot of my ‘friends’ would not even care for how bad I have been feeling lately, people that I always supported as much as possible now don’t have a moment to talk to me or even add something to the pile of chaos and destruction. Toxic people who really put me down, drained my energy, made me feel horrible, empty and worthless. Finally learned my lesson, now I know who will be with me in my bad times and when I am in trouble as well. Been talking to them a lot and also been on a goth portal more often, meeting new people.

Digital Detox. With all the other tiny things in life it was time to focus. So I was offline most of the time. Very few posts on Instagram or Twitter,… Not answering emails, phonecalls or PMs within a second. Sometimes what you need most is to slow down a bit, to breathe.

Declutter. Flat, wardrobe, life, everything. That needs a while.

And because I don’t want to stop this blog, the posting schedule for this year, as long as I work that much of extra hours, will have to change. For that time one post / week, early Monday will be done. Maybe more if I have enough time but better setting my goals low. The comments still will be set to be manually approved. One hour of social media / day so maybe answering will still take a while.

This will change when I have more time again, and a new home.

When was the last time you did a digital detox and declutter your life? Have a great evening!



Review: Zenmed Adult Acne and Anti Aging Skincare, first month.

Hey there, Internet!

So please first note: NOT sponsored, just my experience, I know a lot of expensive skincare companies pay for good reviews but this is my honest experience, with unedited (except for putting the pictures next to each other and adding a tiny bit of text) pictures of my skin before and now. This review includes all about how I found about Zemned, the order and delivery, communication with their customers support, a big German customs office rant and my skin results.

Here’s the problem: Since I was about 11 (begin of my puberty) I have bad skin. I don’t think there is a lot left that I haven’t tried during these 18, nearly 19 years. Definitely not the worst out there but after trying what feels like a million of products and currently using the best working stuff of those it still is bad enough to bother me. So while the first lines start to appear between my eyebrows and under my eyes I still suffer from combination skin, normal parts are fine but the oily parts really are oily as hell. Common mattifying creams (aka those that you can find in stores over here in Germany) help me for maybe an hour until my nose and forehead start to shine again. The current face stuff at least helps me for a few more hours until I look like a stick of butter melting in the sun. I have big pores, blackheads and tend to get breakouts from bad food, or whenever my skin feels bored or the need to be a bitch. At least when I stay away from chocolate and other ‘bad food’ my body is fine. I also don’t have any hormonal problems since I am under that three months injection instead of the pill and this lovely poison makes those hormones that caused the pubercy acne are literally dead. Of course, the 3-6 days right after that injection I will still get my breakouts but that’s something I could deal with. Also been to dermatologists if that is what you would suggest. All of them were not able to help. One lotion did help but after 2-3 weeks my skin started to peel off, painfully. Like I said in the first sentence, I tried everything that I could find (even some pretty disgusting things that I found online… YUCK!) On top of that, when I am stressed and asleep I am a skin picker (so bleeding wounds all over my face as well as scars from previous picking). Tried everything here as well. As mentioned before, I know there are people who have evenworse skin but mine is enough for me to suffer and to look desperately for something that could help.

Finding Zenmed:

Whatever, so I switch my products maybe three times a year, trying to find something better but so far did not find my holy grail. When I was browsing the internet this January I found yet another company (this one is based in the USA) you know, lots of good reviews, expensive prices but looking professional, yada yada. Desperate me wanted to instantly buy from them (while the money me wondered if it was just another company that would sell me overpriced products with little to no effect on my skin, yes been there some times already, that’s what people do when they are desperately fighting something) but luckily they have a lot of different products so I was confused on what to buy.

Then I found that link where you could send them a mail answering some questions about your skin and what you are looking for. I thought I would just give it a try. Within the shortest amount of time I got a friendly reply by Samantha, she asked for some more information like the exact type of breakouts (google did help a lot!) if there are ingredients that I experienced do not work well for my skin and if I have any allergies (oh btw, with a rating link below every mail). I got excited because usually the companies that would want to rip you off would not communicate that much with you so they might really be an honest company!

After I answered her additional questions she sent me a mail with products recommended exactly for my skin type and problems, cleansers, scrub, capsules, mask, moisturizers, lotions, 14 products in total for my oily skin, my breakouts, my beginning lines… Sounds a lot but definitely less than in their webshop, plus she gave short informations on what they do and how. So in the end I decided to try 4 products at first.

The order:

My order was placed January, 27th, payed a total of $164.00 via paypal, they sent it the very next day. Products I bought:

Facial Cleansing Gel ($18)

Glycolic Booster ($47)

Oil-Free Day Lotion ($30)

Omegaceramide + Recovery Moisturizer ($45)

Shipping from USA to Germany $15, totally fine as well! Like always when ordering from USA I was prepared to pay another 1/3 of my orders worth at German customs. And while waiting for my parcel I got a few newsletters with special offers which got me even more excited, I was really hoping this would work for me and my next order would be placed with a nice newsletter offer – like, who would not enjoy something extra added to their order or getting 10% off?!

Customs office rant (just my luck, see next chapter if you are not interested in customs troubles, there is a happy end!)

I got my invoice and went to the German customs on February, 13th. Could have been a Friday instead of Monday, even though they are said to be the worst in a week. Short story and after proof reading and editing hopefully without insults: Those people at the customs office looked through my order and said the booster is a medical product instead of skin care. – Every cream you can find here in Germany says something about the skintype it was made for. The ingredients can be found in products you can buy in Germany, the list of what ingredients you are not allowed to import is not available to public audience so there is no way to check by yourself. This booster is available at a store in the UK which still is part of the EU or at least was by that time and hence should have same import laws. I won’t tell every detail of what happened but I haven’t been this angry and annoyed for a long time. Whenever I head to the customs office (this was the first time in this city though) there is a problem. (Could write books on that) Anyways, I had to leave my booster behind, the other three products came home with me – paid 20€ custom fees so it was cheaper than I expected. So maybe boosters are better bought from a reseller in Europe.

Zenmeds reaction:

I mailed Zenmed about the booster and customs problem and they talked to their head department, again they replied fast and very polite. After I sent them the customs document about not being allowed to import the booster and they sent me 50% of the boosters worth back to my paypal account. Would not have expected that because usually customs problems end being the customers problem. And I never even asked for money, just wanted to let them know what happened so they could let people know that there might be problems with this booster at customs. They also said they never had problems like that before so maybe it really is just my bad customs luck again.

Did I find my holy grail?

I actually think I did! So I had a daytime lotion, nighttime lotion and a liquid cleansing soap. From my previous products I would still use my wet makeup wipes to get rid of my face before using the cleansing product. The first day my skin felt a lot softer already, I know that could be my mind instead of an actual result. Two days later a friend asked if I changed my makeup. Did not, like everytime trying a new skincare regiment I went without primer or foundation because I do not want to risk my brushes causing breakouts and me thinking it was the new lotion. But that person knows me some time so it seems my skin already does look different. February, 17th I had some breakout, not the bad stuff but those tiny little dots that happen a lot when you switch your skincare products – at least for me that happened a lot before when changing, usually a week after I started. Those dots disappear within two days so I am perfectly fine. Especially since I noticed my pores getting smaller, which really felt like someone put a magic spell on me, I was standing in front of the mirror crying because of happiness! My forehead as well was a lot less oily that day already. Looking more like that healthy, silky shine baby skins have instead of looking like I never wash my face. And I got another email from Zenmed, asking if I liked the products so far or if there was something I needed help with. February 211st First week is over. Still the softest skin I can remember, the pores and blackheads on my nose seem to get less every day. Even though there was a lot of stress in private and worklife I still don’t have a lot of acne, no itchy skin, no skin picking signs so it seems even in my sleep something changed which I can’t explain. February 28th Stress breakout due to a family thing. A total of 8 pimples. Usually my entire face would be covered with them by now and since my skin is so very soft there even was not much skin picking and the spots that sadly were harmed did not get an infection. Still VERY impressed. March 13th – even more private problems but my skin definitely looks better than it did look like without stress before I started with Zenmed. If that makes sense. And from how much product is used / left I guess it will last 3-4 months each so the price is not as much as it seemed in the first place!

1704-review_zenmed_acnetreatment_onemonth_cheek-wordpress 1704-review_zenmed_adultacnetreatment_afteronemonth-review

So my skin after one month: A lot less redness and acne even when stressed. Nearly no skinpicking, scars get less obvious. The lines would not get worse even though I stopped using my previous serum. Less oily skin, pores a lot smaller. And I still see an improvement so wondering how good my skin will look in a few more months, so happy!

So I definitely will buy some of their other products that they said would work best for my skin for daylie use or twice a week extra treatment as well as keeping on using these three! Probably will try one at a time because I already am happy with the current results and want to see if the new product will do any improvement, can’t say this often enough – sorry!

Have you tried Zenmed yet? Or are there any other companies that did help solving your skin problems? Have a great evening!

2-Year Blogversary & Giveaway!

Hey there, Internet!

Even though I did have my Blogspot blog some years before it was February, 27th 2015 that I started Justkeepbrains.com after a break here on WordPress. The previous year was quite a mess and to be honest I still am trying to get back into my routine but even though there are quite some problems the real-life pile of chaos is slowly shrinking so I am sure it won’t be too long.

And nothing will make me leave the blogosphere, that’s for sure. I met so many amazing people and some even turned into really close friends. Really am happy to have met everyone, blogger or reader, of you and even though currently my social media time is very limited your instagram, youtube, twitter, blogs or your comments on here are really inspiring, thank you for every minute you spend on those!

1602 blogversary bat celebrating

So, giveaway time!

Please follow the link to the rafflecopter giveaway and enter the giveaway there, it is a third party service that draws a winner by random as soon as I hit the button. Sadly the code of the giveaway is not accepted by wordpress so there is no way to simply include it into this post.

Rules to enter:

list-bat-png Join the rafflecopter giveaway thing / link at the bottom of this post, please read all of the rules though (of course, sharing or following would be nice but knowing the unfollow button exists what can I do… Still, following at twitter gives an additional ticket) * rafflecopter saves your name and email adress and when the giveaway is closed I can push a button and it will select the winner randomly.
list-bat-png By entering this giveaway you confirm that you are an adult / allowed to enter giveaways, will be able to tell me your name and adress afterwards.
list-bat-png I am not responsible for any grammar mistakes in the description or missunderstandings of the things included in the package. I also am not responsible for any allergies, reactions, damages on people by the package or on things in the package or money charged by customs or whatever there might be – also please check before if importing any of these products would get you in trouble. And yes, I pay for the content of the giveaway, this is not sponsored, I am just sharing my love for those furry bats with you and yes, asked the people at BWS if they were ok with me doing it as a price for the giveaway!

This giveaway is open until 2017, March, 24th at 12:00am Berlin time, open worldwide.

Stuff you will win:

list-bat-png Adopt-a-bat at Bat World Sanctuary – Adopt-a-bat, according to their website / see link / consists of: A personalized adoption certificate, A matted 5″ x 7″ glossy photo of your bat, Your bat’s personal story, A graphic representing the size of your bat, The natural history of the species, A beautiful bookmark and a bat rescue card, A myths and facts card, An online membership to Bat World Sanctuary that includes their magazine, the money spent will help the BWS to pay for food and medical supplies for the bats that cannot leave as well as supporting other bats in need. ❤

So, here’s the link to the giveaway!

Thank you for reading, sharing, and entering! Have a nice evening!

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Review: Catrice cosmetics Smokey Matte Powder Liner

Hey there, Internet!

Talking about another cruelty free and cheap cosmetic company – Catrice. Wasn’t available in the US for a long time but seems they started selling this brand that Eurpoean drugstore cutomers love already.

So I am an eyeliner addict. Probably that and Mascaras (or my false lashes) would be that makeup product I could not live without. Even when I am sick at home, in pain and fever it is very common for me to at least do those two things. That’s probably why whenever I see some new eyeliner it ends in an impulse purchase. When I did my DM-Online order, after filling my cart with what was needed I made the ‘mistake’ to head over to the beauty category. For sure everybody knows that feeling when you say or do something and while doing so you already know you better should not have.

1730 review catrice crueltyfree smokeymatte powderliner eyeliner spongeapplicator packaging 1703 review catrice crueltyfreecosmetics powdereyeliner blackmatte swatch 1703 review catrice smokey matte powder eyeliner gotheyemakeup

left: packaging & spongetip, center: swatch by itself, right: in eyemakeup

This time though it wasn’t a big mistake, at least Catrice stuff is reasonably priced, better said cheap. The smokey matt powder liner is described as ‘Matte black powder kajal with thin foam tip for easy application.’ and contains 1.0g/0.035 oz., should be used within 6 months.

While I usually prefer those liners with very thin brush for whatever style of eyeliner would be done and while I usually really hate foam / sponge like applicators for eyeshadows I have to admitt that this one is quite handy. Easy to get equal results on both eyes, even pigmentation when your cateye includes some bigger areas and easy to blend into your eyeshadows as well. Of course with powders it does have a bit of fallout but managable for everyone who is able to use pigments – I was able to wipe off the fallout with a simple fan brush. It lasts throughout my working days as well as party nights and still is probably the easiest from my collection to remove. When I did use a thin brush the results were not too good so this to me is for days when instead of sharp eyeliners I want softer looks or something to be really black but blendable outlines. Happy to have this little guy in my collection and probably will buy another one as backup just in case.

What kind of eyeliner tips do you prefer? Do you see them as a staple in your collection? Have a great evening!

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