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A Year In Review, 2014.

Hello there, internet!

Humm… seems to be a strange time of year to go though a past year but since I currently am going through my pictures to make some space / get rid of pictures that well… are not needed anymore… I thought why not share my pics/memories/thoughts with you?

my eye XD

On private life – went up and down again, me having to move to a friend in October, a friend that I will be thankful to forever since she had a one room flat (and a really hard time on her own that time <3) the flat with 2 people living in it was really crowded BUT it was a great time, since I work nightshift I was able to bring her something from the bakery in the morning right in time for her breakfast before work and stuff like that, we went out dancing a few times (more than I was able to through the entire year before that, which seems strange for a person like me who likes to go out and meet friends as often as possible… before October I only went to Blackfield for a day, to Wave Gotik Treffen and maybe once or twice to Zeche Carl while visiting family & friends in Ruhr-Area.) We also celebrated Silvester together in Munich which was also only a few days before I moved away from Munich (which is a nice city for a holiday but nothing for me to actually spend my life. – Picture and closer view on that will be in another post…) back to northern part of Germany.

year in review ootd fotd goth  year in review black milk clothing leggings frankenstein zombieyear in review leibnitz sweets halloween boohuus ghost cookie

And as they say, new part of life makes women change their hair… Beginning of 2014 (medium black hair) vs something in between vs end of 2014 (short blonde with me having not enough time to properly shave the sidecut)

year in review black hairyear in review bleachingyear in review blonde

Work-life was as much trouble because I left a working place that was good but something still was missing. Made a massive wrong choice here but I guess I’ve learned my lesson. Changed another time that year to a place that was ‘ok-ish’ but still, new home new job, too.

Health went down A LOT., during the 1.5 years in Munich I gained 14kgs so here I am, trying to get back into shape this year. My goal is to be back to 70kgs before WGT and to hooopefully be back at my 61kgs at the end of the year. Wait, how about Bat Fit? Is that still going on this year? And may I please have that stomach back again? (Nope, nothing more to see here then you’d be able to see in a bikini, that dark spot is just a tattoo…)

year in review stomach batfit So, what about you, 2015 going to be better/worse, maybe is it already better/worse tahn 2014? Have a nice evening!

new year, new here!

Well, hello there!

So since i disappeared from blogger and everything i’ve had quite a lot stuff happening in my life. Maybe interesting, maybe not. I thought it was time to start over again, whatever this will happen really slowly. In the beginning i will try to post every two weeks (maybe once a week). No specific theme for this blog so let’s just say it’s a ‘lifestyle-blog with a hint of black and diy’.

So whats with those of you that i haven’ talked to before? let me introduce myself a bit to you…

Name’s Ramona, I’m a 27-year old geriatric nurse from Germany, born in Jägermeister-city Wolfenbüttel, family roots in Ruhr-area and after moving quite some times (including Frankfurt & Munich) i returned to Brunswick… If i’d have to choose between vampire or werewolf i’d choose zombies. I’m always freezing and able to confuse myself because my mind likes to think about different things at the same time. I tend to like everything more when it sparkles (well, yes i live on my black-sparkling cloud of cottoncandy)… and i spend a lot of my time costumizing or creating things which atm mainly is for my new flat 🙂

whatever, this should be enough for the moment… So talk to you soon and enjoy your evening!

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