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Attitude Sale and Self Control

Hey there, Internet!

While I am trying to save up and said I would not spend anything on clothing before I am back to a weight that I am happy with (Not saying I am fat, just not in that shape that I had some time ago and that I want to get back to. Also no body shaming but everyone has that weight / shape they feel best in and for me and my own body it is definitely less than these days.) Whatever, I promised myself that if I happen to get into that shopping mood it would be accessories. I failed. I failed due to attitude UKs winter sale. Be warned, it is still running these days.

1702 gothic clothing haul attitude uk killstar666nevermoreminiskirt kreepsvillekoffinring leatherbeltchainsorings koffinleggings harness

Well, at least 3 of the 5 products were indeed accessories and also 3 of these items were on my wishlists for a while as well…

Even though there are some good online stores in Germany I have attitudes webshop (As well as some US and Australian stores) in my favourites and on a regular basis I regret to be subscribed to their newsletter. Oh you sweet sinful sale and new release mails. Order was placed January, 26nd and paid via Paypal. As always arrived within a week and this time no DHL troubles, perfect!

1702 gothic clothing haul attitudeuk folter rip leggings coffins cross 1702 gothic haul attitude uk sale killstar deep sleep coffin ring pentagram 1702 gothic haul attitude uk sale heartless spike harness fetish

Killstar Deep Sleep Coffin Ring – 11.77GBP
I was not sure sizewise because I am used to the sizes in mm but since my fingers vary from 14 to 21 I just picked a random size (Q) which works perfectly fine for my right middle finger (at least today, like for many women my fingers get swollen in hot weather or depending on hormones as well). Made from stainless steel so here is hope that my fingers won’t turn green. Love the little detail, that you can open the coffin.

Heartless Spike Harness – 11.76GBP
Well, you can easily create harnesses yourself so I refuse to pay as much as some of them are. Would do some myself but currently no time for that, still this one was a bargain so had to buy!

Bullet 69 Double Chain Ring Leather Belt – 38.83GBP
Ehm, this was one of those things that I put into my shopping carts a million times, did the same with similar belts before and always was frustrated when they sold out before I actually purchased one. Quite expensive and I probably should have ordered in L or XL because the M I got does fit quite well but I prefer accessory belts to be somewhat oversized.

Folter RIP Leggings – 20.60GBP
The one mistake I did in this order. I do like the way it looks but size L is a bit short on my legs (like 7/8 length) and does not cover my entire booty. I guess I can fix both with some cuts or if not I can always turn them into some kind of stockings. Will wait a while with both of that because maybe it will be better when I am back to my normal weight! (one item more or less on that pile of clothing does not matter)

Kreepsville 666 Nevermore Striped Mini Skirt – 15.30GBP
I think I have all different sizes of Kreepsville mini skirts and they all fit in a way or another, this is a bit loose fitting sie XXL but with a pair of leggings and a garter slip underneath it will be fine and one of those things that could be worn to some all you can eat event. (sorry)

So yes, overall happy. Even though I was not as good with my self control / self set goals at least I managed to do 50/50 and sticked to my used to 5-item mini haul habit. Bad thing was that my wishlist now has a few more things on it that were out of stock so maybe this year will make me order a bit from attitude again… Yes, it seems my self control shopping wise is not the best these days. May I blame the stress level of the past 6 months? Please?

How about your own saving goals, staying strong or are you a sale victim as well? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-07

Hey there, Internet!

Actually, nothing special was done that day, being lazy, watching DVDs, skype, cleaning the flat and that fuzz. But as you were able to read a few days ago, I slowly am getting back into my old shape which means my corsets and other ‘tight fitting’ clothes start to feel better on me again, who could resist putting them back on asap?

1607 ootd gothic corset yourshape rippedtights chains winklepickers gothicshoecompany spindoctor sheermaxiskirt

Let me know when you found my other hand?

1607 ootd gothic detail skull claw rings ripped tights spindoctor skirt 1607 ootd gothic jewelry silver rings 1607 ootd gothic spikes chains batnecklace detail pale

What I’m wearing

A skirt that probably needs a review, so much to say about it.

Boots: The Gothic Shoe Company (Dark Godess, see detailed review)
Skirt: Spin Doctor
Corset: Your Shape
Hairclip: Kreepsville 666 (Glows in the dark!)
Watch: EtNox
What else: Ripped tights, chains, random wristbands and rings, glasses from Fledermausbrille, and a bat necklace from bitterwren sent me for halloween last year!

1607 ootd fotd gothic orangehair piercings glasses noeyebrows blacklips 1607 ootd gothic fotd eyemakeup eyeliner smokeyeyes noeyebrows piercings fledermausbrille glasses falselashes illamasqua021 1607 ootd nailart gothic stargazer129 chinaglaze crackle green glitter 1099jaded crueltyfree


Was a bit sad to see that this green crackling polish started to change structure, but made it work one more time!

Lips: Illamasqua (Sketch Stick in Haze), Stargazer (Glitter Lipstick in Red)
Nails: Stargazer 129, China Glaze (Crackle Glaze 1099, Jade-d)
Eyes: Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline, False Eyelashes 21, Sketch Stick in Haze as base), Stargazer (Eyedust in 51)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Powder in OMG)

How big is the pile of clothing you refuse to give away because ‘one day they will fit you again’? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-08

Hey there, Internet!

This was from a cozy day at home, slowly preparing for a picknick on an abandoned cemetary. I would have loved to updo my hair but it was too late when I ordered the new hairdye at Stargazer so I had horrible roots showing (still have but  bleaching them right now, hope it won’t look too strange with white/blonde roots or I might have to add some glue to this hat for the next days until the dye arrives which might be even worse because I will be at Mera Luna this weekend.) Also was the first day in a very long time that I tried to do some swirly eye makeup! Also can’t wait until the bottom part of my hair is long enough to do some different braids again!

1508 ootd notd nailpolish estee lauder absinthe green1508 ootd blackmilkclothing beetlejuice goth kreepsville666 tattoo1508 ootd fotd eye makeup sleek goth swirl orange braid hair

What I’m wearing

Was strange not to wear a corset but when a tattoo matches the outfit you have to show it I guess.

Top: Random basic tanktop, altered with acrylics and scissors
Cardigan: H&M
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Beetlejuice)
Pants: Random fake leather hotpant


Gloves: Destructed striped tights
Hat: H&M
Necklace: Kreepsville 666
Plus some safety pins as earrings


Eyes: Sleek Palette Ultra Matte V2 (Noir, Highness, Pillow talk), Illamasqua Mascara in Raven
Lips: Gothmetics (Lipstick 05)
Nails: Estée Lauder, Absinthe (totally forgot I had this one)

Anyone got some useful tricks on hiding roots other than hats or glitter? Have a nice evening!

Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-07 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

Two lovely places were on my list to go to that day, an old cult place in a cave and an old cemetary, that like the one in Wolfenbüttel is used as park these days. Things changed because I ordered some patchouli plants online, the tracking link said they would be delivered that day and I did not want the plants having to wait another day at the post office in a dark package and without water. So instead of going out I was forced to stay at home doing some silent stuff so i would hear the postman. In the end I threw away all accesoires that I put on before, had a drink and got creative working on my desk. Yep. boring as is. The plants arrived safe and were happy they got some fresh water and new ‘shoes’ right away though so it was worth waiting at home.

ootd 1507 nailpolish gothic black matte illamasqua scornootd 1507 hair poofy backcombing orange makeup false lashesootd 1507 blackmilk oujia judge bat backpack simple

What I’m wearing

Top: Blackmilk clothing (The Judge 2.0)
Leggings: Blackmilk clothing, too (Oujia Boards)
Random fake leather shorts on top of them simply because.


Bone hairclips: Kreepsville 666
Bat hairclip: Alchemy Gothic
Everything else was taken off again as soon as I decided to stay in and draw, even the bat backpack went back to its place on my wardrobe.


Very simple this time, too
Eyes: Illamasquas Liquid Metal in Phenomena, Precision Ink in Abyss, Random Palette’s black.
Lashes: Stargazer Feathered Lashes #44
Nails: Illamasquas Black Matte Nail Polish (Scorn) and the tiny Nail diamonds from Stargazer

What are you doing on days when you have to wait inside without any noise? Have a nice evening!

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