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New Ink! 16-07

Hey there, Internet!

It feels as if it has been ages since I got my last tattoo (and nope, the millions of appointments I’ve had to ‘save’ or to continue my Pokémon sleeve do not count here).

I guess if you follow this blog for a while you know that I have a sweet spot for mystic stuff and nature, especially my plant babies like my ivy who can be poisonous as well as medicine, showing that everything has a good and a bad side. So it was just a matter of time until I would get something related to this on my skin. The inverted pentacle actually to me has no evil / satanic meaning, I prefer the ancient idea of something that ‘looks’ evil would save you from evil. I am aware of the fact that there are so many different meanings for it by different religions, countries, history, whatever and there would be some more meaning of it for me as well but this was something I needed to state because there already have been quite a few comments on this on my social media accounts. I still wanted the style to match my other tattoos so definitely needed something ‘sketchy’, and since I really love those watercolor accents I thought adding some hint of natural, greenish color would look nice in this! That was the thought.

There is some tattoo studio very close to my home that has some really good reputation, an artist from that studio also had some tattoos in his portfolio that looked very similar, stylewise, to what I wanted. Went there, talked to a few people, decided I would want to get my chestpiece done there and since they have lists with 3-6 months waiting time I would be able to save up enough before my appointment. My appointment at Green Pearl Tattoo was July, 7th at 12:00, artist would be Jance Armstrong who convinced me to not get a pentacle made of ivy, the tattoo would still include what I wanted but the ivy would be more like a frame or background to the pentacle.

1607 newink lastselfie gothglasses fledermausbrille copperhair 1607 newink freshtattoo invertedpentacle sketchy ivyleaves chestpiece 1607 newink freshtattoo detail ivyleaf watercolor green bruises

left: last picture before the tattoo, looks so empty but clean!, center: after cleaning the tattoo at home for the first time, right: a few bruises but could have been worse!

This took, including preparation and some breaks, 5 hours. Pain when getting tattoed is different for every person and bodypart, for me it was absolutely ok, the only spot I hated was the upper middle parts. Not because of pain but because the vibrating tattoo gun made it nearly impossible to breathe. Not complaining though, have seen people suffering a lot when getting their tattoos done and mine so far were all fine!

Now I am facing a time of itchy skin, going outdoors braless (sorry but nothing can force me to put on something that will rub the sensitive skin with new ink, covered with plastic wrap or not, rubbing will cause infection and so the people around me will have to deal with this for a few days) and two weeks of no workout or wearing necklaces. Guess the spiked neckbands will have to be used a lot more during that time! So in the end I can say that I am really happy and am positive I won’t regret my choice of having a hint of color in this piece. There still are a lifetime of plans for Tattoos, Piercings and other Bodymods (pointing at the jar where I save up for my ear pointing by Samppa Von Cyborg). You can also take a look at my other posts on bodymods here: Bodymods and Self Destruction (yes, this again was in quite a rough period of time for me but something I’ve been planning for even longer), Bodymods: Piercings, Bodymods: Scarification, New Ink! 15-04

How about your current plans? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-11 (Halloween Version – Zombie Misty!)

Hey there, Internet!

So I was honestly too excited to take pictures before I went out as Zombie Misty on October, 30th / Pre-Halloween-party, but this time I would be cheating and simply re-wear this outfit for the afternoon and take some pictures to show! I know there still is a lot to change for next year but as mentioned earlier this will give me an excuse to attend two Halloween parties in 2016, one as Zombie Misty (2.0) and one in another costume!

1511 halloween costume outfit pokemon zombie misty diy 1511 halloween makeup blood zombie 1511 halloween pokemon zombie misty diy makeup

This time actually I tried to do this as video as well but it seems I need to get some better lightning and a few other things before (Soon, promise!)

1511 halloween pokemon pokeball diy1511 halloween ootd zombie misty magikarp plushie1511 halloween costume pokemon zombie misty cascade badge

Next year the former Magikarp plushie will become a bag. Even though Misty usually has a red bag / bagpack I prefer to have some water-type Pokémon with me and well, I think Magikarps don’t get enough love. I also need a pair of white shoes I could customize, this time I went with my black stompy boots. Also looking for a solution of what to do with the gloves & leggings, I sadly am freezing very easily so in October I need something to keep me warm… Maybe I will add some Ash-like jacket & gloves since he took Mistys bike and there always should be some exchange? The cascade badge necklace will also need a bit of work for a more intense color.

1511 ootd halloween cosplay zombie misty pokemon tattoo zubat

Oh and look, been working on my Pokémon sleeve tattoo again, now the ‘bracelet’ of 6 Zubats is done and next appointment will be November, 30th!

Do you have pictures of your costume this year that you would like to share? Have a nice evening!

September Shooting! (Joshi-Art & Pictures by Number)

Hey there, Internet!

I had my first holidays of the year this month and during the days I spent with my family Joerg from Joshi-Art and I finally managed to find some time for a photoshoot (after trying for more or less than 3 years?). Harald from Pictures by Number joined us that day as well.

So here are some of the pictures taken by Joshi-Art (click here for the entire album or click here for official facebook site with lots of albums with his different photograph-projects)

gothic alternative mohawk photography modeling gothic alternative deathhawk mohawk tattoo sidecut photography corset modeling

gothic alternative corset deathhawk sidecut photography modeling

And here are some of the pictures taken by Pictures by Number (click here for the entire album or click here for the official facebook site which also holds albums with a lot of his recent shootings)

goth tattoo photography modeling goth alternative deathhawk corset photography tattoo modeling

gothic alternative portrait undercut deathhawk photography

Again I would like to thank both for the entertaining day and for taking these pictures! When you happen to find yourself close to Herne (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and have some time on your hands, maybe you would like to work with them as well?

Have a nice evening!

New Ink! 15-05

Hey there, Internet!

Seems this year I am finishing all of the long-time-tattoo-projects. I just returned from another tattoo-appointment. Since I started my left sleeve in 2011 I thought it was time to finish it this year, started getting seriously annoyed by the blinking ‘work-in-progress’-sign on my left arm. So in the beginning I only wanted a Meowth that would look like it has been drawn on with a pen and soon it went into a Pokémon full sleeve tattoo. (Meaning I got ‘my’ favourite team of Meowth, Bellsprout, Cubone, Mew, Vulpix and Jigglypuff)

tattoo pokemon meowth mauzitattoo cubone tragosso pokemontattoo pokemon knofensa bellsprout

Will keep the name of the person wo did it in the beginning to myself because he mainly was the reason why it has been under construction for such a long time – we went into a BIG argument when he did the background. Long story short: I wanted something that looked like really old paper with holes, burnt or water logged parts and all that, what he did was an outline with a bit of shadow. Yes I did do some research on this artist before and only heard good things so I was completely shocked and totally angry (still am.)

I actually was that angry about what he did to my arm that I thought it could not get any worse and I could simply try my own hands on this, went and bought myself a tattoo gun and redid the background. I definitely knew I would not be able to do what I wanted in the first place anyways so I went for lines and lines and lines so it would look like someone simply continued the sketchy way the Pokemon were done. (DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME, I’m sure the only reason why I didn’t get any infection is because it is my job to make wounds heal and I have everything to prepare a sterile working place.) Anyways, I was very happy with the result / at least compared to the sad me after the ‘professional’ did the ‘background’ and so I thought I could as well try to do something more difficult. Added some Pokéballs and Team Rocket (last one was a bit risky because what I can’t do is stencils. Went with a pic of them on my laptop screen and drew it on my arm by hand hoping it would turn out ok-ish which I think it did.)

tattoo pokemon jessie james team rockettattoo pokemon pokeballs

Afterwards I took a looong break / until now. Again went to Memories Tattoo Wolfenbüttel (Germany) and this time had Sascha as artist. Got 2 Zubats, a Snorlax and a Haunter added. During the next few sessions / some time this year he will work a bit on the already existing other Pokémons – adding shadows / details and finally finish the background. Well, and I will probably have to ask for a few more Zubats because I’ve had quite a lot of these cuties stored in the PCs and there is still some space left!

tattoo sleeve pokemon zubat snorlax relaxo haunter

By the way, you can’t immagine how many strange looks and stupid comments people give you when you have a Pokémon tattoo – seriously people tend to stare at my arm more than they do at my hair when I backcomb or at my clothes when fully dressed. Wondering if they think I regret getting a Pokémon Tattoo… No I don’t regret it – only the choice of artist for the background. YES. I was born in 1987, part of generation Pokémon and proud of all the hours spent with the series, gameboy games and TCGs, I am still able to sing along the Pokerap and still buy the new games (even though nothing will beat the first generation ever)

Anyone with a tattoo-gone-bad story around? Were you able to fix it? Please share your thoughts! Have a nice evening!

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