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Review: Regalrose Jewelry!

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s post is about a company that the lovely Blogger Zoe (Beaufou Jewellery Box) introduced a while ago. As soon as she did show those hair spikes from Regalrose.co.uk I was in love. Just something different than the clips one usually adds to their hair.

1604 review jewelry hair silver regalrose alternative gothic nature witch

Two orders within a few weeks? Guess why!

First order happened after trying to resist for a while and it took about a week for the Phoenix silver hair spikes to arrive, in some cute white envelope, filled with dried petals and the cardbord packaging of the spikes. They have three different packages available (short, medium and long hair) and knowing that I am still growing my hair I went with the long hair package which contains 16 spikes for 21GBP. Taking a closer look at them they actually look like piercing jewelry. My hair did hold them quite good but for dancing I recommend adding an extra bit of hairspray or backcombing, when you move your hair does the same and the spikes will try to take advantage of this and slip through the spaces between your hair!

Second order was placed when I saw their Elvin silver hair twists, as well decided to go with the biggest package which was 16 leaves for 18GBP. Those can simply be twisted into your hair and make braids look like they are overgrown by some tiny silver plant! The Wild wood delicate wrap ring (16GBP) followed them into my shopping cart. It is made from 925 sterling silver which means no skin turning green and I love the fact that it is adjustable in size! Shipping as well happened fast, packaging was the same as for the spikes, the ring came in a little pouch with Regalrose logo on it.

1604 ootd gothic nature rings stargazer nailpolish 506 306 1603 regalrose hairspikes green dipdye 1604 review regalrose elvin silver hair twists gothic natural witchy hair jewelry accessories

Metal jewelry that still does look natural!

I guess I will definitely head back to regalrose because those two orders went really well and the products so far look as good as I was hoping while being reasonable priced. Love the natural look their stuff has and as mentioned in the beginning I am happy for everything hair accessory wise that is not just clips.

Anything from this shop that you would add to your wishlist? Or maybe already have something in your collection? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-03

Hey there, Internet!

Saturday, March, 3rd. On my way to Essen for the Melting Sounds Festival (Vol. II) at my beloved Zeche Carl. No matter when the last partynight was there it always feels like it was too long. This time I am not yet sure if I want to go by car or by train (from my moms place) but at least clothing and makeup are done already!

1603 ootd gothic corset restyle deathhawk orangehair blackmilkcrossofstpeter

Just noticed these leggings got worn a lot lately!

1601 ootd gothic spider brooch 1603 ootd gothic crossofstpeter leggings blackmilkclothing 1603 regalrose hairspikes green dipdye

What I’m wearing

New restyle corset! Although I am wishing that they one day will sell plain black ones in the same cut that they sell the skeleton printed ones!

Corset: Restyle
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Cross of St. Peter Black)
Jacket: Jawbreaker
Skirt: Red Queen Black Legion
Of course paired with a bunch of random distressed tights and jewelry. The new glasses from Fledermausbrille and hairspikes by Regalrose that I had to get for myself after I saw them on this lovely blog.

1603 ootd fotd gothic makeup illamasqua bibelot piercings 1603 ootd gothic fledermausbrille illamasqua sleek 1603 ootd notd nailart crackle claw witch


Well that WAS the makeup. Then I was too curious and had to try the Corruptor (Illamasqua) that just arrived at my door. And now I am in love with this slimy gel thing, you will get a detailed review with the next post! Sadly the lashes I ordered with the gel were too tiny for my eyes. But I cut them in half and somehow like the result!

Lips: Illamasqua (Vintage Metallix Bibelot)
Cheeks: Sleek (Blush by 3 in Pumpkin, P-Pie)
Eyes: Stargazer (Black Liquid Eyeliner), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Eyeliner, Intoxicate Lashes, cut in half), Sleek (entire top row of the bad girl palette), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara)
Nails: Stargazer (501, 129, 306), Barry M (311 Nail Effects 242, black crackle), Essence (nail art glow in the dark top coat)

Any weekend plans on your side of the screen? Have a nice evening!

And on a sidenote: the giveaway has ended, winner has been contacted. Thanks to everyone who entered, next one probably will be around Halloween!



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