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Concerts and concerns…

Hey there, Internet!

When I decided to be less of a couch potato this year (not because of laziness but because of the home renovation stuff and working overhours and so on, no more excuses, bats need to flap their wings!) I thought it simply would bring some fun evenings with nice music and maybe meeting some lovely people I haven’t met before! Now three months have passed and so far I really followed that resolution, had amazing party nights even when all my friends decided to stick to their couches, met lovely people and had fun at some concerts! Hoping the year will continue this way (freetime wise, not the working overhours thing). But where there is light there must be shadow.

1603 gothic flyers festivals party locations germany

Going out obviously equals collecting flyers for festivals and party locations, some definitely are on my to-do (see / go to / …?) list now!

Why on earth do men (or people) feel the need to apologize before talking to someone / saying something nice? While standing alone, not talking to anyone, only thinking about weather to purchase a new shirt or if the stash of shirts I have at home, waiting to be altered are enough already… Some random stranger came up to me, apologized, said he did not want to hit on me but wanted to tell me that he liked my glasses. Thank you, that was kind but kept me wondering what happened to that person that he feels the need to apologize and to explain himself before saying something like this! There were a lot of similar moments and so I wonder if usually people start bitching after receiving nice words? Why not just smile, say thanks and THEN see if that person wanted someting else than saying something nice? Why is it that we always expect something bad to happen and therefor react in a horrible manner so that people will probably not compliment another person again soon? This coming from someone who also quite often walks up to people telling them if I like something they do or something in their looks. So far people reacted confused or started smiling or blushing. What would I do if they would make fun of me or react in some other ‘not so kind’ manner? Is it these days that we focus too much on the bad things and forget that maybe someone really just wants to make you smile? If you are wondering why maybe you should actually start to tell people something nice – you can have some nice chat afterwards, maybe make new friends! And even if it only is a smile and a thank you – what if that person had a horrible day and a ‘Hey I like your whatever’ would make their world feel so much better!

Enough negativy though! I need to tell you how amazing the concerts and events were this year!

The Faderhead show at Empire of Darkness at Matrix, Bochum was the first non-festival-show I have seen by him. Wondering why, so far I have been impressed by the energy and this time it was nothing less and I now will have to follow the newsletter and dates better so it won’t be years until the next time! Especially since he said the future shows will contain more of the ‘slower’ (or however one would describe the songs he mentioned) stuff which actually always were the songs I liked best on his albums! That night also recovered my bad experiences at previous EOD-parties at Matrix which made me avoid that location for maybe a few years, sorry for that! A party that managed to stay alive for 16 years already should be enough proof that it actually is a good one and I only had bad luck!

Melting Sounds Festival II at Zeche Carl was nice, I met a lot of nice people (‘new & old’) and even though I did not know any band before it was good and I definitely will have to take a closer look at Splendor, really liked their show! Wasn’t as much of a dancing night as with usual Nachttanz party nights (ugh, anyone can help, I know there was another goth party night happening there before Nachttanz, since EOD just turned 3 but I can’t remember the name!) Wish I would have had the guts to get a Gotikatur since that guy does amazing art and since he set up his desk for some live drawing this would have been some fun memory! Next time though!

Eisbrecher! Yes. Perfect show as always, Alex definitely is as much of an entertainer as Steve Naghavi (And One), I could spend hours just watching them and this time it seemed like Noel Pix as well was playing with the audience a lot more than usually! But they also made me feel old quite a bit with references to their early days and tapes. I still remember tiny me sitting in front of the TV, singing along the german Pokémon songs (Confused? Take a closer listen to the voices! Did not know whose voices I was listening to back then but love it even more now that I do know) and the days when Alex and Pix were members of Megaherz or the Unheilig & friends concert in Köln (Cologne) a few years ago where I only went to see them… Over the years though they only got better and I doubt there could ever be too many shows by them in a year so I’m looking forwards to Mera Luna this year! Oh and congrats on gold, well deserved!

How did you spend 2016 so far? Have a nice evening!


M’era Luna Festival 2015!

Hey there, Internet!

Last weekend was the third and probably last festival weekend for me this year. M’era Luna was not planned but would you miss out on a festival that is only ~45 minutes away from your front door knowing how much you loved it each time you went? M’era Luna this year announced an amazing lineup and on top I still was craving for some medieval food and fire show that I was missing so much at Amphi. (Not saying Amphi was bad but as I said in that blog post there were a few things missing that I simply love on the ‘darker festivals’)

meraluna 2015 festival mutzbraten medieval food2015 meraluna festival gothic germany hildesheim wristband bandchen ticketmeraluna 2015 gothic festival germany decoration death night

(Mutzbraten – when there is a medieval fair around this is a must buy, this years Wristband & Ticket, Grim Reaper Pond Decoration)

Friday I went up at the time that I usually would go to bed to do some last minute organization, packing and drive to Alex and Steffi. We did some talking and joking and then headed to Hildesheim. We arrived at the festival location (Drispenstedt Airfield) very early when they didn’t even open the closer parking areas so we ended up with our cars on some dusty field with the other early bats. The camping ground also was still closed so we grabbed only a few bags with our tents, chairs and food and waited. While waiting the M’era atmosphere already was present. Strangers started talking, sharing food and drinks, enjoying the time. Then we were allowed to enter the camping ground and found a nice spot close to the fence of the medieval fair with the mainstage peaking over it as well. Set up our tents, waited for the other people who would join us camping – one of them I was so happy to see again since the last time we met was during our apprenticeship 5 years ago in Frankfurt. After everything was set up and a bit more talking and cuddling we went to the medieval fair for some Met & food and afterwards took a stroll around the beautifully decorated shopping and festival area. No Hangar party / dancing this night for us though.

2015 meraluna gothic festival germany ostfrontmeraluna 2015 gothic festival band deathstars2015 meraluna gothic festival germany hildesheim rob zombie

(Ostfront, Deathstars, Rob Zombie)

Saturday started with some rain. I was afraid the weather might get as horrible as it was for Amphi but then the sun joined the fun and everyone was happily applying their sunscreen and grabbing fans and some icecream or cold drinks. One of the first things I did that day as soon as I was ready was heading to the fashion town tent to hand my glasses to the guys from Fledermausbrille for some deep cleaning and replacing the gummi plates (and drooling over the glasses they brought with them!) then grabbed some new perfume at Perfume Noire and took a look at the stage. The first band that I actually got to see this festival was Ostfront, I was able to see them at M’era Luna in 2011 already and they improved a lot! I was simply excited waiting for one of the next bands though because I still remember the awesome show of Deathstars at the Rockharz festival back in 2012 and for sure this weekend’s gig was a blast and I am really hoping they will come to a show on their own to Germany in the future! When the Deathstars show was over I went to get my glasses back and met some more friends, talking happened so I did not see a lot of the next few shows that day and also missed to take a look at the Hangar (indoor) stage, then again we were able to see what happened inside on a huge screen right in front of it. While I was standing there, talking some guy came up to me, complimenting my hair and gave me a balloon, no matter if drunk or not and whatever really was the reason for it it sure made me smile, thank you! We went back into the black crowd in front of the stage to see Rob Zombie though. It was an amazing show with some tiny mosh pits in the audience and everyone seemed to enjoy the time. Saturday’s headliner was ASP, who has a gig at M’era Luna and other german festivals quite often, some might say it’s been too often but I enjoy seeing them those 1-2 times a year! We got what we expected, some slower, emotional songs, some fast ones with fire on stage and everyone was singing and screaming enjoying the gig till the very last minute. Then the night ended in a bit of dancing at the Hangar disco until the feet finally collapsed.

2015 meraluna gothic festival asp2015 meraluna festival germany hildesheim gothic camping weather nature2015 meraluna festival baloon

(ASP, Camping ground on Saturday morning, balloon you seem to get when people like your hair – thanks to whoever that person was!)

Sunday I woke up, looked around, found the bag I got at Perfume Noire, was happy when I saw that along with some flyers there was a tiny perfume bottle as gift for their 15 years anniversary and a CD (Cradle of Spoil, Die Macht des Schweigens, a CD from 2003 which makes me a bit confused why it was added to my shopping bag in 2015? Or if they did not put it in who did it?) in it. If you don’t know them yet, give them a listen, they are amazing and I have no idea how I managed to not have heard of them before! Again breakfast at the medieval market, even though I usually am not that much of a meat-y person, a Mutzbraten will be bought when there is a medieval fair around. Because of the hot weather most time of Sunday people went from one icecream vendor to the next (or drinks) so the first full show that I got to see was Joachim Witt, remember the very first blogpost after my absence? For everyone who read that back then knows that he is one of the first musicians that I’ve ever enjoyed listening to and probably always will. It was as perfect as expected and went by too fast. The only song I was missing was the new one he did with Mono Inc but not complaining here. Maybe they did it during the Mono Inc show afterwards but I’ve only seen half of it because of some more strolling around the medieval fair where some gleemen entertained the people who sat in front of the empty medieval stage. To me those markets are just the perfect thing to go to when in need of some relaxing moments with all the things happening besides the different small stands – they had a blacksmith with them, a place where you could marry for the time of festival, a wooden bath tub, arrow shooting spot and a lot more. Before the headliner of that night (Nightwish) Einstürzende Neubauten had their 60 minutes show, it was simple, without all the effects people usually would use on stage, but impressive nonetheless. I then realized that a lot of the bands that I saw this year have been around for ages but still have the same energy and skills in entertaining their audience as the younger artists do, happy to see that! During Nightwish we once again ran into It’s black friday, hoping she can make her way to a lot of the German festivals next year, too!

Oh and dear M’era Luna team, it would be nice to see Unterschicht perform next year instead of them only be around as visitors ❤

2015 meraluna gothic festival germany joachim witt2015 meraluna germany hildesheim gothic festival cradle of spoil band gift perfume noire2015 meraluna gothic festival germany einstürzende neubauten

(Joachim Witt, Cradle of Spoil Booklet, Einstürzende Neubauten)

In the end I have to say that M’era Luna will always make me as excited as WGT does and should be on every darklings Bucketlist. As mentioned in the beginning you will meet so many awesome people within the first minutes already and even if some bad news come up someone will be able to bring back a big smile on your face. Be prepared for hot weather at daytimes but also bring an extra jacket or blanket for the nights. They will have a band you will love for sure, no matter if you prefer medieval, melodic, electronic or rock goth genres (and they already announced a few of next years acts). You will be able to find new treasures for your home or wardrobe but it also is possible to stay on a budged if needed. Also what better thing could exist than falling out of your tent and already hear the music and smell the amazing medieval food? For sure I can’t wait for next August to go there again! Also hoping to be able to meet up with some of the people I got to know this time before then to get to know everyone better and share some memories in times of festival blues!

Have you been to M’era Luna yet or are planning to go? Are there any other festivals you can recommend? Have a nice evening!

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