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DIY: Bat lamp alteration!

Hey there, Internet!

Probably everyone owns one or knows someone who does, that lovely, cheapest of the cheap IKEA lamp ‘Not’. When looking for furniture everyone who has a tiny limit or is simply starting that new life you usually won’t have too much of a budged. Personally I prefer having basic furniture that I can alterate without feeling guilty, even if the result won’t look or work the way I wanted. Some things stay basic for a while, so did my Not lamp.

1609 diy gothic alteration ikea lamp not

So this it is, simple, basic, black and white floor lamp as you can buy it from IKEA. Does what a lamp is supposed to do, lighten the room and is available with a reading light as well. The version I bought. After a while though I thought it was too basic and I remembered having one of these covered in crows. Took a pencil and Sharpie and started drawing bat silhouettes. Then continued with simple black color varnish. Let it dry, another layer, let it dry and so on until I thought the bats were opaqu enough to look good with light shining through them. The strange way the vanish seemed to dry on the plastic surface made me add some grass like streaks on the bottom part of the bigger lampshade.

1609 diy gothic lamp alteration ikea not before 1609 diy gothic home decor lamp alteration ikea not bats 1609 diy gothic home decor bat lamp alteration ikea not

left: clean tiny lampshade, center: with sharpie lines, right: final result, on the lamp!

Especially next to my black and white walls I think it now looks a lot better, with and without light! Sorry, currently I seem to be in some DIY-mood!

What are your current projects? Have a nice evening!


DIY: I heart Bats Pants

Hey there, Intenet!

While I finally managed to bring my Else (sewing machine) to cleaning and fixing, since she refused to work for a while now, I got my hands on some more or less basic things from my shopping money and even though basic black is a must have in every darklings wardrobe I will never be able to resist to do a bit of alteration. The first thing I started working on were a pair of shorts / jeans hotpants, bought them in plain black and started binge watching some DVD series.

1608 acrylicpaint paintbrush diy

So I took some old and pretty rotten clothes to wear them while working on the shorts – because this time I just wanted to get comfy on my couch and had no safe workplace to use there, I kind of became my workplace.

Instead of bleach the coloring part / painting this time was done with simple acrylic paint. This does not last as long as bleach and when machine washing might get cracked a bit but I like that quite old and broken look it gets after a while and pants won’t see my washing machine as often as shirts do. I have used acrylic paint for some previous clothing alteration and so far still am happy with how these things look like so there was not a lot of risk. One of the pockets of the back now has some sketchy bat with ‘I ❤ bats’ written next to it while on the front there are a few tiny bat silhouettes.

1608 diy pants alteration gothic bat 1608 diy bat acrylic alteration gothic clothing 1608 diy gothic clothing alteration acrylicbats

This time, since it was already short enough there was no destrcution part, nothing, just paint. While I might maybe add a few cuts or a bit of thinning to the fabric at the front for now I like the simple and quick alteration!

What kind of painting-colors have you tried to alterate your clothing? Have a nice evening!


How to drive me insane?

Hey there, Internet!

Admitting, I have a problem. Everything around me has its very special place, I get nervous as soon something is not where it should be, could not sleep or concentrate on anything as long as the chaos exists. (Only exception: my tools once I start getting creative). This is one of the reasons why the unfinished cave tends to drain energy, I know I am not able to put everything away so there will be some kind of mess. I keep that chaos limited to my ‘tent’-room until the cave has matching storage. (*tent room = the still mainly empty room from where one would access my balcony, I set up my tent in there, fits perfectly fine, it can get dry when I am not at a festival, is a nice place to read or just to sit and talk with friends and actually I am thinking about keeping it there in the future, once the chaos gets less.)

1602 bats puzzle 1000 pieces 1602 bat puzzle pieces 1k 1602 big bats puzzle 1000 pieces half done

So a few weeks back I was browsing Amazon for decoration for the cave. I still had an empty frame waiting for its place on the wall. Eventually I was browsing for posters or to find some inspiration for another painting. Nothing was found until a few hours later when a handful of bats were on my screen, not a poster or painting but a puzzle. Could not be bad I thought, remembering the puzzles I did in my childhood, and bought it. Probably thought the pieces would magically find their partners and I could look at cute, beautiful bats a few moments later.

Worst. Mistake. Ever. Can I repeat this enough? Sorry to my future children, you will have to do the puzzles without me, they really drive me insane. 1000 (1k!) pieces of bats and white background were covering my floor, bats all have wings and fur, feet and ears and the pieces have the worst irregular shapes possible, so whenever I thought I would have found a matching piece a minute later I knew I was wrong. 48.89×67.63cms (19 1/4″ x 26 5/8″) of torturing insanity. Today though I finally can announce that I managed to finish this horrible thing. Might take me a while until I am willing to look at it ever again.

1602 bats puzzle decor poster goth halloween insane

Ok, they look cute and beautiful but I can still feel the pain of some of the worst hours I’ve spent so far. My friends during that time made fun of me, staring at the pieces, screaming, trying not to cry desperately or taking a hammer to force the pieces to the spot they refuse to go in. Hoping nobody ever will think it would be a good idea to give me a puzzle, no matter what it would look like in the end, I would refuse to put it together.

Anyone else who would get insane from a puzzle or similar things? Please? Have a nice evening!


New Ink! 15-05

Hey there, Internet!

Seems this year I am finishing all of the long-time-tattoo-projects. I just returned from another tattoo-appointment. Since I started my left sleeve in 2011 I thought it was time to finish it this year, started getting seriously annoyed by the blinking ‘work-in-progress’-sign on my left arm. So in the beginning I only wanted a Meowth that would look like it has been drawn on with a pen and soon it went into a Pokémon full sleeve tattoo. (Meaning I got ‘my’ favourite team of Meowth, Bellsprout, Cubone, Mew, Vulpix and Jigglypuff)

tattoo pokemon meowth mauzitattoo cubone tragosso pokemontattoo pokemon knofensa bellsprout

Will keep the name of the person wo did it in the beginning to myself because he mainly was the reason why it has been under construction for such a long time – we went into a BIG argument when he did the background. Long story short: I wanted something that looked like really old paper with holes, burnt or water logged parts and all that, what he did was an outline with a bit of shadow. Yes I did do some research on this artist before and only heard good things so I was completely shocked and totally angry (still am.)

I actually was that angry about what he did to my arm that I thought it could not get any worse and I could simply try my own hands on this, went and bought myself a tattoo gun and redid the background. I definitely knew I would not be able to do what I wanted in the first place anyways so I went for lines and lines and lines so it would look like someone simply continued the sketchy way the Pokemon were done. (DO NOT DO THIS AT HOME, I’m sure the only reason why I didn’t get any infection is because it is my job to make wounds heal and I have everything to prepare a sterile working place.) Anyways, I was very happy with the result / at least compared to the sad me after the ‘professional’ did the ‘background’ and so I thought I could as well try to do something more difficult. Added some Pokéballs and Team Rocket (last one was a bit risky because what I can’t do is stencils. Went with a pic of them on my laptop screen and drew it on my arm by hand hoping it would turn out ok-ish which I think it did.)

tattoo pokemon jessie james team rockettattoo pokemon pokeballs

Afterwards I took a looong break / until now. Again went to Memories Tattoo Wolfenbüttel (Germany) and this time had Sascha as artist. Got 2 Zubats, a Snorlax and a Haunter added. During the next few sessions / some time this year he will work a bit on the already existing other Pokémons – adding shadows / details and finally finish the background. Well, and I will probably have to ask for a few more Zubats because I’ve had quite a lot of these cuties stored in the PCs and there is still some space left!

tattoo sleeve pokemon zubat snorlax relaxo haunter

By the way, you can’t immagine how many strange looks and stupid comments people give you when you have a Pokémon tattoo – seriously people tend to stare at my arm more than they do at my hair when I backcomb or at my clothes when fully dressed. Wondering if they think I regret getting a Pokémon Tattoo… No I don’t regret it – only the choice of artist for the background. YES. I was born in 1987, part of generation Pokémon and proud of all the hours spent with the series, gameboy games and TCGs, I am still able to sing along the Pokerap and still buy the new games (even though nothing will beat the first generation ever)

Anyone with a tattoo-gone-bad story around? Were you able to fix it? Please share your thoughts! Have a nice evening!

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