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Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-07

Hey there, Internet!

Actually, nothing special was done that day, being lazy, watching DVDs, skype, cleaning the flat and that fuzz. But as you were able to read a few days ago, I slowly am getting back into my old shape which means my corsets and other ‘tight fitting’ clothes start to feel better on me again, who could resist putting them back on asap?

1607 ootd gothic corset yourshape rippedtights chains winklepickers gothicshoecompany spindoctor sheermaxiskirt

Let me know when you found my other hand?

1607 ootd gothic detail skull claw rings ripped tights spindoctor skirt 1607 ootd gothic jewelry silver rings 1607 ootd gothic spikes chains batnecklace detail pale

What I’m wearing

A skirt that probably needs a review, so much to say about it.

Boots: The Gothic Shoe Company (Dark Godess, see detailed review)
Skirt: Spin Doctor
Corset: Your Shape
Hairclip: Kreepsville 666 (Glows in the dark!)
Watch: EtNox
What else: Ripped tights, chains, random wristbands and rings, glasses from Fledermausbrille, and a bat necklace from bitterwren sent me for halloween last year!

1607 ootd fotd gothic orangehair piercings glasses noeyebrows blacklips 1607 ootd gothic fotd eyemakeup eyeliner smokeyeyes noeyebrows piercings fledermausbrille glasses falselashes illamasqua021 1607 ootd nailart gothic stargazer129 chinaglaze crackle green glitter 1099jaded crueltyfree


Was a bit sad to see that this green crackling polish started to change structure, but made it work one more time!

Lips: Illamasqua (Sketch Stick in Haze), Stargazer (Glitter Lipstick in Red)
Nails: Stargazer 129, China Glaze (Crackle Glaze 1099, Jade-d)
Eyes: Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline, False Eyelashes 21, Sketch Stick in Haze as base), Stargazer (Eyedust in 51)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Powder in OMG)

How big is the pile of clothing you refuse to give away because ‘one day they will fit you again’? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-06

Hey there, Internet!

Tonight was very different, met a friend and we both restarted our Pokémon (X/Y) games, kind of battling who would first make it through the game. We will probably do this twice a month now until the new version (Sun/Moon) will be available later this year! Even though I enjoy those cozy nights I think it would be about time to go out on a clubnight again very soon but then I rarely have weekends off.

1606 ootd fotd gothic style corset heavyred killstar blackmilk orangehair

admitting, my neck feels quite empty without spiky stuff and heavy chains, even if it is summer…


1606 ootd queen of darkness gothic skull bracelet 1606 ootd gothic corset heavy red buckles detail 1606 ootd gothic rings jewelry restyle gazelle skull black pentagram

What I’m wearing

Skirt-shopping mood of the past months seems to continue but who could resist buying fluffy, semi seethrough stuff?

Leggings: Blackmilk (Wet Look Black) with ripped tights on top
Boots: Solovair
Corset: Heavy Red (Probably the only half bust corset I own)
Shirt: Heavy Red
Skirt: Bäres

1606 ootd fledermausbrille gothic pentagram templestems batshape 1606 ootd gothic smokeyeyes fledermausbrille bat glasses pentagram 1606 ootd gothic orange copper hair sidecut tattoo paul mitchell dye review


Probably another decent eyedo, especially the liner, I usually like to go extreme here… Oh and the new Fledermausbrille temple stems in action!

Lips: Stargazer 129
Nails: Stargazer 129 (yes, both number 129)
Eyes: Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline, Sleek (Bad Girl Palette), Stargazer (Glitter Pencil in Black)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Powder in OMG)

Anyone around who is as excited for the next Pokémon game, how do you prepare yourself? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-02

Hey there, Internet!

Yes, I know it is a post early – simply because last month was a post less than usual! This was from a day in the city and DVD-marathon afterwards. Not turning into a person to sit on their couch 24/7 but all of us thought would not be able to stay up late that day – were wrong thinking so – did finish 5 movies before we went to bed about the same time we would on a regular party night!

1602 ootd goth corset chains leatherskirt

next piece of the grey velvet background currently is sleeping next to my sewing machine… Think I will need one or two more though…

1602 ootd rings catskull rogue and the wolf black goth 1602 corset gothic pentagram chains 1602 ootd goth rings chains

What I’m wearing

Underneath the leather skirt / hiding with the stompy boots there would be some simple pair of leggings, this skirt, if worn by itself, would cause me to sweat and a few minutes later freeze to death, leggings seem to prevent both…

Skirt: Phaze
Corset: Playgirl, white label
Everything else: Top & Cardigan from H&M or Primark (I think…?), Jewelry random plus The Rogue and the Wolf (Lupus midi ring, cat skull ring, Moonrise necklace)

1602 ootd fotd makeup eyeliner glasses 1602 ootd hairstyle braid ombre orangegreen sidecut goth alternative stargazer uvred yellow africangreen 1602 ootd gothic nailart spiderweb stargazer 129 306


Nothing special today but a new pigment from Illamasqua (Draco).

Eyes: Stargazer (Liquid eyeliner in black, black kohl eyeliner), Illamasqua (Pure Pigment in Draco), Alverde (Nothing but volume mascara), random black eyeshadow to blend in a bit
Lips: Jeffree Star (Liquid lipstick in Posh Spice)
Nails: Stargazer (129, 306), random white for spiderweb details.

Do you also have some pieces of clothing you need to play some trick on to be comfortable? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-01 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

What to do as soon as your cold gets better and your nose stopped running like crazy? You head to your local piercing studio and get your nostril repierced then go back home and play with your makeup (leaving the area next to the fresh piercing clean, of course). This is what happened and well, the rest of that day was spent fully dressed, sitting on the couch, watching some DVDs and sleep a bit. Who doesn’t need those lazy days sometimes?!

1601 ootd2 gothic corset punkrave jewelry

Still preparing the fabric for the background of future Outfit posts – grey crushed velvet – but I think it looks better already? Was pretty difficult to get ok-ish pictures of black outfits in front of black furniture & fabric so hopefully the contrast the new fabric gives will improve the pictures!

1601 ootd2 winklepickers pikes gothic gothicshoecompany batbuckles 1601 ootd2 jewelry accessories rings goth fishnet gloves 1601 ootd restyle jewelry gazelle skull black necklace ombre dipdye hair orange green goth alternative

What I’m wearing

This skirt makes me wish for summer even more, high wasted and probably would look great in outfits without corsets as well!

Skirt: Punk Rave (Haul post will be up in a few days!)
Corset: Restyle
Shoes: Gothic Shoe Company, Dark Godess
Everything else: Random rings and wristbands as always, Ripped fishnets as top and Restyle Gazelle Skull Black Necklace

1601 ootd2 stargazer eyedust gothic eotd eyeliner green blacklips piercings 1601 ootd2 nailpolish nailart skullring stargazer black chrome topper 1601 ootd2 eyeshadow detail treebranches green eyedust stargazer mua gothic


Turned out totally different to what I had planned though…

Eyes: Stargazer Eyedust (18, 52, 101), Mascara (black), Liquid Eyeliner (black)
Lips: Alverde Gel Eyeliner (works as lipstick unless you eat oily things)
Nails: Stargazer (129, 232, 306)

Anyone up for some (horror-)movie marathon? Have a nice evening!

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