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Review: DM online!

Hey there, Internet!

Sorry for two review posts right after each other but this at least would fall into another category as well. Since moving into my new cave in November I haven’t been able to find a DM (drugstore) that would stock all of the things I was used to find in those close to previous flats. So I decided to try their online shop which is a service that they started not too long ago (maybe 2016 or 2015?)

1701 review dm onlinestore germany 1701 review dm onlinestore germany packaging 1701 review dm online germany drugstore

Perfectly wrapped and included everything from the huge order!

The webshop at first was quite confusing and sometimes while browsing things switch pages and appear double or not at all which was quite annoying for someone who likes to browse an entire online shop before placing an order instead of looking for three things, buy and bye. But you also are able to search for an item or company or sort by a lot of other things. DM online store also does have some kind of wishlist where you can save your regular items and simply add them to your cart with only a click or two!

The items as much as I was able to compare, are the same price as in store and shipping was 4,95€ for the entire order. I was happy that you can get your payback points online as well (my mom collects those so if I can I will collect them for her). The only bad thing is that I didn’t find a way to pay via paypal, of course they have several options but I always prefer paypal to other payments.

Order was placed Dec, 30th and arrived at Dec, 31st so shipping was literally overnight and nothing from my huge order has been lost! Have to mention that because there are webshops that manage to mess up orders with only 5 items. Liquids were packed in additional plastic bags inside the parcel so even if something went wrong during the shipping still everything would stay clean. Empty space was filled with packing paper to avoid things flying through the parcel.

Have you placed an online order there yet? Have a nice evening!


Random 16-09

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1609 pumpkinspicelatte psl starbucks gothsinhotweather summertoautumn germany 1609 random goth tattooedgirl pokemon pentacle fledermausbrille glasses mua shavedhead germany 1609 shadow rippedfabric gothic art

left: Pumpkin spice latte transitioned to a frappucchino because it is that time of year again but far too hot for a regular coffee! center: Job and flat hunt is keeping me busy but I refuse to transition to a no-makeup & jogging pants look. right: Sometimes it is the tiny things you enjoy, ripped fabric that randomly creates pretty shadows on your walls for example!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png So I bought my new hairdyes on eBay just to find one tube has already been opened. that and paying 10GBP shipping for each item bought while they send all in one package… No communication with the seller or they at least won’t answer. Not so happy but the only place I currently know about where I can buy the dyes these days.
list-bat-png 2016 obviously is a year when, once again, the quality of Halloween decoration that is available here in Germany, has increased. Due to moving and my ‘kind of’ shopping ban I didn’t buy a lot though. (Compared to my usual Halloween shopping habits, but was a bit weak on my ban, but it is Halloween season and for that I did good… Maybe will do a haul post / video within the next weeks?)
list-bat-png Wondering why we get random nightmares, I do understand when something related to the topic happens in your life those days but I don’t remember having a bad experience with my teeth lately (got them done after 10 years of fear and panick attacks on my way to the dentist in 2015) and now I had a nightmare about them being the way they used to be over night and doctors telling me they could not do anything about it anymore. Ugh, so happy it was just a dream!
list-bat-png My facebook feed somehow exploded, Rob Zombie was futured on a vegan something cover. Being vegan is not a bad thing but somehow there are people you would not think that they were vegan unless you follow them on social media, good to know though!

list-bat-png list-bat-png list-bat-png

This month I had nearly no freetime due to job hunt, so I am a month behind answering your lovely comments even though I’ve read them all but since I also want to visit your blogs when you comment on something those comments will have to sleep a little longer… Sorry for that, I will catch up as soon as real life is coming back to normal! I also am aware of the fact that there was a lack of posts and a lack of everything (and a lack of links and music in this monthly random post) and I am afraid, I don’t know how much I will be able to do for the blog in October since the job hunt was successful ( very ❤ , yay! ) and now I have to look for a flat 200kms away from my current home. This means to drive 2-3hrs x2 each time that there is a flat to look at / to apply for (maybe 2-3 times a week). Since I am still working fulltime as well you can immagine how little time is left for everything else (aka packing, meeting friends, blogging, sleep,…) Please wish me luck for the flat thing is driving me insane!

list-bat-png list-bat-png list-bat-png

What has been inspiring for you this September? Any plans for October? Have a nice evening!


My 26th…!

Hey there, Internet!

Oh how much do I wish I was talking about a birthday here but nope, talking about another house moving. Never thought it would happen this soon but there are people I miss having close to me and there are jobs and there are my gypsie feet. So soon you will be able to find me in Oldenburg (which is quite close to Bremen and Hamburg, lovely, I smell some clubbing nights!), job-hunt is already done now looking for a tiny 1-room flat, which hopefully will be available for October, 1st already. I don’t mind paying a month of double rent but I really don’t want to stress too much moving this time, especially since it is happening during Halloween season.

1609 moving stressed goth glasses fledermausbrille piercing

So, traffic jam during one of the million hours I spent in the car during the last few weeks, looking totally relaxed, don’t you think?

Whatever, I also did some extra Halloween shopping already for the annual Halloween giveaway, but I am sorry I first want to get this moving thing under control before I start, hoping my readers are Halloween-all-year-long people like I am so you don’t mind if the giveaway is happening right after Halloween!

Anyone knows any nice locations, nature spots, clubs around that area? Have a nice evening!


DIY: Bat lamp alteration!

Hey there, Internet!

Probably everyone owns one or knows someone who does, that lovely, cheapest of the cheap IKEA lamp ‘Not’. When looking for furniture everyone who has a tiny limit or is simply starting that new life you usually won’t have too much of a budged. Personally I prefer having basic furniture that I can alterate without feeling guilty, even if the result won’t look or work the way I wanted. Some things stay basic for a while, so did my Not lamp.

1609 diy gothic alteration ikea lamp not

So this it is, simple, basic, black and white floor lamp as you can buy it from IKEA. Does what a lamp is supposed to do, lighten the room and is available with a reading light as well. The version I bought. After a while though I thought it was too basic and I remembered having one of these covered in crows. Took a pencil and Sharpie and started drawing bat silhouettes. Then continued with simple black color varnish. Let it dry, another layer, let it dry and so on until I thought the bats were opaqu enough to look good with light shining through them. The strange way the vanish seemed to dry on the plastic surface made me add some grass like streaks on the bottom part of the bigger lampshade.

1609 diy gothic lamp alteration ikea not before 1609 diy gothic home decor lamp alteration ikea not bats 1609 diy gothic home decor bat lamp alteration ikea not

left: clean tiny lampshade, center: with sharpie lines, right: final result, on the lamp!

Especially next to my black and white walls I think it now looks a lot better, with and without light! Sorry, currently I seem to be in some DIY-mood!

What are your current projects? Have a nice evening!


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