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DIY: Transforming Halloween to Home Decor!

Hey there, Internet!

Please be careful when working with hot wax or fire.

I am sure most of you do have some cheap Halloween decor, on display all year long or stored in a box somewhere. Last year I bought a pack of plastic skulls, 6 pieces for 10€. They don’t look too cheap but having 6 of them makes me want to ‘do something’ with them. Hanging them on some rope would be what I first thought about but nothing makes me want to use the ladder more than I have to and especially not when I want to hang something directly under the 3.55m ceiling. Nope. Not going to happen. Not climbing a ladder unless I really have to.

1702 diy halloween decor to homedecor skull candle wax

The skulls, except for one or two were put aside until I was nearly done with my bedroom stuff. I put everything on the nightstand that I wanted to have there but afterwards it still did look empty, then, in one of my ‘need to find a place for it’-boxes (4 left of those, getting unpacked and repacked once every month until everything found its place, in the flat or in the rubbish bin) there was one of the skulls next to a plate a friend sent me with 2016s Halloween parcel from the USA.

Things were set up and did look nice, the skull though did still look quite cheap. Best thing to cover those ‘scars’ where plastic parts are glued together? Wax! Especially when you decorate with candles anyways.

1702 diy halloweenskull to homedecor before 1702 diy halloweenskull to homedecor wax top 1702 diy halloweenskull to homedecor gothic candlewax

Stuff I used…
cheap plastic skull
pillar candle
printed halloween plate
white candle

I was afraid the plate would get damaged but since only one drop of hot wax at a time would drip onto the skull and slowly roll over it before it would hit the plate it was ok in the end, could even be used as a plate afterwards because the skull with the wax both would not stick to it! Lucky! Still please be careful when working with hot wax and fire, you might hurt yourself or damage or destroy things you didn’t want to get damaged or destroyed.

So, as mentioned first a pillar candle and the plastic skull were put onto the plate. Then I lit the white candle, held it sideways so it would burn down faster and the hot wax would hit the skull. After a while you would get that beautiful structure you can find on old candle holders. This time I only used one pillar candle and one for dripping the wax because I need some space on my nightstand to put my mobile and my nosespray and stuff like that.

Do you keep your Halloween decor out through the year or not? Have a nice evening!


DIY: Wall Decals, Edgar Allan Poe

Hey there, Internet!

My living room is not yet what I focus on in my new flat but sometimes one has to DIY a tiny bit and work on things that you usually wanted to do later. Those moments that the creativity bugs bite. There is that empty wall above the couch, above a small shelf thing and next to my absinthe rack. Nothing that looked too empty but to me did feel unfinished whenever I entered that room and looked at it. Wall decals can look great and there are affordable ones in DIY stores as well as online but I had some black adhesive foil thing left and so I thought I could just create something that would match this room as well as feel ‘me’.

1612 mycave gothic homedecor diy walldecal quote detail 1612 mycave gothic home decor walldecal quote edgarallanpoe inprogress 1612 mycave gothic home decor walldecal bats edgarallanpoe dream diy

left: detail, the text outlines done with silver edding, center: in progress, when I noticed I was running out of space, right: finished wall decal.

I was tempted to do something that would look like autumnal / wintery trees with branches, maybe a crow or spiderwebs but that probably would have been too heavy looking for the tiny room especially since I have the huge frame with my dark painting (see post angel of death?) on another wall and black curtains in front of the shower room and soon black curtains in front of the window. So what would look better? There are a few quotes that I really like because they can make you think for hours, inspire discussions or for arts, like Edgar Allan Poes ‘A dream within a dream’.

I had some matte black foil, silver eddings and scissors for the text / letters and shiny black for additional bats in the end. Of course one can draw with a pencil on the back of the foil, measure to make the letters same size, matching, equal looking and so on but I prefer each letter to be different. In ones personal handwriting same letters look similar but probably never are exactly the same, I wanted the text to look ‘alive’, irregular, letter wise and the words as well, like the text would be dancing. That’s why I drew directly on the foils front with the silver eddings and then let them dry before cutting and then, also without a pencil line sticking the letters to the wall. The silver edding outlines would still be visible on the matte black text and some shiny black bats would fly around it. At first the last ‘dream’ was planned to be in the second line as well but when I noticed I ran out of space it went to a third row and would simply be surrounded by bats.

Would this be something you would try to DIY or would you prefer premade, ready to buy decals? Have a nice evening!


My Cave: Again, hallway is done!

Hey there, Internet!

Why is it that I always finish my hallways first? Ok, not much furniture needed and it is the first room you enter when opening the front door but I usually plan on finishing other rooms first when all of a sudden, hallway is done. So in my new cave over here in Oldenburg it slowly looks like a home, the hallway is done with only a few exceptions:

1612 gothic home decor flat hallway calendar flowers spiderweb germany blackandwhite 1612 gothic home decor flat roomtour crow raven lamp ivy germany 1612 gothic home decor germany skull handbag ivy ladder coat hanger

left: Monthly wall calendar that can be written with chalk, center: Old lamp and crow decoration, right: Ladder used as coat hanger, more fake ivy and my skull handbag.

list-bat-png Some more umbrellas in case of sudden rain when visitors want to leave.
list-bat-png Maybe it as well is time to replace my coat because after maybe 5 years it slowly starts to fall apart (and yes, I consider a coat being a part of my hallway)
list-bat-png Gallery / picture wall but that will be a never ending project, there always are some nice things to be added! Also need some frames for some special pictures / cards!
list-bat-png Stuffed bat thingie to prevent cold air from sneaking in from outside (had it done three times already but always a friend came and kidnapped them, guess I can as well do them as my first product to sell in my etsy store?! Probably will start early 2017, maybe for Blogversary in February?)
list-bat-png And of course, there will always be some space for more fake ivy or decoration next halloween season.

1612 gothic home decor hallway frontdoor batdecals ivy 1612 gothic home decor hallway germany bags boots sparklingrug woodenfloor 1612 gothic home decor picture gallerywall bats xray clock germany

left: Newest addition – Bats on the front door, center: Spot for my working boots and bag, right: Work in progress – gallery wall!

The lamp was installed by a friend who helped me a lot during these moving days and is the one I had in my old hallway in Braunschweig. Same with the rug and umbrella stand. Because I prefer to not add any unnecessary holes to my walls the coat hanger got a bit remodeled and is now nailed to the ladder. Since the new cave has 3.55m tall walls I prefer to have my ladder available instead of storing it in my cellar and this way it turned into some decoration that some friends who came to visit really didn’t notice until I pointed it out.

Latest thing I did in the hallway were the decals for the windows in my frontdoor. Even though the glass parts do look nice I always have to pass them when I need to go to the toilet so I added black adhesive foil to 8 of the 9 glasses and the upper center one got some ‘half’ bat silhouettes flying from the black towards the clear glass. So yes, maybe the hallway isn’t completely done yet but most of it, enough to feel pretty much done! There also will be a video on the progress in the new flat up soon!

Do you have any home projects that you are planning to finish this year or early next year? Have a nice evening!


DIY: Bat lamp alteration!

Hey there, Internet!

Probably everyone owns one or knows someone who does, that lovely, cheapest of the cheap IKEA lamp ‘Not’. When looking for furniture everyone who has a tiny limit or is simply starting that new life you usually won’t have too much of a budged. Personally I prefer having basic furniture that I can alterate without feeling guilty, even if the result won’t look or work the way I wanted. Some things stay basic for a while, so did my Not lamp.

1609 diy gothic alteration ikea lamp not

So this it is, simple, basic, black and white floor lamp as you can buy it from IKEA. Does what a lamp is supposed to do, lighten the room and is available with a reading light as well. The version I bought. After a while though I thought it was too basic and I remembered having one of these covered in crows. Took a pencil and Sharpie and started drawing bat silhouettes. Then continued with simple black color varnish. Let it dry, another layer, let it dry and so on until I thought the bats were opaqu enough to look good with light shining through them. The strange way the vanish seemed to dry on the plastic surface made me add some grass like streaks on the bottom part of the bigger lampshade.

1609 diy gothic lamp alteration ikea not before 1609 diy gothic home decor lamp alteration ikea not bats 1609 diy gothic home decor bat lamp alteration ikea not

left: clean tiny lampshade, center: with sharpie lines, right: final result, on the lamp!

Especially next to my black and white walls I think it now looks a lot better, with and without light! Sorry, currently I seem to be in some DIY-mood!

What are your current projects? Have a nice evening!


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