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The Entertainer Blogger Award

Hey there, Internet!

The lovely Shameful Narcissist tagged me in one of her latest blogposts for the entertaining blogger award. She was one of the first blogs I followed after returning to the blogosphere and I am happy to have met her here on wordpress (and actually nearly all social media sites excisting as well). It always is impressing how fast she can read the books on her list and write detailed reviews for them and how many interesting posts she can throw out, take a look at her fanfictions for example!

And sure, since I think those tags and awards are a lovely way to get to know other bloggers / blogs you might not know about yet, count me in!

skelanimal - diego the bat

sorry have to break that rule of posting the picture but whatever I did it would look strange in this post…

The Rules of the Entertaining Blogger Award:

list-bat-png Write a post including the award picture. (which can be found here)
list-bat-png Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most importantly entertaining!
list-bat-png Add these rules to the post.
list-bat-png Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!
list-bat-png Also, answer the questions below.

The questions:

list-bat-png Why did you start to blog in the first place? It was 2010 on blogspot, I wasn’t really aware of big blogs, thought they were just some kind of online diary, maybe like myspace to connect people. And since it is always nice to meet new people I tried and really enjoyed what happened. Then I had to take a break (due to real life stuff) but came back with a fresh blog (Justkeepbrains) in February 2015.

list-bat-png What is your favourite book? This is a difficult one already, I usually like those books the best that are for studies but some other books are in my (currently very small, stupid moving addict!) collection that I really love, one would be something I doubt there is an english translation for: Das Selbst war ein Grufti, Leben und Tod eines Frankfurter Gothics. written by Stefanie Neuberg. Another amazing book with story and a lot of information would be by Peter Hook – Unknown Pleasures, the Joy Division Story.

list-bat-png What do you dislike the most? Mankind ignoring what is happening around them in general, be it nature, be it politics, social, whatever. We tend to care about so many things but the important ones get ignored. That and double standards, I know everyone sometimes does it but in case of court or work this should not happen since it is not part of any professional behaviour.

list-bat-png What is your favourite food item from the mall? Well, since my doctors told me to stay off gluten (which caused my migraines) it is quite impossible for me to find food at the mall that I can eat. Maybe sushi without soy sauce? Maybe some of those smoothies? Or maybe something from Starbucks?

list-bat-png What is your favourite past time activity? Spending time with friends. No matter what we do, I even enjoy to help them clean their houses, meeting those people does not happen often enough though.

The blogs I would like to nominate (and sorry if you already did this, only nominating 6 though simply because I love all blogs I follow and you can see some of them in my monthly random posts anyways!)

list-bat-png Stacy from Magic Love Crow who always shares the most beautiful crow art with us!
list-bat-png Samm Sanity from Blood, Lace and Faeries who I still owe to do the hair tag, will do that one later this month though! (unless I mess everything up again) and who is on her way doing her sewing and writing things!
list-bat-png Lenelein from Mindless Indulgence whose sewing projects are SO amazing!
list-bat-png Lauren from Alien Scribe, even though I’ve heard rumors of a blogging break, love her stories!
list-bat-png Lynoire from Space Unicorn Attack getting better at her Cosplay projects all the time!
list-bat-png Lorkyn from Dark Wooden Path, Love the mixture of her DIY projects, nature, sewing and so on!

What do you think about awards / tags in the blogosphere? Plain annoying or a nice way to discover new blogs? Have a nice evening!


Beautiful Blogger Award!

Hey there, Internet!

Lovely Brooklyn girl and mother of faeries, Glendaly (Lamamahada) Nominated me for the beautiful blogger award. Thank you so much for that – also, I am happy I met you (blog & youtube) this year, you definitely are a great inspiration in many ways! As mentioned in previous, similar posts I love exploring new blogs and hope some of my readers do the same and maybe find a blog they like in these posts!

skelanimal - diego the bat

So the rules for this Award / Tag are:
* Thank the person who nominated you
* Write 7 facts about yourself
* Nominate 5-10 beautiful bloggers that you love reading.

7 facts about me (That I hopefully did not already post somewhere before…?)
* I’m not a red-fan-girl. Strange fact? Let me explain: A lot of goth brands like to add bloody reds to their clothing or accesories. Of course the blood reference is nice and I see why so many darklings like to add red to their outfits but I prefer simple monochrome looks or maybe a hint of orange / green. When looking at my wardrobe you might only find 5-10 pieces with red in them. Have to add though that I love my car which actually is red.
* Sometimes I will not correct mistakes by autocorrect because they will make my friends laugh!
* I often am covered in bruises and scratches without knowing what I did, always was this way so my mom tends to call me ‘Chaoten-Paula’ a lot.
* The television in my flat is only used for my N64, maybe a DVD but I have not had a cable to actually watch TV for 6-7 years now and I don’t regret living ‘behind the moon’
* My sense of direction is worse than that of a nut, nuts at least know where the floor is located.
* When going out a lot of my friends enjoy collecting spiders and putting them in my backcombed hair so they would move in and add some webs for the night!
* I spend far too much time cleaning my flat. At this point I am blaming the fact that I still am missing a lot of furniture and hoping it will get better as soon as a single item will not be able to make my flat look like a complete mess.

Bloggers I would like to nominate
* Samm Sanity (Blood, Lace, and Faeries)
* M. (The Girl loves Makeup)
* Maria (DeusXMachina)
* The Shameful Narcissist (The Shameful Narcissist Speaks)
* Louise (Queens of the wild Frontier)
* you?

Did you recently find any new blogs you enjoy reading and would like to share? Have a nice evening!

Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award!

Hey there, Internet!

Holy bat, this has been in waiting line for nearly three months now! Thank you Megan (Sass-A-Fr-Ass) who nominated me for the Sisterhood of the world blogger Award here. You should definitely take a look at her lovely blog with beauty and random inspiration, within shortest time this lady got that spot of ‘person to talk to in blog related panic moments’ for me and I also love the other random chats we’ve been having, you are amazing!

skelanimal - diego the bat


– Thank and link the person who nominated you on your blog post.
– Nominate 5-10 other blogs
– Answer all question’s
– Make up 10 questions for your nominees


– What are the last 5 song’s you listened to? – From my Mera Luna 2015 playlist: Ich will brennen (ASP), Hate is just a 4 letter word (L’Âme Immortelle), All the devil’s toys (Deathstars), Die Interimsliebenden (Einstürzende Neubauten), Kein Weg zu Weit (Joachim Witt & Mono Inc.)
– Your house is on fire. You have time to grab your favorite…? (Family, Pet’s don’t count) – Ugh, I’d say Julia is part of my family but just to make sure: Julia!
– I have just granted you 3 wishes. As I am a very busy Genie, quickly what are they? – Oh! Please make my car able to stay with me as long as I am able to drive it! Make me brave enough to actually show my arts / creative stuff to people! Make the nice people I know healthy, body and soul-wise so they can enjoy their lives!
– What doll most resembles you in character and or looks? (Can be anything from Barbie to Living Dead dolls…) – I have no idea… Help Anyone?
– Do you sleep with a plushie aka stuffed animal? Or is there one on your bed for decoration? – No plushie in my bed but as decoration in my flat. Oh. Actually, that’s a lie: When camping I have a huge Gary (Spongebobs snail) plushie as pillow.
– Goal’s, goal’s goal’s! Someday I will…- Understand why we force ourselves to do so many unhealthy and unlogigal things, things that only hurt ourselves.
– Do you sing along or break out a few dance moves to your favorite song’s be you in the shower, driving your car or walking down the street? – Yes. And I can’t believe people exist who don’t do this!
– Someone ahead of you dropped some money. Finders Keepers or chase them down to give it back? – Scream for them, maybe run but if that person ingores me it might depend on my mood if I continue running after them.
– You can meet any historical person. (obviously from the past.) Who is it you’d most want to meet and talk with? – Any dead person for sure would be my father, historical person… hmmm… Maybe van Gogh? Seems he had an interesting mind!
– The 7 deadly sin’s. Which one might you be guilty of on occasion? (Vice, Vanity as example of which “sin’s” I am talking about.) – Lust?


Bien Aimée – Fashion focussed & alternative / goth blog with posts that obviously have been thought about for hours and hours!
Deus Ex Machina – ‘Your Local Post Punker’, Music, Inspiration and much more!
Spinning Webs – Dreads, Nature and Darkness. Perfect combination!
The mutant stomp friends – Says everything, entertaining as hell and so much to see every time a new post comes up!
Sweets and dreams – i remember her blog from a few years ago when we both were on blogspot and love it since then, she also switched to wordpress not too long ago!

Nominee Questions

– If you were a flower or plant, what would you be and why, the scent, look or something else?
– Bats, Ravens or Spiders?
– What would be a perfect event to attend? Any theme-party, festival that already exists or would you have to invent a new one?
– If a Vampire would ask you to come with them, would you agree?
– Are you a person who likes to plan ahead or living in the moment?
– Is there any other ‘art’ you do besides blogging (let’s call the combination of words and pictures art in this question, ok?)?
– Do you prefer buying your clothes or DIY?
– If you could change your life by travelling back in time and doing some things different, would you do it?
– Are there any other platforms your followers can find you? (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,…)
– 🙂 ?

And please excuse the delay in approving and answering your comments or reading your new posts – that will have to wait until tuesday because now it is Mera Luna weekend!

Have a nice evening!

Creative Blogger Award!

Hey there, Internet!

This has been on my To-Do list for I think 2 months now! (Strange I kept this undone for so long because I really love to do  or read through those tag and question and fact stuff) So here comes another Blog-Award Post – The Shameful Narcissist (whose name I was not able to find out yet but love that blog / maybe the ash rose thing is a hint though?) nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award so thank you a lot for this! Also, Thanks to The fun lovin’ travelers for also nominating me here, very late on that one, too! (but I enjoyed the liebster blog award explosion on alternative blogs and reading through all those blogs I’ve never heard of before or learning more about the people I follow!)

skelanimal - diego the bat

The rules on this award

– Nominate 10 (other said 15-20, some other posts said 5) blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
– Thank and post the link to the blog that nominated you
– Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
– Notify the bloggers that you nominated them for the award
– Pass the rules onto them

The blogs I nominate

De.lirium – Lovely blog offering everything from OOTD’s / Photoshoots, DIY or simple inspiration!
Desperate Hell – This lady got style!
Enigmatic Rambles – I doubt there are many people who have such a knowledge of nailpolish and stamping!
Green Robot Mama – This lady and her family share a bit of holiday-feeling in every post, alternative way of hawaii!
Pretty Lies – Outfits and inspirations from a lady who is also a often-moving-houses-person!

5 facts about me

– My friends and family tend to make fun of me because I have quite a thing for glitter, probably said that before but when I get lost you will always find me where the glittery thing is (also, the black wall in my bedroom is not plain black, sparkles as soon as there’s a bit of light)
– When I have a ‘not-dancing-mood’-day there still are a few songs I could not resist and probably will get me in the dancing mood for the night: The Eternal Afflict – San Diego, Skeletal Family – The Night, Das Ich – Destillat (Extended Version!), Tanzwut – Meer, Theatre of Hate – Legion
– I decided to stop worrying about my living room, it now is my camping / tent-room until the other rooms are completely finished. And probably will still stay jungle-adventure like afterwards.
– I am still trying to finish the chainmail-dress, been working on it now but also had to take a long break but now I finally got a desk so probably more DIY again anyways!
– When I am angry or sad or in whatever bad mood I start cleaning my flat like crazy and then head to bed.

Anyone else who is always late in that kind of posts even though you love reading through them? Have a nice evening!

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