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Nearlyblack Lipsticks: Illamasqua, Moth

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s post is about one of Illamasqua‘s newer lipsticks, Moth. Moth if I am not mistaken in the beginning was released as limited edition but from the five lipsticks of this set (Moth, Shard, Resist, Born, Wanton) it seems only Resist still is limited edition. The lipstick is £22.50 for 4g / 0.14 OZ product and should be used within 12 months.

1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth chocolate brown 1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth dark chocolatebrown swatch paleskin 1612 review illamasqua lipstick moth crueltyfree dark chocolatebrown applied swatch pale piercing

left: instead of the usual black packaging this one is golden, center: swatched on skin, right: on lips

Official description from webshop: Let your lips speak volumes with Lipstick in Moth. Indulge in colour-intense lipstick with a highly pigmented formula, in a creamy matt finish. Illamasqua Lipstick glides on smoothly and doesn’t give up without a fight for the perfect all-night pout. A must have for professional make-up artists, and those who want to make a statement.

My thoughts: I guess I have a problem, as soon as I see some dark reddish brown lipstick of a cruelty free company you will find it in my shopping basket. This happened a lot with Moth until I finally bought it though. The packaging, both paper and plastic, this time are golden instead of the typical Illamasqua black. The lipstick itself has the typical, slightly sweet Illamasqua scent to it and applies really smooth on the skin and on the lips. It is highly pigmented and does not stick to your piercings. Finish as they said is matte and depending on the light it will look chocolate brownish or show some bloody red hint which I really liked. As I was expecting it lasted for hours, not even my coffee and salad could make it disappear. Really happy and probably one of my favourites for day and night.

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Is there any product you find yourself not being able to resist, what would it be? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Makeup 16-09 (FOTD)

Hey there, Internet!

It was an Illamasqua kind of day. Usually I like to mix different brands of makeup but when I was playing with my face today all the products I went for were Illamasqua. Actually these day’s I dive into my entire collection quite a lot, even those colors that were not used for ages find their way onto the brushes and into the face. Reason? Detailed post will follow in a few days but changed my haircolor to some greenish black (even though some ‘black’ areas still do have a lot of copper and orange pigments to them but soon!)

1609 fotd gothic pale eyeliner lack spiderweb piercing 1609 fotd mua gothic eyeliner black scratches falselashes illamasqualush noeyebrows nostrilbatpiercing 1609 fotd gothic makeup eyeliner spiderweb falselashes illamasqua mua

fullface, eye-detail and the other side!

1609 fotd makeup illamasqua spiderweb gothic glasses fledermausbrille

And this is for those who never dare to do detailed eye-makeups because of their glasses.

Products used: Illamasqua Matte Primer, Skin Base Foundation SB02, Powder Foundation PF115, Beyond Highlighting Powder OMG, Precision Gel Liner Infinity, Mascara Raven, False Eye Lashes Lush, Lipstick Growl, Intense Lipgloss Touch

Do you stick to one company or mix different ones? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-07 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

There are not a lot of days that I consider being too warm for a jacket of some kind, but that day definitely was. So the DIY shirt from last post got its first se already because it is one of the thinnest fabrics and loose fit which both are perfect for this hot weather. Still, sunblock on, fan was added to the bag and off to the city, spent that entire day off outside, catching Pokémon!

1607 ootd fullbody gothic sidecut diyshirt

Would Sunblock and Shadow from whatever we could find count as accessories?

1607 ootd diyshirt hmwirdebelt 1607 ootd accessories watchetnox sophiewristband rings gothic 1607 ootd gothic alternative spiked neckband tattoo detail diy

What I’m wearing

As little as possible.

Pants: Bäres
Shirt: DIY
What else: Glasses Fledermausbrille, Watch etNox, belt H&M, some other random accessories

1607 ootd illamasqua lipstick growl bloodyred darkred gothic pale 1607 ootd makeup eyeliner glasses nostrilpiercing 1607 ootd gothic nails darkgrey black kiko naillaquer382 crueltyfree


Also, only the smudgeproofiest products from my collection were used.

Lips: Illamasqua (Lipstick in Growl)
Nails: Kiko (382)
Eyes: Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline), Stargazer (Black Liquid Eyeliner), Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Highlighting Powder OMG)

Dear ladies, anyone else a bit jealous that men can simply throw away their tops without anybody looking strange and we have to think of other solutions? Have a nice evening!


Review: Eye of Horus Cosmetics

Hey there, Internet!

A while ago I stumbled upon the Instagram account of Eye of Horus Cosmetics, another cruelty free (vegan friendly, paraben free) brand that got me quite interested, this time based in Australia. They stock eyeshadow palettes, pencils, different liners, brushes and some other things – all of them inspired by natural beauty, Ancient Egypt.

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics packaging 1607 review eyeofhoruscrueltyfree cosmetics haul products

Packaging reminded me of Illamasqua quite a bit with a bit of gold added, not a bad thing though!

Actually I was interested in some coppery liner to use for my eyebrows since on some days and with some looks the black brows I do will look too harsh combined with my coppery-orange hair. But they offer free shipping on international orders over $50 and so a palette and two liners, worth $109 AUD in total found their way into my basket. Order has been placed July, 1st, shipped July, 6th, delivered July, 12th – a bit longer waiting time from order to shipment but still ok since it is a smaller company and with this beautiful and also good quality packaging – some things probably need some time!

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics sekhmet eyeshadow palette smokey 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics sekhmet eyeshadow palette swatches

Sekhmet Shadow Palette ($46 AUD, 3.6g / .12ozE, use within 18 months)

Official description: Sekmet ancient Goddess of power and war unleashes the ultimate Smokey eye palette. Fearsome array of Charcoal, Steel and Grey tones are perfect for the dark powerful Temptress. The essential trio shadow palette is Italian baked in a stunning matte and satin shades. Deeply pigmented, long wearing crease-proof formula to deliver everyday brilliance. Key features The Eye of Horus cosmetics baked Goddess shadow range can be used either dry, for a subtle day ware effect or wet for a full-intensity finish. When water-activated, shadow colours transform to be more intense and radiant if desired. These remarkable properties give the freedom to create any kind of look from simple to dramatic in seconds. Paraben Free. (Elixir Sands Creamy Beige Matte (light), Silver Eclipse Silver Metallic (medium), Raven Onyx Gun Metal Grey Satin (dark))

My opinion: To me this is a perfect everyday eyeshadow palette, some creamy color to use under the eyebrows, a light warm silver for inner eyes, dark silver / charcoal for smokey eye look. The pigmentation is great with a bit of shimmer in the grey shades and I am looking forwards creating some different and maybe more extreme looks with this! Eyeshadows did pretty much stay in place even without base and even when I was sweating quite a lot, had it on for an entire day of activities and in the end still looked ‘ok’-ish!

  1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics bronze amulet goddess pencil 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfreee cosmetics bronze amulet goddess pencil details 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics swatch bronze amulet goddess pencil

Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil ($30 AUD, 1.2g / 0.042ozE, use within 12 months)

Official description: Gloriously glowing copper/bronze was prized as a precious Amulet and it accentuates your eyes like a sun goddess. Goddess Eye Liner pencils are uniquely formulated with beautiful waxes of Beeswax, Carnuba and Candelilla wax, with the added benefit of Organic Moringa Oil for a creamy rich formula thats easy to apply, waterproof, and smudge proof and long lasting, paraben free

I was not sure if I wanted this one or one of the greenish pencils (Serpentine or Emerald) but since my inention for this purchase as mentioned, actually was to find something to do my eyebrows with this was a good choice! Easy to apply and with a bit of powder on top also will stay in place quite good, even though the other products definitely were more smudge proof than this pencil. But since it comes with the other end being some smudge sponge tip thing I guess that’s the way it should be! I have one thing that got me confused, it says to use within 12 months but also says epires 30.09.2016, hoping they meant 2017 because I doubt a company would send out stuff that expires after only a few months time?

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics liquideyeliner liquid metal copper sphinx 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics swatch liquid metal copper sphinx liquideyeliner

Liquid Metal Copper Sphinx ($33 AUD, 2.4g / 0.085ozE, use within 6 months)

Official description: Gloriously glowing and illuminating pure precious Copper metal shade in a Liquid metallic eyeliner that delivers a splash of piercing vivid colour. What it does: Transform eyes with a swipe of Copper Liquid metal electrifying color. Formulated with brilliant mineral pigments, this liners smudge-free, felt-tipped precision applicator allows you to effortlessly highlight eyes with a burst of statement metallic colour. Important: Shake well before use.The product contains a huge amount of minerals for fabulous payoff, and these pigments can sink if unused for a while.

Probably my most favourite product from this tiny haul, a liquid liner in a shiny copper that I was not able to kill in a day. It stayed in place the entire day and not even rubbing my eyes would smudge it! The official description is exactly what I have experienced and I am tempted to try some of their other liquid linders as well! Definitely something I want to play with a lot in the future, eyebrows, lips, tiny details, here I come!

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics after a day

At the end of a day, good staying power! Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil for eyebrows, light eyeshadow under eyebrows, medium for inner eye, dark for outer, Liquid Metal Copper Sphinx as eyeliner.

In the end I am quite happy with all of my purchases and probably going to use everything a lot! As you can see above it didn’t run off my face even when sweating a lot (workout & after an entire day without any touchups) But I think if I order from that company again I might ask them to double check the dates of when their products will expire, as mentioned I am confused with the date for the pencil but both other products would also only have the amount of months left that they recommend to use them and they would be expired as well.

Have you heard of this brand yet? What are your thoughts? Have a nice evening!


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