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Review: DM online!

Hey there, Internet!

Sorry for two review posts right after each other but this at least would fall into another category as well. Since moving into my new cave in November I haven’t been able to find a DM (drugstore) that would stock all of the things I was used to find in those close to previous flats. So I decided to try their online shop which is a service that they started not too long ago (maybe 2016 or 2015?)

1701 review dm onlinestore germany 1701 review dm onlinestore germany packaging 1701 review dm online germany drugstore

Perfectly wrapped and included everything from the huge order!

The webshop at first was quite confusing and sometimes while browsing things switch pages and appear double or not at all which was quite annoying for someone who likes to browse an entire online shop before placing an order instead of looking for three things, buy and bye. But you also are able to search for an item or company or sort by a lot of other things. DM online store also does have some kind of wishlist where you can save your regular items and simply add them to your cart with only a click or two!

The items as much as I was able to compare, are the same price as in store and shipping was 4,95€ for the entire order. I was happy that you can get your payback points online as well (my mom collects those so if I can I will collect them for her). The only bad thing is that I didn’t find a way to pay via paypal, of course they have several options but I always prefer paypal to other payments.

Order was placed Dec, 30th and arrived at Dec, 31st so shipping was literally overnight and nothing from my huge order has been lost! Have to mention that because there are webshops that manage to mess up orders with only 5 items. Liquids were packed in additional plastic bags inside the parcel so even if something went wrong during the shipping still everything would stay clean. Empty space was filled with packing paper to avoid things flying through the parcel.

Have you placed an online order there yet? Have a nice evening!


Nearlyblack Lipsticks: Illamasqua, Moth

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s post is about one of Illamasqua‘s newer lipsticks, Moth. Moth if I am not mistaken in the beginning was released as limited edition but from the five lipsticks of this set (Moth, Shard, Resist, Born, Wanton) it seems only Resist still is limited edition. The lipstick is £22.50 for 4g / 0.14 OZ product and should be used within 12 months.

1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth chocolate brown 1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth dark chocolatebrown swatch paleskin 1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth crueltyfree dark chocolatebrown applied swatch pale piercing

left: instead of the usual black packaging this one is golden, center: swatched on skin, right: on lips

Official description from webshop: Let your lips speak volumes with Lipstick in Moth. Indulge in colour-intense lipstick with a highly pigmented formula, in a creamy matt finish. Illamasqua Lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t give up without a fight for the perfect all-night pout. A must have for professional make-up artists, and those who want to make a statement.

My thoughts: I guess I have a problem, as soon as I see some dark reddish brown lipstick of a cruelty free company you will find it in my shopping basket. This happened a lot with Moth until I finally bought it though. The packaging, both paper and plastic, this time are golden instead of the typical Illamasqua black. The lipstick itself has the typical, slightly sweet Illamasqua scent to it and applies really smooth on the skin and on the lips. It is highly pigmented and does not stick to your piercings. Finish as they said is matte and depending on the light it will look chocolate brownish or show some bloody red hint which I really liked. As I was expecting it lasted for hours, not even my coffee and salad could make it disappear. Really happy and probably one of my favourites for day and night.

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Is there any product you find yourself not being able to resist, what would it be? Have a nice evening!


Brand in Review: Punkrave

Hey there, Internet!

(Blogpost in collaboration with Punkrave)

Today’s post is about a brand / shop that probably a lot of you already know since their designs cover a lot of alternative subgenres including gothic, gothic lolita and punk inspired clothes. So talking about Punkrave, a company that produces good quality clothing and accessories for darklings at reasonable prices! No matter if you are shopping for yourself, or for gifts for your family or friends you probably will be able to find something in their collections. The fact that they also stock something else than shirts in thir male categories to me is a plus, that still is something we don’t see that often! Their shops stock includes their own designs in gothic clothes as well as a selection of some other brands, all of them having that special something that might make you want to stuff it in your shopping cart!

I do have a few different things from Punkrave already but there definitely are some things from their current stock that are on my shopping list, maybe early next year when I won’t have to spend most of my money on furniture for the new flat anymore! Still, now that I had to go through all my clothes I found some leggings from Punkrave that I thought I sold when I gained back a bit of weight, happy to see that I did not sell it and that it does fit again, will definitely be worn a lot in the near future and probably will be part of some of my next outfit posts as well!

1610 review punkrave clothing brand shop gothic leggings fishnet 1611 review gothic clothing brand punkrave shop spiderweb leggings fishnet snake

It seems this leggings is not available anymore but definitely gives a tiny impression of the details!

And since it is already November, maybe this would be the perfect time to look for that new gothic jacket or coat as well? So, if you found something for you, care to share your wishlists? I definitely added these to mine:

1611 review punkrave spiderbrooch accessorie gothic jewelry

punk gothic spider metal decoration accessories – because nobody will ever have enough spider brooches or whatever accessories to spice up an outfit or stick on your favourite bags!

1611 review punkrave dress shirt destructed spiderweb pattern gothic punk alternative clothing

spider pattern cotton black side outlet long sleeve punk shirts – description says it is a shirt but I think this as well would make a nice dress as long as you cover the spots you want to cover, just the perfect length! And love the slight hint of batwing sleeves!

1611 review punkrave splitside skirt gothic punk clubwear fashion

black wool leather spanking split punk skirt – Short skirt or split sides? Count me in! This would definitely be a nice addition to the clubwear part of a goth girls wardrobe! A few years ago I got a similar skirt (but with less details and in fake snake leather) by punkrave at WGT, love that cut especially for dancing clothes!

Do you have any Punkrave clothes? What are your opinions? Have a nice evening!


NOTD – Catrice, Nearly Blacks, Noir Vert swatch!

Hey there, Internet!

So it seems I’ve been ignoring the makeup racks at my local DM for quite some time, when I went last time I was not happy with the nailpolish colors at home so I had a closer look at the ones by Catrice. They obviously had a very goth-card-approved collection, the nearly black noir laquers. 4 different dark shades (rouge / red, cassis / purple, bleu / blue and vert / green) 10ml (0.33fl. oz.) bottles for 2.75€ each! Had some argument with my bank account because I definitely spent enough on makeup this month already so I only took the green one with me.

1611 notd review catrice nearlyblack noirlaquer verte onecoat swatch 1611 notd nailpolish catrice crueltyfree swatch review nearlyblack noirlaquer vert 1611 review nailpolish naillaquer noir nearlyblack vert green widebrush

left: one coat on clear base, center: two coats (yes, both before cleaning), right: the brush

I have to admitt that those new wider brushes most companies use these days are not my favourites but this one actually did work quite well for me! They said one would have an opaque, even color with one coat, for me I needed 2-3 layers to get an even color, sadly then you would not be able to see much of a green shine, the polish appeared to be a plain black but was extreme shiny, more than my common blacks. Did dry pretty fast as well  and I managed to spend more than a day without any visible damages which is pretty good since I was deconstructing my furniture, repotting my plants and all that stuff! I really think that a nearly black collection is a great idea and probably will go for the other colors as well soon, maybe those have a bit more colored pigments than the green ones has!

Did you grab any of these polishes yet? Which one woud be your favourite? Have a nice evening!


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