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Random 17-02!

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1702 random gothgirl selfie nostrilpiercing lippiercing fledermausbrille 1702 random exploded hotplate 1702 random halloween decor zombie kitten cat

Left: No eyebrow days! Center: Exploded hotplate, like seriously? This was new! Right: Also a no eyebrow person!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png More WGT Bands, Peter Heppner, another guy whose voice one will never forget, I love every single song I know by Wolfsheim and Heppners other projects, happy! Also Tickets are available and of course I immediately bought mine! And on top of that Sex Gang Children! First Andi Sex Gang said it on Twitter and now WGT officially announced them, so happy and I doubt they could send another band I would want to see more!
list-bat-png A friend did a facebook post, referring to that old TV show pimp my ride, wondering if anyone would still drive their cars that got a makeover on that show. Of course I had to reply ‘gosh, loved that show and would totally let them do a makeover for my beloved youngtimer‘ another friend of her replied that there are rumors the cars fell apart maybe a few years later. This kind of makes me angry, in the past few years that I own my chrysler le baron (built in 1988) I’ve had so many bad experiences with garages. Why, just why? If people can’t do their job well they should do something else. If they don’t enjoy their jobs they should do something else. I’ve had enough bad experiences that I usually refuse to leave my car in the garage, instead I prefer to spend my entire day watching that nothing goes wrong. Oh and for the record: I just spent 200€ on a new windshield.
list-bat-png Why is it that movies often change their sound volume within a short amount of time to nearly mute, then a song louder than any friday night could offer, to nearly mute again. I would like to enjoy something without constantly having the control in my hands so my neighbors wont wake up from my TV. Guess that is one of the resons why I prefer music to TV?
list-bat-png Probably every girl sometimes gets some unrequested dickpics by total strangers. I was wondering why they won’t at least put some effort in them, picture quality or pose wise. No I don’t enjoy getting them but would probably feel less disgusted if they looked more artsy than simply shouting ‘HERE IT IS, LOOK AT IT!!’. Why would you feel the need to send a pic your dick to a stranger anyways?
list-bat-png Since talking about 2017’s festival season… Korn is announced as headliner fot Mera Luna. To be honest I don’t know a single song of them but my mind always placed them in a pretty mainstream spot… Maybe will take a listen to them on youtube but then again, I decided to not go to Mera Luna this year or in the near future since last time did not feel as it did before… Dunno. Instead, this year (additional to WGT) I will head to Autumn Moon (Mid October in Hameln) and maybe a third one, maybe Amphi sine it is back at Tanzbrunnen, maybe Castleparty in Poland since one of my favourite people on earth Fredrik Croona will be playing a gig there and one should always support friends especially when they do something you love… What festivals and events will you attend this year?

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Now, if we are honest to ourselves, Mrs. Strawberry Blonde talked about something probably a lot of us have that problem, maybe not as much though XD Beauty Hoarder Problems Part 4: Countless Back-ups
list-bat-png And talking about addictions, the lovely shameful narcissist keeps us up to date with her writings and readings each week and it seems lately the state of the reader post gets longer and longer, I would say this is some kind of talent. I barely can keep concentrated on more than one story at a time while she seems to never get confused!

Most played songs this month: Again, as new bands for WGT get announced that is what my playlist mainly was made of.

list-bat-png Peter Heppner – God Smoked
list-bat-png Soviet Soviet – Ecstasy
list-bat-png Rotersand – Beneath the Stars
list-bat-png Sex Gang Children – Sebastian
list-bat-png Skeletal Family – Don’t be denied

What else?

list-bat-png Movies and things: It is very rare that I watch a movie in German but for whoever enjoyed ‘Der Tatortreiniger’: You might want to take a look at ‘Der Aufschneider’ I was crying from laughing! Besides that there were a lot of horrible vampire movies. Dunno why but even though I am not a huge fan of the genre I still watch every one I find and then decide, always, that it would not reach Interview with the vampire. Tom Cruise maybe isn’t my favourite human being BUT that movie is perfection.
list-bat-png Books: Not actually a book but some articles and a term paper about breast cancer. I know this currently is a dominant topic on here, sorry for that, but having another case in my close family I can’t ignore… Oh and I started reading my swedish language books again! Want to continue learning!

What has been inspiring for you this February? Any plans for March? Have a nice evening!


Random 16-11

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1611 random gothicgirl sidecut tattoo piercing eyeliner mua 1611 random gothic home decor nature greenlightning candles spiderweb spooky 1611 random gothic home decor candles spiderweb plate darkness romantic

left: three decisions in one picture – growing out the tiny bits in front of my ears because after a month of not shaving my sides I already have some cms there, then going blonde again AND the dermal anchor will stay, I have to find my bat again though! center: the cave starts looking like a home. There still is a lot to do but some spots are already decorated! right: And even more candles!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png Another month of not-so-active blogging, I really am working on this, main reason will be posted soon in a mid-moving-video and post! I don’t know what is happening this year, usually my house moving things were done within shortest amount of time but this year I seem to not be able to finish that fast. Same with the Halloween parcels I always send to my friends, this year they probably will arrive in time for New Year, 2016 what are you doing?!
list-bat-png There is that communitiy site for german goths (Schwarzes Glück) I seem to have deleted my old account but started a new one, definitely need to get to know some people in my new home area. Of course, clubbing is great for that but I don’t have many weekends off so need another way as well – plus I also like to spend time with people inside their or my cave, cozy, laughing, watching DVDs, playing games, drinking Absinthe and those people often won’t go clubbing a lot!
list-bat-png So the TV-hater inside of me started watching some TV, at least on those days when I did enough to not be able to move to the DVD player to change the DVD or to grab a book or do whatever, those moments at the end of a day when you only stand up because you really need to use the bathroom and then try to decide if you want to head to the couch or bed afterwards.
list-bat-png Restarting my chainmail dress, guess it won’t hurt to add a few cms in case the weightloss will not happen fast enough.
list-bat-png Proving I am not the best person with technical things: before I got internet access in my new flat I only had my phone to make a few calls or for the Facebook messenger to keep in contact with friends and family. Then it wanted me to enter my PIN, I thought it was for unlocking the screen. Instead it was because of an update, in mid update the phone froze, I could not do anything at all, lost all my data, was not able to contact anyone and felt completely lost. This made me feel quite dependent on my phone. Need to write down the contacts to some piece of paper I guess in case this will ever happen again.

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png So there seem to be quite some cute videos on goth lately but the one I saw on nerdyinla (A brief history of goth) was the best Ive seen for a while, made me laugh!
list-bat-png I feel bad that I was one of the reasons why Cookies shopping ban wasn’t as successful in the end XD

Most played songs this month:

list-bat-png Anne Marie Hurst – Set me free
list-bat-png L’âme Immortelle – The Cleansing (Voidian Cleansing Remix by Beyond the Void)
list-bat-png 18 Summers – Girl of 18 Summers
list-bat-png Engelshunger – Dass Ich Dich Nicht Lieben Darf
list-bat-png Faderhead – Beautiful Freak

What has been inspiring for you this November? Any plans for December? Have a nice evening!


Brand in Review: Punkrave

Hey there, Internet!

(Blogpost in collaboration with Punkrave)

Today’s post is about a brand / shop that probably a lot of you already know since their designs cover a lot of alternative subgenres including gothic, gothic lolita and punk inspired clothes. So talking about Punkrave, a company that produces good quality clothing and accessories for darklings at reasonable prices! No matter if you are shopping for yourself, or for gifts for your family or friends you probably will be able to find something in their collections. The fact that they also stock something else than shirts in thir male categories to me is a plus, that still is something we don’t see that often! Their shops stock includes their own designs in gothic clothes as well as a selection of some other brands, all of them having that special something that might make you want to stuff it in your shopping cart!

I do have a few different things from Punkrave already but there definitely are some things from their current stock that are on my shopping list, maybe early next year when I won’t have to spend most of my money on furniture for the new flat anymore! Still, now that I had to go through all my clothes I found some leggings from Punkrave that I thought I sold when I gained back a bit of weight, happy to see that I did not sell it and that it does fit again, will definitely be worn a lot in the near future and probably will be part of some of my next outfit posts as well!

1610 review punkrave clothing brand shop gothic leggings fishnet 1611 review gothic clothing brand punkrave shop spiderweb leggings fishnet snake

It seems this leggings is not available anymore but definitely gives a tiny impression of the details!

And since it is already November, maybe this would be the perfect time to look for that new gothic jacket or coat as well? So, if you found something for you, care to share your wishlists? I definitely added these to mine:

1611 review punkrave spiderbrooch accessorie gothic jewelry

punk gothic spider metal decoration accessories – because nobody will ever have enough spider brooches or whatever accessories to spice up an outfit or stick on your favourite bags!

1611 review punkrave dress shirt destructed spiderweb pattern gothic punk alternative clothing

spider pattern cotton black side outlet long sleeve punk shirts – description says it is a shirt but I think this as well would make a nice dress as long as you cover the spots you want to cover, just the perfect length! And love the slight hint of batwing sleeves!

1611 review punkrave splitside skirt gothic punk clubwear fashion

black wool leather spanking split punk skirt – Short skirt or split sides? Count me in! This would definitely be a nice addition to the clubwear part of a goth girls wardrobe! A few years ago I got a similar skirt (but with less details and in fake snake leather) by punkrave at WGT, love that cut especially for dancing clothes!

Do you have any Punkrave clothes? What are your opinions? Have a nice evening!


The Entertainer Blogger Award

Hey there, Internet!

The lovely Shameful Narcissist tagged me in one of her latest blogposts for the entertaining blogger award. She was one of the first blogs I followed after returning to the blogosphere and I am happy to have met her here on wordpress (and actually nearly all social media sites excisting as well). It always is impressing how fast she can read the books on her list and write detailed reviews for them and how many interesting posts she can throw out, take a look at her fanfictions for example!

And sure, since I think those tags and awards are a lovely way to get to know other bloggers / blogs you might not know about yet, count me in!

skelanimal - diego the bat

sorry have to break that rule of posting the picture but whatever I did it would look strange in this post…

The Rules of the Entertaining Blogger Award:

list-bat-png Write a post including the award picture. (which can be found here)
list-bat-png Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most importantly entertaining!
list-bat-png Add these rules to the post.
list-bat-png Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!
list-bat-png Also, answer the questions below.

The questions:

list-bat-png Why did you start to blog in the first place? It was 2010 on blogspot, I wasn’t really aware of big blogs, thought they were just some kind of online diary, maybe like myspace to connect people. And since it is always nice to meet new people I tried and really enjoyed what happened. Then I had to take a break (due to real life stuff) but came back with a fresh blog (Justkeepbrains) in February 2015.

list-bat-png What is your favourite book? This is a difficult one already, I usually like those books the best that are for studies but some other books are in my (currently very small, stupid moving addict!) collection that I really love, one would be something I doubt there is an english translation for: Das Selbst war ein Grufti, Leben und Tod eines Frankfurter Gothics. written by Stefanie Neuberg. Another amazing book with story and a lot of information would be by Peter Hook – Unknown Pleasures, the Joy Division Story.

list-bat-png What do you dislike the most? Mankind ignoring what is happening around them in general, be it nature, be it politics, social, whatever. We tend to care about so many things but the important ones get ignored. That and double standards, I know everyone sometimes does it but in case of court or work this should not happen since it is not part of any professional behaviour.

list-bat-png What is your favourite food item from the mall? Well, since my doctors told me to stay off gluten (which caused my migraines) it is quite impossible for me to find food at the mall that I can eat. Maybe sushi without soy sauce? Maybe some of those smoothies? Or maybe something from Starbucks?

list-bat-png What is your favourite past time activity? Spending time with friends. No matter what we do, I even enjoy to help them clean their houses, meeting those people does not happen often enough though.

The blogs I would like to nominate (and sorry if you already did this, only nominating 6 though simply because I love all blogs I follow and you can see some of them in my monthly random posts anyways!)

list-bat-png Stacy from Magic Love Crow who always shares the most beautiful crow art with us!
list-bat-png Samm Sanity from Blood, Lace and Faeries who I still owe to do the hair tag, will do that one later this month though! (unless I mess everything up again) and who is on her way doing her sewing and writing things!
list-bat-png Lenelein from Mindless Indulgence whose sewing projects are SO amazing!
list-bat-png Lauren from Alien Scribe, even though I’ve heard rumors of a blogging break, love her stories!
list-bat-png Lynoire from Space Unicorn Attack getting better at her Cosplay projects all the time!
list-bat-png Lorkyn from Dark Wooden Path, Love the mixture of her DIY projects, nature, sewing and so on!

What do you think about awards / tags in the blogosphere? Plain annoying or a nice way to discover new blogs? Have a nice evening!


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