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Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-02 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

Well I guess one can easily tell from my eyes (and my internet absence lately) that I had some cold & migraine stuff going on, so even on my days off my hair stayed unteazed, no corsets were worn, simply threw on some clothes that I would be able to take a nap in wherever I would sit. Good news though: February is nearly over, spring weather will be here soon and so will be the energy, hoping all of you will be able to enjoy the warmer days!

1602 ootd gothic lazy blackmilkclothing stpetercross heavyred dress fullbody

And happy I lost some weight already, (see articles on Batfit) So at least the Blackmilk leggings in medium fit perfectly fine again (even though most of mine are small, will get back there some day this year I hope)

ootd 1602 heavyred blackmilkclothing stpeterblack goth 1602 ootd goth alternative hairstyle sidecut stargazer orange green dipdye ombre restyle ouija 1602 ootd gothic rockrebel therogueandthewolf accessories

What I’m wearing

As mentioned, no corset, simply cozy clothes to take a nap or two in…

Dress: Heavyred
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Cross of St. Peter black)
Accessories and stuff: As usually mainly random, Hairclip from Restyle, Necklaces from The rogue and the wolf & Rock Rebel

1602 ootd goth mossy alternative illamasqua piercings 1602 ootd fotd gothic mossy nature makeup illamasqua stargazer jeffreestar 1602 ootd nailart crackle barrym 311naileffects242 stargazer232chrome goth


Looking forwards to next month because I need to try how much Illamasqua’s Corruptor will help with messy eyelooks! (Or in this case mossy)

Nails: Stargazer (Chrome 232), BarryM (311 Nail Effects 242 black crackling)
Lips: Jeffree Star (Velour Liquid Lipstick Posh Spice), Illamasqua (Bibelot)
Eyes: Illamasqua (Bibelot, Draco, Berber), Stargazer (Eyedust 020, Black Kohl Eyeliner), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara)

Anyone tried Illamasqua’s Corruptor yet? Is it as much fun as it sounds like? Have a nice evening!


Jeffree Star, what am I doing wrong?

Hey there, Internet!

So probably all of us have at least heard about Jeffree Star and those velour liquid lipsticks that everyone seems to adore as soon as they had them in their mailbox. The only negative things I ever heard about them were that, like all liquid / matte lipsticks they were said to dry your lips. That is something though that I can deal with, my lips get their daily bit of lipscrub, balm and oil and won’t chip, maybe a day or two in winter but that’s it.

1602 review jeffree star poshspice velourliquidlipstick swatch onlips piercing 1602 beserk gothic cosmetic makeup lipstick haul manicpanic jeffreestar poshspice

Some more shopping happened here I guess…?

The price of 18$ is not the cheapest but I am willing to pay that much for something I love, for a good quality, cruelty free lipstick for sure and do own some lip products that were more expensive as well! Took me some more weeks though until I was able to decide for one color (the makeup-addict in my heart wanted more but the goblin guarding the piggy bank said I would only be allowed to buy one)

Posh Spice it would be. A nice, grey-ish nude, hoping I would not regret it (Stereotype goth-me was also staring at the black Weirdo or the deep red Unicorn Blood) Ordered not directly but from a webshop that also has a lot of nice clothing and accessories so this precious would not be travelling all alone.

Of course, the packaging is not what I am used to, color wise, but my makeup bag does not care about things being bright neon pink or the silver / grey things it usually contains. The doe foot applicator to me is the perfect size and easy to handle and you could feel that it was some liquid you apply to your lips at first, strange but not bad! It was as opaque with one layer as I never would have thought a lipstick could be, like pure pigment, amazing! Did stay in place immediately and the color looked as nice applied as it did in the tube or the pictures on the website.

Still, there is one thing that I don’t like, that takes some of the joy away for me and that I haven’t been able to solve so far. It feels sticky on my lips. Adding a layer of powder did help a bit but didn’t solve my problem completely. Also tried with different lipbalms as base, without lipbalm, with all primers I have at home as well as setting things, still sticky. So I am wondering, what is everyone doing to make them feel good? They are an amazing product and I would love to wear them more often but currently not as much with my lips feeling sticky. The color does stay in place but being sticky it feels as if it would not. Did do some online researching but other than what I already tried nothing came up.

Hoping someone can help because then I could convince the piggy bank’s goblin to let me order another one, probably together with that pumpkin spice latte lip scrub!

Do you have one of the Velour Liquids as well? Do you have the same issue? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-02

Hey there, Internet!

Yes, I know it is a post early – simply because last month was a post less than usual! This was from a day in the city and DVD-marathon afterwards. Not turning into a person to sit on their couch 24/7 but all of us thought would not be able to stay up late that day – were wrong thinking so – did finish 5 movies before we went to bed about the same time we would on a regular party night!

1602 ootd goth corset chains leatherskirt

next piece of the grey velvet background currently is sleeping next to my sewing machine… Think I will need one or two more though…

1602 ootd rings catskull rogue and the wolf black goth 1602 corset gothic pentagram chains 1602 ootd goth rings chains

What I’m wearing

Underneath the leather skirt / hiding with the stompy boots there would be some simple pair of leggings, this skirt, if worn by itself, would cause me to sweat and a few minutes later freeze to death, leggings seem to prevent both…

Skirt: Phaze
Corset: Playgirl, white label
Everything else: Top & Cardigan from H&M or Primark (I think…?), Jewelry random plus The Rogue and the Wolf (Lupus midi ring, cat skull ring, Moonrise necklace)

1602 ootd fotd makeup eyeliner glasses 1602 ootd hairstyle braid ombre orangegreen sidecut goth alternative stargazer uvred yellow africangreen 1602 ootd gothic nailart spiderweb stargazer 129 306


Nothing special today but a new pigment from Illamasqua (Draco).

Eyes: Stargazer (Liquid eyeliner in black, black kohl eyeliner), Illamasqua (Pure Pigment in Draco), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara), random black eyeshadow to blend in a bit
Lips: Jeffree Star (Liquid lipstick in Posh Spice)
Nails: Stargazer (129, 306), random white for spiderweb details.

Do you also have some pieces of clothing you need to play some trick on to be comfortable? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-12

Hey tere, Internet!

Today was the last night of my holidays and was used for sleeping, cleaning the flat and looking through my DIY and decoration things to see if anything can be added to the new furniture. Because of that, today’s outfit was meant to be simple, cozy and would not mind if I had to crawl into the most hidden corner of my flat.

1512 ootd makeup goth smoky eye cateye winged eyeliner stargazer orange hair dipdye black ombre jeffreestar poshspice 1512 ootd goth skeletalfamily diy minidress blackmilkclothing blackvelvet leggings selfie 1512 nailart gothic ankh black crackle chinaglaze berrym kiko

Goodybe painted nails, you will be missed until my next days off work!

When i braided my hair I was surprised to see that they are long enough to keep the braid over one side of my shoulders!

What I’m wearing

Leggings: Black-Milk-Clothing (Black Velvet High Waisted)
Dress: Oversized Skeletal Family shirt, DIY’ed into a mini dress
Hotpant: Random, former black jeans
Corset (Under dress, visible through a few holes): Bibian blue


Lips: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Posh Spice
Eyes: Sleek (Bad Girl Palette in Innocence, Blade and Envy), Stargazer (Kohl Eye pencil, Black Liquid Eyeliner) Illamasqua (Mascara in Raven, Eyebrow Gel)
Nails: Black (Kiko, 275) with a layer of Glow in the night topcoat (Essence) and Barry M (311, Nail Effects 242), Ringfinger is China Glaze (Bump into the Night with drawn on Ankh)

Do you have a routine for the day before heading back to work? Have a nice evening!

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