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Batfit 16-08

Hey there, Internet!

* Batfit is a ‘challenge group’ by our dear Professor Z where all kind of (darkly inclined) people try to motivate each other to get healthier or change / do whatever in their lives to feel better

1601 batfit january goth fitness weights dance healthy

I managed to get off my painkillers and only having a tiny bit, acceptable level, of pain. Seems ginger and ginger tea help more than I would have thought. Even though there barely is a taste of something that I consider to be as disgusting as ginger, if it helps I will do! Even been thinking of cancelling the doctors appointment in december. I hate doctors with a passion and can’t accept when I need help or have a serious disease, if they tell me that I would probably be angry, but would also be angry if they would not believe me how much pain I had during the past 9 months alredy an that sadly is something a lot of people in health care tend to do. How old are you? You can’t have anything bad. Still, I will go there, maybe they have another solution for my problems!

Workout currently is 1hr on 4 days a week (ok, crying while workout quite often because the pain does hit quite hard while exercising and a while afterwards but still fighting through it because I know this pain is not telling me that workout is damaging my body) and I am extremely happy how much progress I am able to see already, mainly on my stomach but arms and booty starting to look better already as well! Still trying to not focus on my weight but I am 5kgs down! Also lost 5cm around my waistline and all other measurements went smaller, too! Maybe will share some progress pictures in next batfit post!

Let’s not talk about emotions much though, first half of August was a plain horror but second half was used to recover quite fast!

Who else is on batfit or maybe any other groups to get healthy / happy? Have a nice evening!


DIY: I heart Bats Pants

Hey there, Intenet!

While I finally managed to bring my Else (sewing machine) to cleaning and fixing, since she refused to work for a while now, I got my hands on some more or less basic things from my shopping money and even though basic black is a must have in every darklings wardrobe I will never be able to resist to do a bit of alteration. The first thing I started working on were a pair of shorts / jeans hotpants, bought them in plain black and started binge watching some DVD series.

1608 acrylicpaint paintbrush diy

So I took some old and pretty rotten clothes to wear them while working on the shorts – because this time I just wanted to get comfy on my couch and had no safe workplace to use there, I kind of became my workplace.

Instead of bleach the coloring part / painting this time was done with simple acrylic paint. This does not last as long as bleach and when machine washing might get cracked a bit but I like that quite old and broken look it gets after a while and pants won’t see my washing machine as often as shirts do. I have used acrylic paint for some previous clothing alteration and so far still am happy with how these things look like so there was not a lot of risk. One of the pockets of the back now has some sketchy bat with ‘I❤ bats’ written next to it while on the front there are a few tiny bat silhouettes.

1608 diy pants alteration gothic bat 1608 diy bat acrylic alteration gothic clothing 1608 diy gothic clothing alteration acrylicbats

This time, since it was already short enough there was no destrcution part, nothing, just paint. While I might maybe add a few cuts or a bit of thinning to the fabric at the front for now I like the simple and quick alteration!

What kind of painting-colors have you tried to alterate your clothing? Have a nice evening!


Shopping Ban I guess?

Hey there, Internet!

As mentioned in last Random post I am joining a lot of fellow bloggers on some kind of shopping ban. This seems to be some kind of trend movement lately and probably everyone has their own reason – getting rid of clutter, saving for a vacation or whatever.

1608 shoppingban piggybank vampire goth

Still wondering why this piggybank had no mouth when I bought it!

Reasons are that I definitely want to save money for

a) Move. Gypsie feet are itching, it seems there are even less things to do / goth events around than a few years ago. And one of the main reasons why I moved here were the people I knew since my childhood. But even though we lately happen to meet maybe once a month (and meeting ‘sometimes’ is also possible if I live further away) I definitely meet those friends more often that live 100+kms away. I guess if we lived closer we would be able to meet a lot more often and the few meetings I have with friends here will pretty much still be able to sometimes as well. And that is what I want, meeting friends, maybe attend some events together. Three areas to decide which one would be best, hopefully I will be able to decide within a year?

b) Something a lot of people who do not know about my background probably will not understand but that is ok. I might have mentioned on here that I once fed myself to 120+kgs because I felt like eating would help me feel better (talking about toxic relationships). Anyways, some ups and downs in weight did happen and while I see my body changing to the better again there is one thing no workout can fix for me. My boobs. Probably will have their very own, dramatic post once I reach the amount of money required to get them done so not going to talk much about this topic here but please note: I definitely support body positive people, thinking the most important thing in life is a smile and a beautiful soul but I know how my boobs looked like before and I see seniors boobs every night at work. Which is a combination that makes me cry whenever I look at myself in the mirror so I made my decision here.

Clearing from Clutter: I think I don’t have a lot of things that are not used, except a pile of clothing, some heels that have been worn only a few times and actually I prefer my stompy boots, farewell to everything that hasn’t been used often enough, let’s say within  year unless it is not a piece with some memories attatched! So probably my next nights off work will be used to take pictures of all the things that will face eBay soon!

Shopping Ban: Not a 100% one for me, but I think buying only one NEW makeup thing each month and add 50€ for fabric or thrift stores or other cheap stores and maybe 50€ for the cave? This should work and probably encourage me to do some more DIYs! I am a guilty music buying person but since I still am going through my huge music library, to categorize and the like this also will be something where I want to save a bit.

How long: Starting with a plan of 6 months, starting August 2016 would end in January. Then I will sit down and take a look at how good this went and if I could do it for some longer time, maybe 6 months at a time.

Any of my readers also going on a shopping ban? How is it for you so far? Have a nice evening!



Hey there, Internet!

Long time no plant post, huh? Last was Seeds and new plants back in March when I told you about the seeds I planted a few weeks earlier. Those moved to bigger pots already and are doing great. Amongst them probably is one plant that has a slightly more intense mystical background than the others have. Talking about my Mandragora off. V. Autumnalis, Mandrake here.

Biological background: While as today most people might know those screaming Mandrakes from the Harry Potter movies it is a plant that has been used as medicine and for witchcraft for hundreds of years. They are categorized as Solanaceae, related to tomatoes or peppers. The roots in ancient documents are shown in human (male or female) shape and with its long, branched shape it indeed does resemble somehow. The different species do differ in size and color of leaves and petals

1608 mandrake liqueur alcohol alraune ordoki

Mystical aspects: Probably everyone remembers the screaming mandrakes from the Harry Potter movies but it is a plant that was said to be a strong medicinal herb that would prefer to grow close to galow spots and that you would die if you would pick it with your own hands. That’s the reason why often dogs were used for picking, one end of a rope bound to their tales, the other end to the mandrake. It also is said that the mandrake helped witches to fly – but don’t worry if you happen to find a bottle of the amazing mandrake liqueur, so far I didn’t experience any of my guests flying around my flat after a glass.

Medical aspects: Besides the belief of helping witches to fly Mandrakes were also used as medicine for rheumatic and other painful diseases. The juice of the roots was used as some kind of anesthetics or to cure possession, it indeed does have narcotic and hallucigenic agents. And tinctures are still used until today but yes, Mandrakes are poisonous.

1608 plant nature mandrake mandragoriaoffautumnalis babyplant

My Mandrake: I am planning to grow both, the v. autumnalis and the original, spring blooming one but started with v. autumnalis, it might not grow as fast as my herbs do, for the first few months I even thought it was not going to grow at all. By the way, the pot in direct sunlight shows as much growth as the pot in part shadow. I also am not sure if it will be used for anything besides looking beautiful in the end but I am happy to have this finally growing and am looking forwards to next year when the spring growing Mandragora off. will join my family of plants! By the way, anyone else who thinks the first leaves of a plant coming through the soil looks similar to the lovely zombie movies when they crawl with their hands out of their graves?

If you liked this post maybe take a look at my previous plant-posts? Ivy! and Patchouli!

Any interesting gardening things happening right now? And who else is already preparing for the next year? Have a nice evening!



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