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February, 14th…

Hey there, Internet!

So, it was Valentines Day, again. February, 14th. I never actually cared about this day but when you really miss a person, being an unhappy single or having a partner who lives far away from you, this day can be quite painful. I knew this year I would have to stay away from social media because there would be hearts and happiness everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for my friends in happy, sweet working relationships and whenever they post couple pictures or roses or heart-emojis on each others timeline I am squeeing from cuteness overload. It is just, on days like this when all your newsfeed on social media, email, TV, EVERYWHERE is covered in reds and pinks it is too much.

random thoughts anti valentines day absinthe spoons wormwood silverware

Too much for a broken heart or for most people who, like me, think you should show your partner, family and friends, how much you love them and support them every day of the year. To me, valentines day is like most ‘holidays’ it can be ok but easily too much, when you feel a pressure to do something, something is wrong. Today’s society seems to turn every holiday into something where only presents are important. When you feel the need to spend more and more each year and to celebrate those events with bigger parties, presents, surprises, decoration, whatever, so maybe Valentines day for those people in relationships are even more of a horror these days than for the singles? At least we save money on presents, can spend that day in a hot bathtub, dreaming of the next day when chocolate is on sale.

Some of my friends posted their valentines traditions and it seems for some countries valentines day is about friendship rather than about that romantic relationship. Nice thought and I think I need some friends to spend valentines day with next year. No matter if by then we are in relationships or not. I just think we should be there for each other and that this special day is something that might trigger a lot of my friends into bad moods, maybe I will do some anti-valentines day party next year? Maybe some friendship-valentines / halloween mixture, pizza for dinner, tiny chocolate cupcakes with bloody looking icing for dessert, presents with bloody anatomical hearts or knife jewelry, red sparkling wine, cuddles and horror movies? Knowing my friends though the presents probably would turn into adult-shop gifts or giftcards within a year or two… This again though would mean some present pressure again then… Dunno.

While doing some research german Wikipedia did have a nice fact on this day for all the vampire lovers: 1931 in New York Dracula had premier night. Tod Browning’s horror movie after Bram Stokers book with Bela Lugosi. V-day then is not short for valentines but for vampires?

How did you spend this day? Covered in roses with a loved one, laughing with some friends or with some tea and chocolate by yourself? Have a nice evening!


DIY: Transforming Halloween to Home Decor!

Hey there, Internet!

Please be careful when working with hot wax or fire.

I am sure most of you do have some cheap Halloween decor, on display all year long or stored in a box somewhere. Last year I bought a pack of plastic skulls, 6 pieces for 10€. They don’t look too cheap but having 6 of them makes me want to ‘do something’ with them. Hanging them on some rope would be what I first thought about but nothing makes me want to use the ladder more than I have to and especially not when I want to hang something directly under the 3.55m ceiling. Nope. Not going to happen. Not climbing a ladder unless I really have to.

1702 diy halloween decor to homedecor skull candle wax

The skulls, except for one or two were put aside until I was nearly done with my bedroom stuff. I put everything on the nightstand that I wanted to have there but afterwards it still did look empty, then, in one of my ‘need to find a place for it’-boxes (4 left of those, getting unpacked and repacked once every month until everything found its place, in the flat or in the rubbish bin) there was one of the skulls next to a plate a friend sent me with 2016s Halloween parcel from the USA.

Things were set up and did look nice, the skull though did still look quite cheap. Best thing to cover those ‘scars’ where plastic parts are glued together? Wax! Especially when you decorate with candles anyways.

1702 diy halloweenskull to homedecor before 1702 diy halloweenskull to homedecor wax top 1702 diy halloweenskull to homedecor gothic candlewax

Stuff I used…
cheap plastic skull
pillar candle
printed halloween plate
white candle

I was afraid the plate would get damaged but since only one drop of hot wax at a time would drip onto the skull and slowly roll over it before it would hit the plate it was ok in the end, could even be used as a plate afterwards because the skull with the wax both would not stick to it! Lucky! Still please be careful when working with hot wax and fire, you might hurt yourself or damage or destroy things you didn’t want to get damaged or destroyed.

So, as mentioned first a pillar candle and the plastic skull were put onto the plate. Then I lit the white candle, held it sideways so it would burn down faster and the hot wax would hit the skull. After a while you would get that beautiful structure you can find on old candle holders. This time I only used one pillar candle and one for dripping the wax because I need some space on my nightstand to put my mobile and my nosespray and stuff like that.

Do you keep your Halloween decor out through the year or not? Have a nice evening!


Attitude Sale and Self Control

Hey there, Internet!

While I am trying to save up and said I would not spend anything on clothing before I am back to a weight that I am happy with (Not saying I am fat, just not in that shape that I had some time ago and that I want to get back to. Also no body shaming but everyone has that weight / shape they feel best in and for me and my own body it is definitely less than these days.) Whatever, I promised myself that if I happen to get into that shopping mood it would be accessories. I failed. I failed due to attitude UKs winter sale. Be warned, it is still running these days.

1702 gothic clothing haul attitude uk killstar666nevermoreminiskirt kreepsvillekoffinring leatherbeltchainsorings koffinleggings harness

Well, at least 3 of the 5 products were indeed accessories and also 3 of these items were on my wishlists for a while as well…

Even though there are some good online stores in Germany I have attitudes webshop (As well as some US and Australian stores) in my favourites and on a regular basis I regret to be subscribed to their newsletter. Oh you sweet sinful sale and new release mails. Order was placed January, 26nd and paid via Paypal. As always arrived within a week and this time no DHL troubles, perfect!

1702 gothic clothing haul attitudeuk folter rip leggings coffins cross 1702 gothic haul attitude uk sale killstar deep sleep coffin ring pentagram 1702 gothic haul attitude uk sale heartless spike harness fetish

Killstar Deep Sleep Coffin Ring – 11.77GBP
I was not sure sizewise because I am used to the sizes in mm but since my fingers vary from 14 to 21 I just picked a random size (Q) which works perfectly fine for my right middle finger (at least today, like for many women my fingers get swollen in hot weather or depending on hormones as well). Made from stainless steel so here is hope that my fingers won’t turn green. Love the little detail, that you can open the coffin.

Heartless Spike Harness – 11.76GBP
Well, you can easily create harnesses yourself so I refuse to pay as much as some of them are. Would do some myself but currently no time for that, still this one was a bargain so had to buy!

Bullet 69 Double Chain Ring Leather Belt – 38.83GBP
Ehm, this was one of those things that I put into my shopping carts a million times, did the same with similar belts before and always was frustrated when they sold out before I actually purchased one. Quite expensive and I probably should have ordered in L or XL because the M I got does fit quite well but I prefer accessory belts to be somewhat oversized.

Folter RIP Leggings – 20.60GBP
The one mistake I did in this order. I do like the way it looks but size L is a bit short on my legs (like 7/8 length) and does not cover my entire booty. I guess I can fix both with some cuts or if not I can always turn them into some kind of stockings. Will wait a while with both of that because maybe it will be better when I am back to my normal weight! (one item more or less on that pile of clothing does not matter)

Kreepsville 666 Nevermore Striped Mini Skirt – 15.30GBP
I think I have all different sizes of Kreepsville mini skirts and they all fit in a way or another, this is a bit loose fitting sie XXL but with a pair of leggings and a garter slip underneath it will be fine and one of those things that could be worn to some all you can eat event. (sorry)

So yes, overall happy. Even though I was not as good with my self control / self set goals at least I managed to do 50/50 and sticked to my used to 5-item mini haul habit. Bad thing was that my wishlist now has a few more things on it that were out of stock so maybe this year will make me order a bit from attitude again… Yes, it seems my self control shopping wise is not the best these days. May I blame the stress level of the past 6 months? Please?

How about your own saving goals, staying strong or are you a sale victim as well? Have a nice evening!


Random 17-01!

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1701 haircut newhairstyle blackgoingplatinumblonde 1701 random gothicflat white shadowsatnight 1701 random mailfromaustralia sweets thankyou

Another busy month and here I am, wondering when I have as much time as two years ago again… Life is strange. Anyways, left: the last bits of cutting a lot length off my hair. Now they are all the same length and I can start with growing them as long as possible so only cutting the broken tips. center: Nighttime in my new flat. Shadows in my living room. right: Got my belated halloween parcel from a friend, former blogger from Australia, so happy even though most of the chocolate went to the visitor-sweets-bowl due to gluten. I remember how amazing they tasted from the past so it was really hard to resist and I forced the first person who visited to eat all of them!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png 2017 was 50/50 so far, on the bad side I lost two people I knew who passed away and had to wave one of my closests friends goodbye who moved away 400kms and who I already know I will miss so horribly much and makes me cry even thinking about that. On the job / financial side though 2017 did start quite good, found someone who bought the rental deposit papers from my previous flat from me and talked to my bosses that I want to work an extra mini job with them for a while which brings me a step closer to the saving point in my 3-year plan.
list-bat-png Been browsing Amazon Prime for some app with a fireplace for my TV. Even though I read the ratings I managed to purchase one that broke down after only a few seconds. In the end though there are some movies that I added to my watchlist instead. Those work, often are for free and won’t break down. An 4 hour long clip is long enough as well! Do you have any recommendations for must haves on amazon prime?
list-bat-png First WGT Bands got announced and I really can’t wait for The Mission and Illuminate! From listening through the bands I did not know before Masquerade made it to my list of bands that I am hoping to see this year!
list-bat-png Complete energydrink detox strangely lead to my blood prassure rising and nose bleeding. Or at least it has been like this for the two weeks that I did not drink them.
list-bat-png My mom and I are excited for her appointment for the BRCA test that she has been waiting for nearly a year now. According to my doctors she has to get them done before they will do mine. Wondering what I am talking about? My family has a very high risk of breast cancer and since I am looking closer into my health stuff these days I decided to get a blood test done, they can see if you have a gene that causes one type of breast cancer. If this is the case you can at least do something against that bomb waiting in your body.
list-bat-png Stumbled upon a cruelty free company who specializes in skincare who, like me suffer from acne and who also do have products for scars, lines, rosacea and other skin conditions that make people be desperate. Looking forwards to my order and will do a detailed review. They do have quite high prices but if it works as good as some reviews I’ve seen promise it will be worth the money!

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Nearly no time online this month because I took extra shifts and was travelling most of the other days, sorry. Did you find some good articles?

Most played songs this month: Not much music was played except for listening through the Wave Gotik Bands and starting the playlist for that.

list-bat-png Wires and Lights – It’s not too late
list-bat-png Lebanon Hanover – Your Fork Moves
list-bat-png The Mission (feat. Ville Valo) – Met-Amor-Phosis
list-bat-png Illuminate – Apokalypse
list-bat-png VNV Nation – Tomorrow Never Comes (Reaper Remix)

What else?

list-bat-png Movies and things: Did a binge watching weekend of the Vikings series, totally love this but now I am afraid there might not be much more episodes? I also enjoyed ‘Automata’ but that probably was no surprise, post apocalyptic or zombie movies, always!
list-bat-png Books: Still re-reading my job related books but did add like a million of dark / horror / gothy adult drawing books to my amazon wishlist as well as pencils. I somehow want to also use 2017 to get more creative again, easiest way and required for most things (like creating sculptures, clothes,…) would be drawing, so here’s a start I guess!

What has been inspiring for you this January? Any plans for February? Have a nice evening!


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