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Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-01

Hey there, Internet!

With the temperatures finally dropping, rain gets less and it is possible to properly backcomb ones hair again! Always surprised to see how much my hair grew! If I’m not mistaken they were only about shoulder length in October…?

1601 ootd accessories rings gothic skull silver 1601 ootd gothic rockinbones skirt cemetery pentagram velvet corset 1601 ootd gothic jewelry silver pentagram cross skull corset

That was for a movie marathon, Harry Potter & The Walking Dead, laughing with friends, eating potato chips and trying to find nice cocktail recipes for the mandrake liqueur while there is the first snow chaos in Germany this year outside. (Lasted only a few days but was quite scary, even with good tires and driving very slow / half the speed the mainstreet usually is been driven on with / it was difficult to keep control of my car)

What I’m wearing

Last time in the city I went to Primark for some socks I also took that warm leggings and shirt with lacing details that I could not resist…

Skirt: Rockinbones (Cemetery skirt)
Corset: Playgirl white label (Black Velvet)
Top & Leggings: Primark
Accessories: As always random and the ring I just bought from Restyle.

1601 fotd makeup gothic spiderweb halloween stargazer illamasqua sleek 1601 fotd gothic lips ombre darkgrey silver necromancy itswednesday illamasqua phenomena piercing 1601 fotd hairstyle orangehair sidecut backcombed deathhawk goth


No actual eyeshadow today, instead a bit of spiderweb decor.

Lips: Necromancy (It’s Wednesday!), Illamasqua (Liquid Metal in Phenomena)
Eyes: Stargazer (Black Kohl Eyeliner, Black Liquid Eyeliner), Illamasqua (Mascara in Raven, Liquid Metal Phenomena), Sleek (Bad Girl Palette (Innocence, Blade)
Nails: Random Black, without any nailart because I was hoping my latest order with nailstickers would arrive so I could try working with them.

Did the temperatures drop as well in your area? Did it change the way you dress / do your makeup? Have a nice evening!

Review: Necromancy, Oh no Nancy! & It’s Wednesday!

Hey there, Internet!

While lately I often stumbled upon the name Necromancy cosmetica and the lipsticks they are selling seemed like they were good quality as well it still took me some time to finally buy two of them (that is with 22$ shipping to Germany and each lipstick being 16$) Necromancy are a cruelty free (on their website they even say 100% vegan) cosmetic brand from Puerto Rico.

The packaging is simple black plastic with their logo engraved on the cap and a sticker with color description on the bottom. The lipsticks themselves have different colored parts (marble-like or spots in some places) that they mentioned on their websites FAQs already but since those are caused by their products being handcrafted and would not be visible on the lips anyways who would complain about it.

1512 review crueltyfree cosmetic necromancy lipsticks ohnonancy itswednesday 1512 review crueltyfree necromancy cosmetics lipsticks ohnonancy itswednesday swatches

Left: It’s Wednesday & Oh no Nancy! Lipsticks and packaging, Right: Swatches

Oh no Nancy! – This color is what got me in the end. I do have quite a selection of brownish lipsticks already but none of them seemed to be this chocolate-y! The structure feels really nice to me, not too heavy or too dry! With a thin layer you will get a light brown and when you apply a bit more you can get a beautiful dark shade as well! Lasted 4 hours of girls-night including a lot of chatting & snacks before I had to touch up!

1512 review swatch ohnonancy necromancy cosmetics crueltyfree lipstick brown

It’s Wednesday! – This is not a black lipstick but a very dark grey with a hint of silver shine / metallic look. Kept me wondering if it is the tiny bit lighter shade or whatever that makes my teeth look less yellow than most black lipsticks would do. The best thing about this to me was though that it will easily hold eyeshadow or any powder product on top without feeling dry and this way you will be able to create a lot of nice effects! Color looked perfectly fine for about 4 hours including drinking a can of energy but you might want to take the lipstick with you for a touch up after a while.

1512 review swatch lipstick itsfriday darkgrey crueltyfree necromancy cosmetics

The only thing about these that I did not like was the scent that they have before applying, which reminded me of crayons, but won’t be noticeable once on your lips. So with all the positive things I guess a lot of other Necromancy lipsticks will find their way into my makeup bag! And it seems they are also selling glitter for the holidays so here is hoping more different products will be released in the future!

Have you tried their lipsticks yet? Or maybe another ‘new’ brand you can recommend? Have a nice evening!

Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-12 (II & New Lashes!)

Hey there, Internet!

Christmas, or whatever one is celebrating in late December! I hope you will enjoy your holidays and celebrate with those you love!

1512 ootd goth makeup illamasqua stargazer necromancy sleek 1512 goth ootd hair style horns jewelry kreepsville heavyred 1512 ootd goth fishnet ripped

This is another quite cozy outfit, those usually (unlike the past 2 months) are not happening that often for me but maybe this winter calls for those kind of clothing to start into a powerful and positive new year? Or maybe the grinch inside just needed some somfy clothes to hide it’s face behind.

What I’m wearing

Had nobody to help me with the pictures and using the mirror they didn’t turn out good either this time – remote for the camera will be bought in January!

Dress: Oversized Menshirt DIYed into a dress (Combichrist-mas shirt from a few years ago…)
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Wet Look Leggings, Black & Matte Suspenders)
Jacket: Jawbreaker
What else: Necklace from Heavy Red, some ripped tights, rings & wristbands, Kreepsville 666 Diamond Horns in black


So happy to have finally bought the Illamasqua Fake Lashes (Lush), Nude Nails (Chinaglaze Kalahari Kiss) because of work not shown in pictures.

Eyes: Stargazer (Liquid Eyeliner & Eyeliner Pencil in black), Sleek (Bad Girl palette: Innocence, Blade, Gun Metal, Envy), Illamasqua (Mascara in Raven, Fake Lashes in Lush)
Lips: Necromancy It’s Wednesday with Sleek bad girl palette, Blade on top.

Did you dress up for the holidays or grinch as well? Have a nice evening!

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