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Bodymods: Piercings

Hey there, Internet!

Back in March, I did a post about the bat scarification on my back, the time afterwards mainly was spent trying to fix my Pokémon sleeve tattoo (still not finished and happy with it but need a break). But this month I felt it was about time to get my nostril re-pierced so here’s about some of my piercings!

1601 piercing experience addiction nostril 1601 piercing tongue lips xray

left: new nostril piercing, right: 2 lip (angel bites) & 3 tongue piercings on an xray

A few years ago I had 21 piercings, definitely not as many as some others but I think I still have some experience to share. Got rid of a few during the past few years though, if I miss them I can simply get them done again!

Even though I pierced my belly button (for example) by myself this is not something I can recommend. It is part of my job to know what kind of wound needs as treatment and also know about anatomy, needles of all kind and whatever might be required to do it without getting infections. Simply, don’t self-pierce! (Same with every other bodymodification)

Instead see a professional. There sadly are some piercing stores that call themselves professional and might or might not be interesting because you could save a bit of money but money should not be something to influence your decision of where to get your piercing done. Instead take a closer look, maybe you know somebody who went there and has some thoughts to share. Maybe even more important than years of experience (well, everyone has to start somewhere and some already know what they are doing after a short time or learned from an experienced piercer) is hygienics, you want the piercing to be done properly but you also want it to start without an infection. Also anything else that makes you feel bad at the store might be a hint of better seeing a different piercer.

Pain is something every piercing will bring, some more, some less and probably everyone feels different about it. To me the only piercings that felt bad were the nostril (see, funny enough that is the only piercing I now got done for the 4th time) and the 3cm bar I had under my belly button.

The healing process may vary as well, depending on the location of the piercing and on your skin. I usually clean mine with mull (Avoid Cotton pads, you might get tiny fibers in your piercing wound) covered in Octenisept (antiseptic for wounds) twice a day (Piercers often say Prontolind would be better because it has some ingredients that will help healing which Octenisept does not have – I have not tried that) and then add a thin layer of Bepanthen (Panthenol), for sleeping times and moments I would risk to touch it with my fingers or clothes I add a patch. Please keep in mind that piercing wounds might look like they are fully healed from the outside but might still be a wound under the skin so definitely listen to your piercer on how long to keep on intensive cleanings or not to change jewelry.

Infections still might happen, due to bacterias or fibers in the wound, pressure or your body simply rejecting the jewelry. Be careful if the skin turns red, hot, swells, pain gets more instead of less or if you think the seretion smells / looks similar to pus. If you are not sure how to properly clean and heal it again, see a professional, don’t risk a sepsis!

Do you consider yourself a piercing addict? Any piercings you love most or think are disgusting? Have a nice evening!

New Ink! 15-05

Hey there, Internet!

Seems this year I am finishing all of the long-time-tattoo-projects. I just returned from another tattoo-appointment. Since I started my left sleeve in 2011 I thought it was time to finish it this year, started getting seriously annoyed by the blinking ‘work-in-progress’-sign on my left arm. So in the beginning I only wanted a Meowth that would look like it has been drawn on with a pen and soon it went into a Pokémon full sleeve tattoo. (Meaning I got ‘my’ favourite team of Meowth, Bellsprout, Cubone, Mew, Vulpix and Jigglypuff)

tattoo pokemon meowth mauzitattoo cubone tragosso pokemontattoo pokemon knofensa bellsprout

Will keep the name of the person wo did it in the beginning to myself because he mainly was the reason why it has been under construction for such a long time – we went into a BIG argument when he did the background. Long story short: I wanted something that looked like really old paper with holes, burnt or water logged parts and all that, what he did was an outline with a bit of shadow. Yes I did do some research on this artist before and only heard good things so I was completely shocked and totally angry (still am.)

I actually was that angry about what he did to my arm that I thought it could not get any worse and I could simply try my own hands on this, went and bought myself a tattoo gun and redid the background. I definitely knew I would not be able to do what I wanted in the first place anyways so I went for lines and lines and lines so it would look like someone simply continued the sketchy way the Pokemon were done. (DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME, I’m sure the only reason why I didn’t get any infection is because it is my job to make wounds heal and I have everything to prepare a sterile working place.) Anyways, I was very happy with the result / at least compared to the sad me after the ‘professional’ did the ‘background’ and so I thought I could as well try to do something more difficult. Added some Pokéballs and Team Rocket (last one was a bit risky because what I can’t do is stencils. Went with a pic of them on my laptop screen and drew it on my arm by hand hoping it would turn out ok-ish which I think it did.)

tattoo pokemon jessie james team rockettattoo pokemon pokeballs

Afterwards I took a looong break / until now. Again went to Memories Tattoo Wolfenbüttel (Germany) and this time had Sascha as artist. Got 2 Zubats, a Snorlax and a Haunter added. During the next few sessions / some time this year he will work a bit on the already existing other Pokémons – adding shadows / details and finally finish the background. Well, and I will probably have to ask for a few more Zubats because I’ve had quite a lot of these cuties stored in the PCs and there is still some space left!

tattoo sleeve pokemon zubat snorlax relaxo haunter

By the way, you can’t immagine how many strange looks and stupid comments people give you when you have a Pokémon tattoo – seriously people tend to stare at my arm more than they do at my hair when I backcomb or at my clothes when fully dressed. Wondering if they think I regret getting a Pokémon Tattoo… No I don’t regret it – only the choice of artist for the background. YES. I was born in 1987, part of generation Pokémon and proud of all the hours spent with the series, gameboy games and TCGs, I am still able to sing along the Pokerap and still buy the new games (even though nothing will beat the first generation ever)

Anyone with a tattoo-gone-bad story around? Were you able to fix it? Please share your thoughts! Have a nice evening!

New Ink! 15-04

Hey there, Internet!

While changing my haircolor I also changed my hairstyle a bit which caused me to expand the sidecut a bit, too – again. And again I was left with an empty space around the tattoo on the side of my head. This happened quite a few times since I originally got that tattoo:

That one, after years of drooling, was my very first tattoo that I got when I finished 10th grade and a present from my mom for doing good during the final exams. I wanted a bat, in my neck. The artist didn’t want to do the bat the way I wanted it to be (with full wings,…) and didn’t want to place it the way I wanted (exactly at the beginning of my hair) but I was stupid, naive and too excited to say no. So I got the bat without full wings, lower than I wanted but I got it.

tattoo neck bat

Sorry for very bad quality, thats how digital photos from 2004/2005 looked like… Anyways. At first I was happy, thought the wings looked a bit skeleton like and well, it was a bat, it was my bat tattoo. After a while I learned more about what makes a good tattoo, what to look for when deciding for an artist/shop. Should have decided for a better artist and should have brought a picture with me instead of going for a premade. Not naming the artist because thinking back the shop was not the cleanest and he was not the professional I expected everyone with a tattoo shop would be.

So after a while my bat due to aging started to look even worse, I started to call him Quasimodo because that’s how his face looked like. I then found a really awesome Tattoo-shop in Hamburg, St. Pauli, Tattoostudio Dänemark where Frantz took care of the actually desperately crying me. I had some papers with different ornaments I drew with me and asked him to cover Quasimodo and to also tattoo the ‘bit of shaved’ part on the right side of my head. He did so on Halloween (I think it was 2007?) Those guys I can really recommend, Their shop is located next to the Reeperbahn and the guys are entertaining and do a great job and their shop is as clean as it should be! I also got another tattoo there but that will have to wait for another post.

tattoo neck sidecut ornaments coveruptattoo head sidecut ornaments

But as time went by, as said, my sidecut was expanded and I got sick of the empty part above the tattoo so I went to a – back then – local artist (Ted, Surf Ink Tattoo, Kamen) to get a bit of ink added in 2013. I like his art and it always was nice to be there but actually getting an appointment via phone/online is a mess (and that’s what I do when I live 3hrs away.) and communication seems to stop in a heartbeat. The right picture below was taken by Karsten Uwe Meyer.

tattoo sidecut bat ornamenttattoo sidecut ornaments

That was the story so far. As mentioned in the beginning I again had some empty space. This time I went to a local artist in Wolfenbüttel, Melek from Memories Tattoo. This time I did not only want something to match the existing tattoo but also something that will match the future tattoo on the other side of my head (I see, it is getting cunfusing now, sorry.) So a spider with web it would be. Melek prepared a black widow and I agreed.

tattoo head spider black widowtattoo head spider black widow detail

Took an hour and there it was, I really do like it but I think when it is healed we need to do something to make the spider stand out a bit more – which probably will be difficult since I don’t want to have any color (maybe a hint of orange or green but nothing else) and I want to stick to ‘something that looks like it’s been drawn on my skin’ instead of 3d/realistic looking stuff.

What kind of tattoos do you have? Any new plans? Have a nice evening!

Bodymods: Scarification

Hey there, internet!

Don’t worry, no bloody-triggering pictures here, if you want to get progress pictures of the cutting process or the healing, drop me a mail to kakuidori@gmail.com.

So I am sure everyone has a scar or two they do not like to see / be reminded why they have it or think it’s ugly. Same with me, a Birthmark removal left a horribly looking scar on my back. After months and months of being annoyed whenever I looked at my back in the mirror (yes, happens.) I wondered if ugly scars can be turned to pretty scars. Tried some of the products that are said to lessen a scars volume and visibility but none seem to be working enough. Being a Bodymod-lover in general I thought I would ask my local piercer if she knew someone who does scarifications / cuttings. Luckily she just returned from a workshop for scarification on her own and so offered me a nice deal I could not resist.

We planned to do it in two steps, first simple bat shape silhouette and once healed we would do the body and head again for more definition and a higher body.

Before we started with the painful things she drew the outline with those tattoo-pens and used ‘Emla’ (medical balm, used for local anesthesica) on the area and did the papers that you have to do for every needle/cut/whatever work (at least in Germany) and all those questions on if I had enough food today and did not drink alcoholics, feeling well,…

The first cuts did not hurt more than plucking my eyebrows but with the balm being limited to a short time after a while (after an hour I think?) it hurt quite a lot – enough to make my blood preasure go down enough to make me feel really uncomfortable. So I was drinking coke, nomming lollipops and moving a bit from time to time to keep my blood preassure stay good enough to finish the process. (This coming from a person who does not feel pain when getting tattoos or piercings)

Anyways, what she did was first doing the outlines as seen in the first picture and then slowly filling in (um… or out?) the bat’s body by removing the upper layers of my skin. Unlike with tattoos you want a scarification to heal slowly so you get an actual scar. Means cleaning the area often which causes a bit of irritation to the wound. (here my head was screaming all the time: What are you doing, you know how to treat a wound properly, thats your job so stop this!) Some people would use a lot of different things on their scarification that I will not share on here because you might risk a major infection from that.

First Cut to my bat scarification Bat Scarification with first layers of new fresh skin my bat scarification in relation to my back

The middle picture shows how my cutting looked like after about 3 weeks when the entire area was covered with fresh skin again but before building more volume to it. Thrid picture is the scar in relation to my back (left wing to right wing about 15cm.) and with more volume. By now it simply is a lighter color.

All in all I think this is something you should think about even more than before getting a tattoo. It might not heal the way you want it to and is definitely not something you could cover. I don’t regret getting it done (even though I was not able to lay on my left side or on my back for 2 weeks) and definitely still want to do the planned second step / body for the second time) but sadly the lady who did it now works at a different tattoo-shop and won’t reply to my mails/facebook messages so I will have to look out for someone else to trust enough to do it.

How about you? any bodymods besides tattoos & piercings? Or would like to have any? Have a nice evening!

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