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Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-06 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

Another day off that I spent with that friend from last time and Pokémon X/Y, it definitely will be a tough challenge because we both started with generation one and both maybe a tiny bit obsessed. Really looking forwards for the next few weeks, will be visiting a friend in northern Germany soon so maybe some long overdue clubbing night!

1606 ootd gothic ironfist teasedhair sidecut tattoo handcuff spikes

No corset today because I was unable to find one that would look good with this top!

1606 ootd gothic outfit details handcuff spike belt 1606 ootd gothic details stretchedears 12mm green orangehair spikes 1606 ootd ironfist skirt fabric detail

What I’m wearing

I promise I will try not to buy another new skirt in July.

Leggings: Blackmilk (Wet Look Black)
Boots: Solovair
Skirt: Ironfist
Belt: Attitude Clothing (no idea what brand)

1606 ootd illamasqua eyeshadow makeup eyeliner falselashes glasses gothic 1606 fotd lipstick lipgloss illamasqua sketchstick haze black intenselipgloss touch sparkling red 1606 notd nailpolish stargazer516 grey


One of the few days that you can find me with red eyemakeup and red lips!

Lips: Illamasqua (Sketch Stick in Haze, Intense Lipgloss in touch – sparkling bloody dark red)
Nails: Stargazer 516
Eyes: Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline, Pure Pigment in Berber, False Eyelashes 27), Sleek (Ultra Mattes V2 Palette, Enchanted Forest Palette), Gothmetics (Perfectly Staged Eye Pencil)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Powder in OMG, Eyeshadow in Heroine)

Do you also have colors in your makeup stash that you barely use? Have a nice evening!

Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-06

Hey there, Internet!

Tonight was very different, met a friend and we both restarted our Pokémon (X/Y) games, kind of battling who would first make it through the game. We will probably do this twice a month now until the new version (Sun/Moon) will be available later this year! Even though I enjoy those cozy nights I think it would be about time to go out on a clubnight again very soon but then I rarely have weekends off.

1606 ootd fotd gothic style corset heavyred killstar blackmilk orangehair

admitting, my neck feels quite empty without spiky stuff and heavy chains, even if it is summer…


1606 ootd queen of darkness gothic skull bracelet 1606 ootd gothic corset heavy red buckles detail 1606 ootd gothic rings jewelry restyle gazelle skull black pentagram

What I’m wearing

Skirt-shopping mood of the past months seems to continue but who could resist buying fluffy, semi seethrough stuff?

Leggings: Blackmilk (Wet Look Black) with ripped tights on top
Boots: Solovair
Corset: Heavy Red (Probably the only half bust corset I own)
Shirt: Heavy Red
Skirt: Bäres

1606 ootd fledermausbrille gothic pentagram templestems batshape 1606 ootd gothic smokeyeyes fledermausbrille bat glasses pentagram 1606 ootd gothic orange copper hair sidecut tattoo paul mitchell dye review


Probably another decent eyedo, especially the liner, I usually like to go extreme here… Oh and the new Fledermausbrille temple stems in action!

Lips: Stargazer 129
Nails: Stargazer 129 (yes, both number 129)
Eyes: Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline, Sleek (Bad Girl Palette), Stargazer (Glitter Pencil in Black)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Powder in OMG)

Anyone around who is as excited for the next Pokémon game, how do you prepare yourself? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Makeup, 2016-05 (FOTD)

Hey there, Internet!

So we probably all have those beauty items that we do not use as they were intended to be used. For me that would be gel eyeliner, used on the waterline (inner part of eyelid, where you would place your kajal). I definitely have had some bad experiences with gel eyeliners that obviously should not be used for the waterline. Moments where I was running around my flat, screaming, washing my eyes out because the formula hurt, felt as if my eyes were burning. Luckily though, there are also those gel eyeliners that will feel like your average kajal but stay for a day without fading (not sure if by long term they will cause damage to my already broken eyes…). This leads to me not having to spend more time than neccessary in the restrooms when going out but also to a ton of gel eyeliner that I don’t want to throw away but that I also don’t want to use this way and for my common eyeliner games I definitely prefer liquid. Anyways, they will be used for my crying eye makeups but also for some different looks when I simply need a lot of black. This happened today. I actually wanted to sew my curtains but my sewing machine (which I also call Else, simply because she always acts up and that is a name that is easy to use while screaming, cursing and so on!) refused to work so I was annoyed and bored and in whatever bad mood one could think of, playing with makeup helps a lot on those days so that’s what I did!

1605 fotd eotd gothic eyemakeup amu gel eyeliner cruelty free beauty 1605 gothic eyeliner irregular eotd amu black eyeshadow cruelty free beauty mua

Products used:

Foundation: Illamasqua
Mascara: Alverde (First Class Volume)
Eyeshadow: Sleek (Bad Girl Palette)
Eyeliner: Alverde (Gel Eyeliner Extreme Black)

What about you? Any products you use different than they were meant to be used? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-03

Hey there, Internet!

Saturday, March, 3rd. On my way to Essen for the Melting Sounds Festival (Vol. II) at my beloved Zeche Carl. No matter when the last partynight was there it always feels like it was too long. This time I am not yet sure if I want to go by car or by train (from my moms place) but at least clothing and makeup are done already!

1603 ootd gothic corset restyle deathhawk orangehair blackmilkcrossofstpeter

Just noticed these leggings got worn a lot lately!

1601 ootd gothic spider brooch 1603 ootd gothic crossofstpeter leggings blackmilkclothing 1603 regalrose hairspikes green dipdye

What I’m wearing

New restyle corset! Although I am wishing that they one day will sell plain black ones in the same cut that they sell the skeleton printed ones!

Corset: Restyle
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Cross of St. Peter Black)
Jacket: Jawbreaker
Skirt: Red Queen Black Legion
Of course paired with a bunch of random distressed tights and jewelry. The new glasses from Fledermausbrille and hairspikes by Regalrose that I had to get for myself after I saw them on this lovely blog.

1603 ootd fotd gothic makeup illamasqua bibelot piercings 1603 ootd gothic fledermausbrille illamasqua sleek 1603 ootd notd nailart crackle claw witch


Well that WAS the makeup. Then I was too curious and had to try the Corruptor (Illamasqua) that just arrived at my door. And now I am in love with this slimy gel thing, you will get a detailed review with the next post! Sadly the lashes I ordered with the gel were too tiny for my eyes. But I cut them in half and somehow like the result!

Lips: Illamasqua (Vintage Metallix Bibelot)
Cheeks: Sleek (Blush by 3 in Pumpkin, P-Pie)
Eyes: Stargazer (Black Liquid Eyeliner), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Eyeliner, Intoxicate Lashes, cut in half), Sleek (entire top row of the bad girl palette), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara)
Nails: Stargazer (501, 129, 306), Barry M (311 Nail Effects 242, black crackle), Essence (nail art glow in the dark top coat)

Any weekend plans on your side of the screen? Have a nice evening!

And on a sidenote: the giveaway has ended, winner has been contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered, next one probably will be around Halloween!



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