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Hair(-care) Update! Bleaching back to blonde! Daddy oh!

Hey there, Internet!

Talking about regrets? As much as I was convinced to stay with my lately black dyed hair I now wish I didn’t do that. I noticed I looked like a young version of my mom, which is ok since we don’t have any problems but really I like to look like myself instead of like another already existing person. So I thought that I would go back to the platina blonde hair that I also enjoyed for some times, back in 2011/2012 I think. Back then I had colorful dip dyes, might do that again at a certain length.

1610 fotd selfie gothgoth makeup glasses fledermausbrille pentacle tattoo pentagram piercings goth hair platina bleach pale haircolor purple dipdye blonde braid manic panic

left: nearly black hair / offblack, nice but I don’t want to be a copy of my mom. center: back then when I had platin blonde hair (oooh, look how pale it made my skin look like!) which I changed because I wanted to grow it longer, right: colorful dipdye, might do this again once the platin blonde parts are long enough.

While 9% bleach definitely is good enough for my naturally nearly black hair it seemed I needed something more for the black dyed parts, did 3 bleachings with 12%, roots and some different parts each time so I would not end with dry, plastic like, fried hair. After the 3 times I reached a point where my hair won’t get enough lighter compared to the damage it would take so no more bleach for the lengths. Only going to bleach the roots from now on.

When I decided to go for the black hair a few months ago I wasn’t sure if I wanted black or platin blonde hair because I liked both when I had them a few years earlier. Black or dark dyes won’t damage your hair as much as bleaching will, that’s what caused my decision. Then again I use argan and coconut oils for my hair-care-days (aka every day to the tips and every three days on the entire hair) which makes colorful hair as well as dark hair easily look strange, dull, oily and so on. When I had blonde hair though it was fine. The dip dyes only lasted for a short amount of time anyways so that was ok as well.

These days a lot of people go for white or silver hair, I doubt it would suit me since first lines appear, so for me there is no need for using white toners. What I use to get my hair a little less yellow-looking is Lush’s pigmented Daddy-O shampoo which was made for exactly that, blonde hair and has an amazing scent of violets, bergamot and roses that will last for the exact time I have in between my washing days! No additional toners or conditioners needed these days, Daddy-O and argan / coconut oils give my hair all the required care.

By the point that my roots were the color I wanted for my entire hair and that I cut off the dry ends I felt that the still outgrowing part did look strange. Off to pinterest (see my hairgasm board) again and found a lot of haircuts that I thought would look nice while growing the shorter hair out. Slowly cut until my hair was shoulder length and probably now will simply let them grow this way as long as possible while keeping the platin blonde, maybe the darker blonde parts will get some dip dye because black, copper or green tips definitely would look nicer than dark blonde. So maybe the black dye wasn’t the worst thing that could have happened, at least I now am able to properly grow my hair the same length which I think will be done by my birthday / by WGT 2017 and afterwards I’ll try how long I can get it to grow without breaking too bad.

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How about you, any plans with your hair? Achieved your hair goal? Found your Holy grails? Have a nice evening! Oh and, you’re tagged!


2017 resolutions! & 2016 Recap!

Hey there, Internet and happy new year!

2017, Year of the rooster, wondering what you have in stores for us? 2016 to me had more negative aspects than any other year I can remember, not talking about the millions of celebrity deaths but about my many many wrong decisions and trusting people I should not have trusted, spending energy, emotions and money on people and for things that I could have invested better, but well, guess I needed that experience to learn something? Good things though are the new job and new flat, I finally have a place where I feel home (this most probably will not last forever since I know I am a ‘city person’ and one day I will move to 500k+ again but well, for now!). Really trying to focus on the good things for 2017, online and in real life. I want to spend some quality time with people I love and add something to that pile of memories, will continue to work on myself and see what will happen.

1701 newyear plans resolutions

this was not new years firework but humm…

Plans / Wishes / Resolutions / ToDos for 2017!

list-bat-png Blog: I need to get back into my posting schedule for sure, am kind of annoyed that I didn’t manage to do this yet because I let things getting me down. Everything else can’t be predicted I guess. Maybe though will swith to every 4th day instead of 3 because of travelling…

list-bat-png Will be working on my Youtube channel as well as my Etsy shop which probably will be started in February when Justkeepbrains will celebrate its next Blogversary. But not 100% sure on that yet, some time next year and very slowly, Blog comes first.

list-bat-png Events: Wave Gotik Treffen, Autumn Moon Festival and maybe a third one, I have a long weekend off work each month so there probably will be some concerts or clubbing nights as well! Most probably Berlin Area because the end of 2016 brought some nice people from there into my live!

list-bat-png Work: Hoping to stay in the new job for the year, love the work (intensive care again), the workmates are amazing, I can work additional hours to earn some more and in March I start a postgraduate training that I really am looking forwards to!

list-bat-png Batfit & health: Well, it is about time, the progress I made before moving are long forgotten and my clothes don’t fit as good anymore, of course already started again but since we are talking resolutions I thought I woudl mention. Detailed post at the end of the month again. I also want to learn more about gluten free cooking so I can have more than ‘salad’.

list-bat-png Family and friends: I want to meet my mom at least twice this year, maybe she also wants to come to Oldenburg for some vacation since it is pretty close to the coast! Even though I am looking for new friends over here I definitely will travel through Germany and meet my friends there as well.

list-bat-png My Cave: That’s the first thing I want to finish this year, hopefully within the first half. Trying for that ‘everything is finished’ feeling so the time I spend in this city will feel home. Afterwards the money will be spent on my car as well as trying to save up so in case of sudden gypsie feet I would be able to move again.

What are your thoughts of 2016, plans and wishes for 2017? Have a nice evening!


Random 16-10

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1610 random burgerking blacklevelburger foodporn sorrybody 1610 fotd selfie gothgoth makeup glasses fledermausbrille pentacle tattoo pentagram piercings 1610 autumn fall germany redleaves nature tree

left: I knew this was going to cause me a lot of pain but I could not resist trying this black burger king thing… center: another in-mid-of-moving selfie and somehow I feel the need to go back to platinum blonde, nearly black hair makes me look like my mom, nothing against her though. right: even though I barely had any time there still were some nice moments close to nature, whee autumn!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png Seems I have VERY bad luck with The Cure. First bought a ticket for Cologne, that crashed with my holiday schedule at my old job so I sold it and got a new one for Stuttgart but since I start my new job November, 1st I will miss that one as well but could make it to the Cologne show so I am thinking about buying another ticket for that show.
list-bat-png Enough Blogging breaks, first one was because I found myself being thrown into friendzone which got me down pretty much and then, on my way to recover there was the moving to Oldenburg related stress from hell. Now, hoping to focus on my blog and on the good things in life again. Party anyone? or going to some concerts? Cozy Absinte, Gaming or DVD nights? Exploring nature, cemeteries or ruins? Count me in!
list-bat-png So my favourite German Goth magazine changed the added CD to a download thing for Spotify. That CD with new bands that I might love and start to follow actually was one of the main reasons to buy that magazine. I refuse to join Spotify and the like, buy all my music on itunes or on CD, converting them to itunes. Pretty sad. I know that there is no money involved for the bands with those CDs BUT I usually did find one or two bands to follow and to support (as in concerts, buying cds, merch or mentioning the names). Probably not going to buy that magazine as often anymore, something simply is missing now. (Update: seems they brought the CD back after one issue already!)
list-bat-png Tried to update my new adress for my mobile contract and received a text message that they received my letter of cancellation. Phone support was not helpful as well and seemed to be the most confused and distracted person to talk to. Then their facebook page sent me a link to the live chat support where they seemed to be able to help me, finally. Maybe this was a sign that I should cancel though?
list-bat-png Managed to get the unanswered comments on my blog down to 50 again – Promise to catch up asap and bring you new content, but I will have no internet connection in my new flat before th 8th of November.

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Our dear professor asked bloggers and darklings to help a fellow blogger who just recently lost everything in a fire. No matter how you could help (spending clothes, money, sharing the story) it would be great ❤
list-bat-png Fledermausbrille.de has some new colors for shades in stock, lovely duochromes to maybe match your hair?

Most played songs this month:

list-bat-png Cynical Existence – Dead Eyes
list-bat-png Deine Lakaien – Deathraft
list-bat-png Lucyfire – You can have all my love tonight
list-bat-png The Mission – Deliverance
list-bat-png Reaper – She is a Devil and a Whore

What has been inspiring for you this October? Any plans for November? Have a nice evening!


Sleep Control?

Hey there, Internet!

Today (Dec, 1st, 2015) was after a long time that I woke up, sitting in bed, screaming. I am sorry for my neighbors, even though luckily I sleep when most of them are awake or at work anyways. Maybe people think it is quite common to wake up from nightmares, for me it is not. When I was a child, maybe at the age of 10 I started to concentrate on my dreams, thought it must be possible to actually change the way you act in them.

1512 dream control info lusid nightmare goth bedroom raven

This being the ceiling of the sleeping area in my bedroom…

Eventually I noticed by concentrating before falling asleep and recording my dreams as well as thinking about my behavior in them as soon as I woke up started to work, I was not able to control my entire dream but knew I was dreaming and was able to change a few sequences, for example to turn around instead of walking where my feet wanted to go in the first place.

So when I was allowed to google a bit (Those were the early days of internet for private people in Germany!) there was not much I could find but a few people mentioning they were able to fully control their dreams and you were able to find a few ‘steps’ as guidelines on how to achieve this. Those steps seemed similar to mine so I tried even more, to the point when I was able to completely control ‘my character’ / myself while being asleep. I also was able to change the environment sometimes but I did not care about that too much.

Maybe until today, I found myself in a place I have never seen, neither awake nor asleep. A place that I felt uncomfortable in from the beginning. I was still able to understand that I was dreaming, able to control what I was doing but there were so many creatures after me. Mixed creatures, human-shadows. They were trying to catch me, they became taller and because of their legs also getting longer they were getting faster. I tried to escape using tricks as well as hiding myself, nothing did help, in the end I saw myself jumping off a cliff, one of the shadows following me was tall enough to grab me with his hand, it felt uncomfortably tight, I started screaming and woke up this way.

Common nightmare maybe? Maybe I just didn’t have any nightmare after I realized I could control my dreams and this is something that had to happen sooner or later? Still I am pretty much confused because usually this would not have happened to me. So being part of generation google that was the first thing I did when I woke up. It seems there are two (or more) different ways to ‘control’ your dreams, ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and ‘Dream Control’.

In both cases people advice to get enough sleep, maybe the 3-4 hours I’ve slept during the last few days were not enough but I’ve definitely slept less when the creative bug bit me before. The only electronic devices that were left on were the common cd-player with rain-sounds and a faerie-light.

What about my readers, any of you (trying to) control your dreams or active in analyzing them? Have a nice evening!

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