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Empties 2015!

Hey there, Internet!

While I am working on turning a Men XXL shirt into a mini dress (including blogpost) this one has been waiting a few days in line now so… During Autumn / Winter I didn’t throw away my empty products (or those that turned bad) and following some blogs that do that kind of posts on a regular basis I thought I would give you some more detailed reviews on the stuff that passed away as well!

1601 review empties2015 illamasqua boosh scorn chinaglaze itsalive alverde mineralprimer

Alverde – Mineral Face Primer, Shimmering Rose: An amazing primer with some decent, tiny glitter / shimmer particles. I like to add this to my liquid foundations when applying because it helps to create a more even look and the makeup will stay in place longer. This has turned into a staple piece for me and I have several backups at home.

Chinaglaze – It’s alive (985): This has been one of my favourite nail polishes for years. Sadly the structure now turned sticky and won’t dry anymore. It was sold a few years ago in a limited Halloween edition but if I ever come across this or a similar color (clear base with different mossy green glitter particles) I will definitely repurchase!

Illamasqua – Boosh & Scorn: Shiny and matte black nail polishes. I liked them, especially since the matte black was the first one to actually stay matte on my nails. They also survived the 12 months that were promised before turning bad / sticky structured, but with all the different companies that offer black nail polishes I probably will continue to try different ones. Of course, if there is a special deal going on when I am shopping at their webshop I will repurchase.

Illamasqua – Powder Foundation #115: Another staple and love at first sight. Same as with the Alverde Primer I already have backups at home. The first one arrived broken for me as well as for many other people. Since then they seem to have improved their packaging for this product. Will stay on my face for the entire day, when sweat, rain or bad food happen (last will lead to my skin being even more oily than usual so needed to be mentioned) a tiny touch up is needed and I’m fine again!

Did you find any new staples or bummers in 2015? Have a nice evening!

Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-12

Hey tere, Internet!

Today was the last night of my holidays and was used for sleeping, cleaning the flat and looking through my DIY and decoration things to see if anything can be added to the new furniture. Because of that, today’s outfit was meant to be simple, cozy and would not mind if I had to crawl into the most hidden corner of my flat.

1512 ootd makeup goth smoky eye cateye winged eyeliner stargazer orange hair dipdye black ombre jeffreestar poshspice 1512 ootd goth skeletalfamily diy minidress blackmilkclothing blackvelvet leggings selfie 1512 nailart gothic ankh black crackle chinaglaze berrym kiko

Goodybe painted nails, you will be missed until my next days off work!

When i braided my hair I was surprised to see that they are long enough to keep the braid over one side of my shoulders!

What I’m wearing

Leggings: Black-Milk-Clothing (Black Velvet High Waisted)
Dress: Oversized Skeletal Family shirt, DIY’ed into a mini dress
Hotpant: Random, former black jeans
Corset (Under dress, visible through a few holes): Bibian blue


Lips: Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in Posh Spice
Eyes: Sleek (Bad Girl Palette in Innocence, Blade and Envy), Stargazer (Kohl Eye pencil, Black Liquid Eyeliner) Illamasqua (Mascara in Raven, Eyebrow Gel)
Nails: Black (Kiko, 275) with a layer of Glow in the night topcoat (Essence) and Barry M (311, Nail Effects 242), Ringfinger is China Glaze (Bump into the Night with drawn on Ankh)

Do you have a routine for the day before heading back to work? Have a nice evening!

Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-10

Hey there, Internet!

Actually I only wanted to put on some comfy clothes and then head out to take some pictures of the beautifull autumn surroundings. I should have known better because this was the first time I had the chance to wear my new Killstar Sorcery Hood Dress which I have fallen in love with the first time I saw but didn’t get around to purchase befor last month! Happy me then lost control of herself and disappeared in her makeup pile (which I should try to organize soon because it really is a pile instead of nice looking and assorted.)

1510 ootd killstar sorcery dress hood goth makeup orange hair moon piercing1510 goth ootd killstar sorcery hood dress bibianblue corset blackmilk galaxyrainbow leggings queenofdarkness skull wristband1510 notd nail polish goth halloween witch pentagram kiko black chinaglaze nude kalahari kiss essence glow in the dark

What I’m wearing

Dress: Killstar (Sorcery Hood Dress)
Corset: Bibian Blue
Leggings: Black Milk Clothing (Galaxy Rainbow)


Wristbands: Queen of Darkness skull wristband, S.O.P.H.I.E
Ripped tights, fishnet gloves, some random rings, chains and bat earrings


Lipstick: Illamasqua Pristine & Touch)
Eyes: Illamasqua (Liquid Metal in Phenomena, Fake Bat Eyelashes, Sleek (Bad Girl I-Divine Palette), Stargazer (Black Eye Kohl Pencil, Black Eye Liner, Black Semi Permanent Tattoo Pen)
Nails: Black (Kiko 275), Nude (China Glaze Kalahari Kiss) and to fix the pentagram on the accent nail a laver of Essence’s Glow in the dark topcoat (Because glow in the dark is nearly as perfect as glitter.)

Anyone else around who has a problem impulse buying things? Have a nice evening!

Today’s Outfit & Makeup 15-09 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

There was a dress I fell in love with quite some time ago but never happened to buy – until this month when I was looking for a few nice things for fall / autumn. I can not express how much I love this dress now that it is in my wardrobe. Even though I think my arms are not that long it seems a lot of long-sleeve things are too short for me, this one is not and all those tangling fringe things are amazing. Anyways, this was on one of the (sadly very rare) absinthe and gaming nights because spending a night with amazing people, enjoying some hours together is something that will keep you happy for some time! And since holding a controller is not comfortable with rings and the dress was enough for me anyways (sorry for fangirling so much today.) Accessories were as minimal as possible.

1509 ootd nails goth halloween eyes black crackle silver1509 ootd queen of darkness witchcraft goth dress corset bat1509 ootd eye makeup shadow black smoky silver winged eyeliner cateye goth halloween illamasqua sleek

What I’m wearing

Dress: Queen of Darkness (Witchcraft)
Corset: label says ‘Playgirl white label’ (definitely not the best quality corset I own though)
Leggings: Blackmilk Clothing (Wet Look)


Necklace: Gift from an amazing lady (Her instagram: @bitterwren)
Belt: Black-Impressions


Lipstick: Only Lush’s Lip Service balm because of food and chatting
Eyes: Illamasqua (Liquid Metal in Phenomena, Mascara in Raven), Sleek (Ultra Matte V2 Palette Noir), Stargazer (Black Eye Kohl Pencil, Black Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Pen)
Nails: Black (Kiko, 275) with black crackling polish (China Glaze, Black Mesh) on top and on thumbs a tiny vampire face in silver (China Glaze, Aluminate)

Do you prepare your wardrobe for fall already? Have a nice evening!

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