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Nearlyblack Lipsticks: Illamasqua, Moth

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Today’s post is about one of Illamasqua‘s newer lipsticks, Moth. Moth if I am not mistaken in the beginning was released as limited edition but from the five lipsticks of this set (Moth, Shard, Resist, Born, Wanton) it seems only Resist still is limited edition. The lipstick is £22.50 for 4g / 0.14 OZ product and should be used within 12 months.

1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth chocolate brown 1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth dark chocolatebrown swatch paleskin 1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth crueltyfree dark chocolatebrown applied swatch pale piercing

left: instead of the usual black packaging this one is golden, center: swatched on skin, right: on lips

Official description from webshop: Let your lips speak volumes with Lipstick in Moth. Indulge in colour-intense lipstick with a highly pigmented formula, in a creamy matt finish. Illamasqua Lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t give up without a fight for the perfect all-night pout. A must have for professional make-up artists, and those who want to make a statement.

My thoughts: I guess I have a problem, as soon as I see some dark reddish brown lipstick of a cruelty free company you will find it in my shopping basket. This happened a lot with Moth until I finally bought it though. The packaging, both paper and plastic, this time are golden instead of the typical Illamasqua black. The lipstick itself has the typical, slightly sweet Illamasqua scent to it and applies really smooth on the skin and on the lips. It is highly pigmented and does not stick to your piercings. Finish as they said is matte and depending on the light it will look chocolate brownish or show some bloody red hint which I really liked. As I was expecting it lasted for hours, not even my coffee and salad could make it disappear. Really happy and probably one of my favourites for day and night.

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Is there any product you find yourself not being able to resist, what would it be? Have a nice evening!


Haul: Illamasqua (Hypnotica)

Hey there, Internet!

These days I am in some kind of Illamasqua shopping mood – they throw one new collection after another one at us and you can be sure there always is at least one item you’re craving for. In the beginning of June they released the Hypnotica mini collection which included the marbled lipstick ‘lava lips’, sketch sticks, dolly fake lashes and slick sticks and I was lucky enough that I still had my Birthday 15% off coupon.

1606 haul illamasqua hypnotica false lashes dolly desire27 skinbasefoundation sketchstick haze black 1606 haul illamasqua hypnotica sketchstick haze black review

So this is what I bought when the Hypnotica collection was released, mixture of new collection and old stuff.

False Eye Lashes in Dolly (11GBP):
Official Product Details: Handmade and cruelty free, Illamasqua False Eye Lashes are the go to for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. Apply Dolly to the lower lash line with the latex-free glue provided for a flirty, fun enhancement.
First impression: I think these are the first pair of lashes that I own that say they should be used for the lower lash line. Will do some modification on them but like the first impression, they do look quite natural!

Sketch Stick in Haze (15GBP, 2.4 g / 0.08 OZ):
Official Product Details: A multi-use crayon with powerful pigment pay off. Sketch Stick allows you to get creative with colour with its creamy texture allowing for easy blending. The faultless way to add a splash of colour to any look.
First impression: I really want to try how good this one is as a lipstick or maybe as some primer for dark eyeshadows? Probably a lot of different ways to use this for and I will do a detailed review with some of them for you soon.

False Eye Lashes No. 27 (Desire, 12.50GBP):
Official Product Details: Handmade and cruelty free, Illamasqua False Eye Lashes in 27 are the go to lashes for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. Apply with the latex-free glue provided for ultimate staying power and precise application..
First impression: Lovely pair of lashes, adding a lot of volume while still looking natural. I guess they will be some kind of everyday falsies for me.

Skin Base Foundation in 02 (32.50GBP, 30 ml / 1 FL OZ):
Official Product Details: Our award-winning Skin Base Foundation in shade 02 is the go-to choice to create a flawless complexion every day. This lightweight, easily blendable foundation is suitable for most skin types and smooths, softens and conditions thanks to skin boosting Vitamin C and E. Tested in HD environments, this foundation also provides the ultimate skin realism effect and with 26 shades to choose from, finding your perfect match has never been so easy.
First impression: For this I emailed the Illamasqua team, before this I’ve used Rick Liquid Foundation and Powder Foundation, both in 115 and I wasn’t sure which of the Skin Base Foundations would be the right color. They told me to get 02 and from the first swatch I think it is just perfect and now I just hope this will work good on my oily skin! (combination skin with very oily parts)

I guess in July the lip lure in Nebulus will follow since I really miss the dark green lipgloss color that I got a few years back in a glossybox and also would like to try some other brand of liquid lipsticks than the Jeffree Star one.

Is there something you can’t resist buying like I can’t with new false lashes? Have a nice evening!


Review: Illamasqua Beyond Powder ‘OMG’!

Hey there, Internet!

This probably happened when I had a weak moment, I bought my very first highlighter. Probably could have tried a cheap one first to see if it would be used at all but nope, went with Illamasqua‘s new (released April 21st, order placed April 22nd so maybe it was that sparkling new item that caused me clicking the purchase button?) Beyond Powder in OMG (champagne shimmer, the lighter of the two colors) for no less than 41.95€ (32GBP). Comes with 7g (0.24OZ) of product and should be used within 24 months after opening.

1605 review illamasqua beyond powder omg champagne shimmer highlighter 1605 review illamasqua bejond powder highlighter omg champagne shimmer pale swatch tattoo 1605 review illamasqua beyond powder omg champagne shimmer highlighter detail

Look at that shiny little thing, nearly enough shiny pigments to cover a tattoo when light shines on it!

Official description from packaging: A baked highlighting powder subtly adding a warm hue to your complexion for a natural, radiant glow. Whether you want to achieve an all over illuminating finish or simply highlight certain points, Beyond’s lightweight texture glides onto skin effordlessly, creating a healthy, flawless skin finish. With the choice to apply wet or dry, it provides long lasting results and can also be used on the body to achieve a natural, bronzed skin effect.

1606 review illamasqua beyond powders baked highlighting powder omg fotd goth pale champagne shimmer cruelty free

Depending on how much you apply and what lightning you’re facing it can look natural to bright shining like a full moon!

My thoughts: It, as always, arrived within shortest of time, in the black box with black paper stuffing was another, small black box that holds the product. Let’s see how many times one can use the word black in one single sentence! Anyways, opened the tyical Illamasqua black plastic case, comes with a mirror in the lid. Found the most shimmering pressed product I could think of. This may be especially attractive to people who, like me, love everything glitter. So feeling like some makeup addicted Smeagol I had to touch, swatch and try it immediately (*my precious*). Loved the way it looked on my wrist and also on my cheeks. Having what seems to be the worlds oiliest skin (at least forehead and nose area) in history I was afraid it would draw even more attention to that, which it did not. I only applied it on my cheekbones, loved the fresh shining look it gave that area and when I met some friends later that day they asked if I changed my skin cream because my skin would look better, not oily, dewy, even with my forehead being te way it always is. So for my cheekbones I found some new favourite thing, can add a decent shimmer but also be built to shine like crazy! Also tried to add as under eyebrow highlighter since my used to shadow for this is a similar color but that did not work for me. Anyways after investing that much money on something that I could have regretted easily (since that is about how much I spend on food for 4-5 days) I am even more happy with this product – perfect highlighter for pale people who like cruelty free beauty products!

Do you use a highlighter? Which one could you recommend? Have a nice evening!

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Wave Gotik Treffen 2016

Hey there, Internet!

Back at my cave after one of the most exciting events each year. WGT 2016 probably was one of the coldest I can remember, waking up in my tent and being able to see my beath while the rain and stormy weather were fighting with my tent. In the end though at least the rain only happened during the times I was in my tent, sleeping, getting ready for the day or while I already was watching indoor concerts. A bit warmer weather would have been nice though but since the calender said Whitsun would be during the Ice Saints at least we were prepared. Prepared for warm weather before and after Wave Gotik Treffen but horribly cold temperatures right at our special weekend in Leipzig (I think 4° Celsius at night was the coldest we had this time). According to the coughing people in their tents a lot of us brought a cold as souvenirs!

1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt weather1 sunny 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt weather2 clouds 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt weather3 rain

Well, yes, there was good weather and stormy weather this year, changing all the time – still, I would have been happy if we had a tiny bit warmer weather, next year I guess!

Talking about souvenirs, shopping was very much on a budget this year, still managed to find a few things to take home with me: A shirt from the absinthe booth in front of the Agra that of course will be turned into a dress, new temple stems for my glasses from Fledermausbrille.de who also had a booth inside the Agra shopping hall – did anyone browse their stuff? Another perfume by Perfume Noire, some tasty elderberry wine in a decorative stoneware bottle from Beerenweine.de who had a booth at the Heidnisches Dorf and I nearly got drunk trying through a few of their products. And of course the Pfingstbote that you get for free when you have the ‘Obsorge’ticket and sleep on the camping ground which has informations on all of the bands as well as a lot of other things. The wristband for the camping area was in grey / silver with a bit of purple and sparkling silver letters but sadly looked old before the festival was over, still is going to be kept.

1605 review wave gotik treffen wgt shopping pfingstbote book rav radikaler absinth vertilger shirt wristband 1605 review wave gotik treffen wgt shopping pfingstbote book beerenweine alcohol 1605 review wave gotik treffen wgt shopping fledermausbrille pentagram perfume noire pfingstbote book

Doing all the shopping! Even though this year it was not much for me!

This year as most other years before I managed to meet most of my friends even without setting up a time and place – actually this is a strange thing with festivals as big as WGT, there are thousands of people on a huge area with so much stuff to do and in the end we still run into people we know! I also was happy to be with that crazy group of people that ‘adopted’ me last year to their camping group when all of my usual camping friends decided to switch to hotel or stay at home or do whatever. I even got a sparkling unicorn sticky tattoo! Still, when Saskia (Graveyard Picnic) and I met, and we were camping only a few steps away from each other none of us remembered to take a picture, like last year… Ah, and since we already are talking about all the nice people, if you are craving a Mutzbraten please head to the Heidnisches Dorf, they know how to do the best meat, kraut and will talk to you a bit as well!

1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt medieval fair mutzbraten foodporn 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt medieval fair knights fight roleplay 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt medieval fair barbier

medieval fair, knights, food, all the different booths!

As for the bands and event stuff I saw, I didn’t exactly follow my plans this year – my body is still acting up so I preferred to stay near the camping ground so I could lay down if pain would get too bad. Even missed the opening event at Belantis and all the exhibitions in the city that I was hoping to take a look at. Not whining though, I still managed to have a lot of fun (and alcohol.) As probably mentioned before, I usually do an itunes / youtube listening to every band before each WGT to get a tiny first impression of the bands that I never heard of and maybe add one or two to my schedule.

Wednesday and Thursday: Last minute packing, travelling to Leipzig and setting up the tents, talking to the camping group before heading to bed / tent. Yes, missed Belantis, sorry for that – next year I will be more active again I hope!

Friday was spent with strolling through the shopping area before heading to Heidnisches Dorf, saw Arnica and Krayenzeit, time spent well and I definitely will take a closer look at Krayenzeit, liked their music a lot and they did a great show as well! Afterwards headed back to Agra for more music, last act for the day was Peter Murphy, something that still was on my huge list of things that one should see once in a lifetime!

Saturday the one big thing that was on my list was to see Unterschicht at Nontox (open air stage) and actually that was the only thing I did that would require travelling to a different location. Went really early because I didn’t want to miss, so there were a few other bands I saw before their gig. The weather turned stormy but aside from a few raindrops stayed ok-ish through the entire show. Good thing because a lot of people probably would have missed the exciting end of the show when Sven proposed to his girl Maria on stage! Best of luck to the both of you! Afterwards I headed back to Agra again…

Sunday was planned to be fully Agra (After Aurelio Voltaire at HeiDo which I missed due to some entertaining chatting with friends) because I actually liked all the bands that were planned for Agra that day and that’s what I did! Saw Lord of The Lost, Darkhaus, Diary of Dreams and in the end Lacrimosa who had their 7th show at WGT already! Saw all of these bands before so there was not much of a surprise, still entertaining! Had to leave after a few songs but even though it is not as loud as a few years ago at least I was able to hear all the music at the camping ground! Additional sidenote: This was the day when my nails started to chip, I think that is my festival record of non-damaged-nailart!

Monday was spent with the camping group at Heidnisches Dorf, those of us with shaved parts on their heads (beard, sidecut, whatever) went to the barber, I actually was afraid because I usually do the shaving myself and have had bad experiences with other people doing it for me AND it was the end of the festival so there was a lack of money, still I didn’t have a chance to say no since one of the camping group members said he would pay my shaving. There was a lot of fun made about my facial expression (including pictures that I refuse to share!) and shaking hands but in the end I was happy to have accepted that offer. I think next year I will head there before backcombing my hair and ask him to even both sides because of course sometimes you shave a bit of hair that should not be shaved and so both sides might look different after a while. Afterwards I planned to go to Kohlrabizirkus but since Sunday was the way it was I decided to stay at Agra again. Was a good decision because actually all of the bands did great shows! Saw Neuroticfish, Velvet Acid Christ (who were on my list for quite a while already, happy!), Aesthetic Perfection and Agonoize. I always wonder how people manage to do heavy dancing during concerts, a bit of moving will happen with me as well but in the end I am far too curious about what will happen on stage, how do you manage to do both? Anyways, last thing to do was heading to Agra Disco, sadly most of the music that night was more techno-like than anything else but still, met some friends for the last time this WGT, talking, hugging people, dancing and heading to the tent when the music stopped playing.

Tuesday of course, packing, more hugs, crying and a last walk around the Agra before driving back home to face a lot of dirty clothes and silence. Festival blues started!

1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt fun pink unicorn tattoo 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt bands unterschicht 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt selfie me orange hair deathhawk goth with glasses

Humm… see you again next year, dear Leipzig!

So I already am looking forwards next year’s WGT, it will be June 2nd-5th 2017 (click here for official facebook event) Like most years the first thing I did was writing down what I need to change or add to my packing list, boring but helpful thing to do so next year I can give you an updated one as well!

Of course there were a lot of photographers and TV people at WGT and my mobile went crazy throwing message notifications at me when one of those entertaining TV shows (taff / pro7) had me, or better my boobs on camera for a moment. BUT there also were some nice documentaries this year, to me one of the best I’ve seen so far was by MDR (direct link to the video) who seem to not only want to make fun of us or tell everyone how evil goths are like most others do.

Have you been to this years WGT or a previous one, share your experiences? Going there again next year? Have a nice evening!


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