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Hey there, Internet!

Long time no plant post, huh? Last was Seeds and new plants back in March when I told you about the seeds I planted a few weeks earlier. Those moved to bigger pots already and are doing great. Amongst them probably is one plant that has a slightly more intense mystical background than the others have. Talking about my Mandragora off. V. Autumnalis, Mandrake here.

Biological background: While as today most people might know those screaming Mandrakes from the Harry Potter movies it is a plant that has been used as medicine and for witchcraft for hundreds of years. They are categorized as Solanaceae, related to tomatoes or peppers. The roots in ancient documents are shown in human (male or female) shape and with its long, branched shape it indeed does resemble somehow. The different species do differ in size and color of leaves and petals

1608 mandrake liqueur alcohol alraune ordoki

Mystical aspects: Probably everyone remembers the screaming mandrakes from the Harry Potter movies but it is a plant that was said to be a strong medicinal herb that would prefer to grow close to galow spots and that you would die if you would pick it with your own hands. That’s the reason why often dogs were used for picking, one end of a rope bound to their tales, the other end to the mandrake. It also is said that the mandrake helped witches to fly – but don’t worry if you happen to find a bottle of the amazing mandrake liqueur, so far I didn’t experience any of my guests flying around my flat after a glass.

Medical aspects: Besides the belief of helping witches to fly Mandrakes were also used as medicine for rheumatic and other painful diseases. The juice of the roots was used as some kind of anesthetics or to cure possession, it indeed does have narcotic and hallucigenic agents. And tinctures are still used until today but yes, Mandrakes are poisonous.

1608 plant nature mandrake mandragoriaoffautumnalis babyplant

My Mandrake: I am planning to grow both, the v. autumnalis and the original, spring blooming one but started with v. autumnalis, it might not grow as fast as my herbs do, for the first few months I even thought it was not going to grow at all. By the way, the pot in direct sunlight shows as much growth as the pot in part shadow. I also am not sure if it will be used for anything besides looking beautiful in the end but I am happy to have this finally growing and am looking forwards to next year when the spring growing Mandragora off. will join my family of plants! By the way, anyone else who thinks the first leaves of a plant coming through the soil looks similar to the lovely zombie movies when they crawl with their hands out of their graves?

If you liked this post maybe take a look at my previous plant-posts? Ivy! and Patchouli!

Any interesting gardening things happening right now? And who else is already preparing for the next year? Have a nice evening!


Review: Regalrose Jewelry!

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s post is about a company that the lovely Blogger Zoe (Beaufou Jewellery Box) introduced a while ago. As soon as she did show those hair spikes from Regalrose.co.uk I was in love. Just something different than the clips one usually adds to their hair.

1604 review jewelry hair silver regalrose alternative gothic nature witch

Two orders within a few weeks? Guess why!

First order happened after trying to resist for a while and it took about a week for the Phoenix silver hair spikes to arrive, in some cute white envelope, filled with dried petals and the cardbord packaging of the spikes. They have three different packages available (short, medium and long hair) and knowing that I am still growing my hair I went with the long hair package which contains 16 spikes for 21GBP. Taking a closer look at them they actually look like piercing jewelry. My hair did hold them quite good but for dancing I recommend adding an extra bit of hairspray or backcombing, when you move your hair does the same and the spikes will try to take advantage of this and slip through the spaces between your hair!

Second order was placed when I saw their Elvin silver hair twists, as well decided to go with the biggest package which was 16 leaves for 18GBP. Those can simply be twisted into your hair and make braids look like they are overgrown by some tiny silver plant! The Wild wood delicate wrap ring (16GBP) followed them into my shopping cart. It is made from 925 sterling silver which means no skin turning green and I love the fact that it is adjustable in size! Shipping as well happened fast, packaging was the same as for the spikes, the ring came in a little pouch with Regalrose logo on it.

1604 ootd gothic nature rings stargazer nailpolish 506 306 1603 regalrose hairspikes green dipdye 1604 review regalrose elvin silver hair twists gothic natural witchy hair jewelry accessories

Metal jewelry that still does look natural!

I guess I will definitely head back to regalrose because those two orders went really well and the products so far look as good as I was hoping while being reasonable priced. Love the natural look their stuff has and as mentioned in the beginning I am happy for everything hair accessory wise that is not just clips.

Anything from this shop that you would add to your wishlist? Or maybe already have something in your collection? Have a nice evening!


Seeds and new plants!

Hey there, Internet!

I may or may not have told you already about the horror my plants went through early this year. Literally overnight a lot of them were covered with some bugs that, of course, managed to kill a lot of them (oh the joy of living downstairs, not.) and at the same time most of the other plants dropped all of their leaves, started to look like they were made from gummy, probably mourning their siblings. I tried to save them desperately, clicked like crazy through the internet. Sadly I only was able to save a handful of plants. Still mourning my ‘kids’ I realized that it at least happened just before springtime and so I could grow some new ones again. Since I actually have plans for every tiny spot on my balcony and kitchen window (bedroom only has a tiny bit of open window because working nightshift means sleeping daytimes and hence requires some darkness.

1603 nature plant cactus old man of the mountain orocereus celsanius

Orocereus celsanius / Old man of the mountain before moving into a slightly bigger pot.

The bit of bedroom window that offers daylight though gets a lot of sun, that place was reserved for a Oreocereus celsianus (cactus, old man of the mountain) This guy usually survives winter times outdoors as well so maybe when he is big enough he will move to the balcony but for now, welcome to my flat, old man!

1603 seeds nature plants jiaogulan gyonostemma pentaphyllum

Brave Gyonostemma Pentaphyllum, this is what grew within maybe a week!

My kitchen window usually offers only a bit of sunlight, in summer it was good enough for a lot of herbs but in autumn I had to move them to a spot with more sunlight. To me my herbs are the main reason why I love growing plants. Nothing can beat the feeling of having your own collection of herbs, for cooking, teas, creating delicious smelling stuff (oh the essential oils and incenses) and simply to look at. The Gyonostemma Pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan) actually seems as if it survived the bugs and mysterious gummy movement of my plants (had to cut most of it though) that plant grows faster than the speed of light and seems to enjoy the darker spot in my kitchen window! Allium Ursinum (Ramson) has been planted from seeds this march, it grows in local woods and is said to also need less light or heat! I also am still hoping the Levisticum Officinale (Lovage) survived, that it will grow again after the big cut, usually was happy in my kitchen window as well.

1603 springtime seeds urban gardening

Tiny sprouts, I hope you guys will like your new home!

The tiny indoor greenhouse was filled with some seeds as well, has spot for 15 plants and since I like to try a bit which fertilizer and how much water works best I decided for 5 plants, 3 spots for each: Rumex sanguineus ssp. San. (bloody dock)- Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary) – lavendula latifolia (broadleafed lavender) – Mandragora off. V. Autumnalis (mandrake) – artemisia absinthium (wormwood), some seem to be growing happy already, some not so much, even though I did a bit of research on all of them, especially those that I have never grown from seeds before, maybe I need to try again next month with those that are still a bit shy!

Any herb parents amongst my readers? What are your plant plans for 2016? Have a nice evening!


Blogversary & Giveaway!

Entries are closed and winner has been randomly selected by Rafflecopter! Congrats to the winner and thanks to everyone who entered, if you did not win this time don’t worry, probably will host another one for Halloween 2016!

Hey there, Internet!

I actually can’t believe it was February, 27th 2015 that I returned to the blogosphere. Let’s say after a totally messed up year in real life it was time to start from the beginning instead of my old blogspot-blog that I missed so much while I was away! So, with a vague idea of what I wanted to do I sat down, working on the layout and my first wordpress post which was probably the most difficult one I ever wrote. (New year, new here!)

Anyways, after a while blogging felt normal again, and within a single year I have met so many amazing people, some even became close friends already. You guys mean a lot to me and all of your own blogs, youtube chanels, instagram or twitter things are pretty much inspiring. Thank you for being the way you are!

1602 blogversary bat celebrating

So. on to the giveaway!

Last time (with the Halloween 2015 giveaway) I really messed up the coding, but I learned afterwards that WordPress simply does not like the kind of codes / java that would be required to add the rafflecopter script right into the site so at the bottom of this post you will find the link…

Rules to enter:

list-bat-png Join the rafflecopter giveaway thing / link at the bottom of this post, please read all of the rules though (of course, sharing or following would be nice but knowing the unfollow button exists what can I do… Still, following at twitter gives an additional ticket) * rafflecopter saves your name and email adress and when the giveaway is closed I can push a button and it will select the winner randomly.
list-bat-png By entering this giveaway you confirm that you are an adult / allowed to enter giveaways, will be able to tell me your name and adress afterwards.
list-bat-png I am not responsible for any grammar mistakes in the description or missunderstandings of the things included in the package. I also am not responsible for any allergies, reactions, damages on people by the package or on things in the package or money charged by customs or whatever there might be – also please check before if importing any of these products would get you in trouble. And yes, I pay for the content of the giveaway, this is not sponsored, I am just sharing my love for those furry bats with you and yes, asked the people at BCI if they were ok with me doing it as a price for the giveaway!

This giveaway is open until 2016, March, 12th at 12:00am Berlin time, open worldwide.

Stuff you will win:

list-bat-png Adopt-a-bat at Bat Conservation International – Adopt-a-bat, according to their website / see link / consists of: A plush stuffed bat-toy, official adoption certificate, Complete species profile information for the bat of your choice, the money spent will help the BCI to preserve and protect bats around the world so you get a treat while helping bats ❤

So, here’s the link to the giveaway!

Thank you for reading, sharing, and entering! Have a nice evening!


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