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Bodymods and Self Destruction?

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On a serious thought, does anyone else feel the desire to get a new piercing or bodymod in general when they are in some kind of bad mood? When I look back at the different amounts of piercings I’ve had over the past years (talking about 12 years with my belly button being the first piercing for me and years when I had up to 21 piercings, see recent piercing post) usually the decision for something new was made when I was not feeling too well.

1603 piercing jewelry self destruction discussion

Happy so far I didn’t regret them afterwards, not even the forever-under-construction Pokémon sleeve tattoo, as annoying as this sometimes gets. Of course, been eye-ing particular bodymods for a while before getting them, but talking about that ‘NOW!’ moment in the end, right before heading to the studio. And yes, so far they always somehow did help to feel better.

That did remind me of some topic we were talking about during my apprenticeship, coping strategies, how different people react when something happens in their lives, how they process tragedies, stress in general. Some do think about it, learn from it, include the new knowledge / experience into their lives, into the way they will behave. Some others might try to ignore or to cover their inner struggles. Some break or turn those moments into some kind of (self-) destructing behaviour or thoughts.

Which actually feels strange to me, is this (Bodymods) some kind of self destructing behaviour / self harm that makes us feel better because of the pain? Or do we simply enjoy the changes with our body? On the other hand, there are a lot of different things we could talk about here that might, same as the bodymods feel ok, be ok to some, be bad to others. (Just think about when was the last time you were in a bad mood and because of that mood you went shopping, or did some extra hours of sports or maybe bought some sugary treat you would not have bought if it was a nice day for you? Or how about that new book you just added to your ever growing to-read-pile?)

So, if this really was some kind of coping strategy, would it be a good one or a bad one? I mean, when someone does feel better for a long time, it can’t be a bad thing? But what when you start to regret getting them done? Sure, piercings can easily be removed, will turn into tiny, nearly invisible scars and other bodymods would be more expensive so people think about them a bit more – I hope.

Or is all of the bad mood thing something we make up as excuses, to treaten our addictions? Because a lot of the things, not just the point of feeling better, happiness, that one might enjoy with piercings / tattoos / scars / whatever bodymod could as well be found in every article about addictons and their bakgrounds. The subculture, people with same interest, community, attention. If this is the case I hope, despite how beautiful they are, that noone of us reaches that point when you can only feel good WHEN you get a new one done because that definitely is something bad, no matter what addiction or semi-addiction we have, that would be the point when they are not good anymore.

What do you think? Have a nice evening!


Bodymods: Piercings

Hey there, Internet!

Back in March, I did a post about the bat scarification on my back, the time afterwards mainly was spent trying to fix my Pokémon sleeve tattoo (still not finished and happy with it but need a break). But this month I felt it was about time to get my nostril re-pierced so here’s about some of my piercings!

1601 piercing experience addiction nostril 1601 piercing tongue lips xray

left: new nostril piercing, right: 2 lip (angel bites) & 3 tongue piercings on an xray

A few years ago I had 21 piercings, definitely not as many as some others but I think I still have some experience to share. Got rid of a few during the past few years though, if I miss them I can simply get them done again!

Even though I pierced my belly button (for example) by myself this is not something I can recommend. It is part of my job to know what kind of wound needs as treatment and also know about anatomy, needles of all kind and whatever might be required to do it without getting infections. Simply, don’t self-pierce! (Same with every other bodymodification)

Instead see a professional. There sadly are some piercing stores that call themselves professional and might or might not be interesting because you could save a bit of money but money should not be something to influence your decision of where to get your piercing done. Instead take a closer look, maybe you know somebody who went there and has some thoughts to share. Maybe even more important than years of experience (well, everyone has to start somewhere and some already know what they are doing after a short time or learned from an experienced piercer) is hygienics, you want the piercing to be done properly but you also want it to start without an infection. Also anything else that makes you feel bad at the store might be a hint of better seeing a different piercer.

Pain is something every piercing will bring, some more, some less and probably everyone feels different about it. To me the only piercings that felt bad were the nostril (see, funny enough that is the only piercing I now got done for the 4th time) and the 3cm bar I had under my belly button.

The healing process may vary as well, depending on the location of the piercing and on your skin. I usually clean mine with mull (Avoid Cotton pads, you might get tiny fibers in your piercing wound) covered in Octenisept (antiseptic for wounds) twice a day (Piercers often say Prontolind would be better because it has some ingredients that will help healing which Octenisept does not have – I have not tried that) and then add a thin layer of Bepanthen (Panthenol), for sleeping times and moments I would risk to touch it with my fingers or clothes I add a patch. Please keep in mind that piercing wounds might look like they are fully healed from the outside but might still be a wound under the skin so definitely listen to your piercer on how long to keep on intensive cleanings or not to change jewelry.

Infections still might happen, due to bacterias or fibers in the wound, pressure or your body simply rejecting the jewelry. Be careful if the skin turns red, hot, swells, pain gets more instead of less or if you think the seretion smells / looks similar to pus. If you are not sure how to properly clean and heal it again, see a professional, don’t risk a sepsis!

Do you consider yourself a piercing addict? Any piercings you love most or think are disgusting? Have a nice evening!

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