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Mobile: Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Hey there, Internet!

I only do one hour of social media each day (unless really bored or sick in bed while unable to sleep any longer) but that obviously is enough to see my friends post a tiny text about some app and get me interested. Happened with the lovely purple haired lady you might remember from her own blog a few years ago or mentioned in one of my Random posts in 2015.

1604 cthulhu virtual pet game1 1604 review mobile game app cthulhu virtual pet level0 1604 cthulhu virtual pet minigame2

Simple but cute graphics – and better play with sound on!

In Cthulhu, virtual pet you have to take care of your tiny Cthulhu, a virtual pet like the Tamagotchis probably everyone had back in the 90s. It wants you to feed it, clean or play some mini games with it, you have to switch off the lights when it gets tired and sometimes it wants to haunt a city or drown a ship with you and to take care of the witnesses, for those you can also change the names. Every level Cthulhu seems to change a bit – a level might take a few days to finish. And the background does change as well, day/night or ships appear randomly on screen.

1604 cthulhu virtual pet level3

See tiny cthulhu grow – wondering what the next level will look like!

The only thing I actually do not like is that you can’t choose the language you play the game in. I really prefer to have all games, apps, movies, whatever in english. But as seen on their facebook page they are working on it as well as on other things like different skins! When you are sick of the adverts that appear every other minute, it only is 0.99€ as ingame purchase and they are gone forever! Other than that it is a free to play game by Neurocreativa and definitely addicting, available for iPhone and for Android on google play as well. No matter if you are a Lovecraft fan or enjoyed the Tamagotchis or the 8bit greenish Gameboy games back in the days, this game could be fun to play!

Official description: The stars just came right and it’s your turn to wake up the great God from his eternal dream to resume his rule on earth. Since you were the one who invoke him, you have to take care of him as if he were a new born, until he gets bigger and stronger again. For that purpose you have to feed, entertain, clean, bath him and prevent him form getting angry because he’ll start to eat his witnesses. If none is left he´ll fall into the eternal dream one more time and you’ll have to wait for the stars to be right again to wake him up.

By the way, if you need some music to get in the right mood for this game, how about ‘Hey there Chthulhu by Eden Brooks‘?

Any nice apps you have tried lately? Have a nice evening!


Mobile: Don’t Starve!

Hey there, Internet!

Don’t Starve (pocket edition) was developed by Klei entertainment in 2013, this review is for the iPhone (iOS) version but you can also find editions for Playstation, Windows and Linux! Prices vary a bit depending on where you buy it and the platform you chose.

1602 review mobile app dontstarve pocketedition 1602 review mobile game app dont starve intro artwork science 1602 mobile review dontstarve generating world headstone rip horror game app

Burton-esque artwork, can every game please look as beautiful as this?

Don’t Starve! (pocket edition) – official description: Don’t Starve is an uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. – You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home. – Enter a strange and unexplored world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises. Gather resources to craft items and structures that match your survival style. Play your way as you unravel the mysteries of this strange land.

1602 review mobile game app dontstarve pocketedition wilson skeleton grave horror lost forest 1602 review dontstarve pocketedition wx78 robot character ingame survival 1602 review mobile game app dontstarve pocketedition wendy bats gothic game survival horror

Just look at this cute robot! WX-78 so far is my favourite character in this game!

My thoughts: This is a game that probably never will get boring, you have no tutorial to start with, the only hints the developers will give you is a Tim-Burton-like cartoon in the beginning that shows how Wilson got into that dangerous wilderness that the game is located in! You will be able to change the world a bit (by adding more or less sources, enemies, changing how long the day / night / season will be or if you want more or less challenging weathers) but the map itself will be generated randomly. Don’t Starve actually is what you want to do, eat, keep up your health and sanity, build a base, make friends with different creatures so they will fight for you – a long-time-entertaining survival game. As time goes by you collect more resources, learn how to create different things and by surviving you collect points and unlock different characters that all have slightly different stats and abilities / fears to influence the game! Probably the best purchase I’ve ever made on my mobile (btw, bought it on my iPhone 4S to afterwards find I could not play it on said mobile and had to wait 3 months until I got my new iPhone 6… I better read the requirements next time…)

And if you really need help, try the Don’t Starve Wiki!

Do you have some mobile app that keeps you entertained for hours? Have a nice evening!

Mobile: Lonely Crow!

Hey there, Internet!

This might be one of the last games / apps I ever will play on my broken screen (because the broken area is not needed and I will be able to get a new mobile in January as well). Sadly though, Lonely Crow seems to currently only be available for iPhone, iPod & iPad. So for Apple users it is freeware and is able to connect to your Game center account as well. The game was released by Tapp Inc. and features simple but cute graphics by Yasir Bugra Eryilmaz.

1512 mobile app review lonely crow start screen 1512 mobile game app review lonely crow

Lonely Crow – official description: Lonely Crow is a simple but enjoyable action game that is based on fighting off the birds who are trying to damage wires by slapping them.

In this game you are the lonely crow that tries to stop other birds from pecking and damaging the wires you sit on. When you’re not fast enough and the birds start pecking on one of the 9 spots of the wires you get three stages of warning (white, black and red) and in the end if they destroy it completely all of the birds will get shocked and fall down. You can move the crow swiping with your finger on the screen and swipe again to push the birds off the wires, get more points the faster you do this. The game of course will get faster while playing and while the description might at first sound a bit boring it is perfectly entertaining and the expressions by the crow and the birds are priceless.

Have you tried this game or have other apps you would recommend? Are there any alternatives for android? Have a nice evening!

Mobile: Bronko Blue, Halloween Special!

Hey there, Internet!

This month’s mobile app / game is something that is available as non Halloween-version (with slight differences in graphic and task) as well. Bronko Blue, the kitten copter by bytecombo UG. You can download it for your iPhone and iPad for free (the regular Version is 0.99$ via itunes store). On the official website you can also play the non-halloween flash player version) or download the lite versions on amazon, for google play and black berry.

1510 bronko blue mobile game app halloween version ingame2015 bronko blue mobile game app pumpkin halloween candy

Bronko Blue, Halloween Special – official description: Do you like innovative Action Indie Games? Try Bronko Blue, the kitten copter – Halloween special, our free atmospheric side scroller. (100% indie game, Simple touch controll, Atmospheric side scroller, Challenging journey through a world of halloween, Physics based world with charming graphics, 8 levels for free, Completely ad-free, shooting, flying blue cat in a zorro costume) The halloween special of Bronko Blue, the kitten copter is an atmospheric side scroller. Bronko is a small blue cat who flies through a world of halloween searching for some sweets to collect. He must avoid or interact with obstacles along the way. He can shoot or ram pumpkin towers or fight against windmills. Crows approach him which he can shoot but not collide with. The desired sweets can be found along the way to receive bonus points.

Well, as the official description says you are Branko Blue, a kitten that has to fly through 8 levels to find its lost candy (the original version is about finding your balls of wool). You have one button to fly higher and another one to shoot the obstacles like crows, pumpkin towers or churches – if you can’t shoot them, try to avoid them as they will kill you or slow you down too much and will also make you lose as well. The designers also added nice autumn leaves and clouds with thunderbolts to the scenery. You can finish the Halloween levels within a few minutes, the achievements might take some extra time but when you are in need of a few minutes entertainment I can highly recommend this app to you and maybe you will like it enough to try the full version as well!

Have you played Bronko yet? What other games / apps can you recommend? Have a nice evening!

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