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Brand in Review: Punkrave

Hey there, Internet!

(Blogpost in collaboration with Punkrave)

Today’s post is about a brand / shop that probably a lot of you already know since their designs cover a lot of alternative subgenres including gothic, gothic lolita and punk inspired clothes. So talking about Punkrave, a company that produces good quality clothing and accessories for darklings at reasonable prices! No matter if you are shopping for yourself, or for gifts for your family or friends you probably will be able to find something in their collections. The fact that they also stock something else than shirts in thir male categories to me is a plus, that still is something we don’t see that often! Their shops stock includes their own designs in gothic clothes as well as a selection of some other brands, all of them having that special something that might make you want to stuff it in your shopping cart!

I do have a few different things from Punkrave already but there definitely are some things from their current stock that are on my shopping list, maybe early next year when I won’t have to spend most of my money on furniture for the new flat anymore! Still, now that I had to go through all my clothes I found some leggings from Punkrave that I thought I sold when I gained back a bit of weight, happy to see that I did not sell it and that it does fit again, will definitely be worn a lot in the near future and probably will be part of some of my next outfit posts as well!

1610 review punkrave clothing brand shop gothic leggings fishnet 1611 review gothic clothing brand punkrave shop spiderweb leggings fishnet snake

It seems this leggings is not available anymore but definitely gives a tiny impression of the details!

And since it is already November, maybe this would be the perfect time to look for that new gothic jacket or coat as well? So, if you found something for you, care to share your wishlists? I definitely added these to mine:

1611 review punkrave spiderbrooch accessorie gothic jewelry

punk gothic spider metal decoration accessories – because nobody will ever have enough spider brooches or whatever accessories to spice up an outfit or stick on your favourite bags!

1611 review punkrave dress shirt destructed spiderweb pattern gothic punk alternative clothing

spider pattern cotton black side outlet long sleeve punk shirts – description says it is a shirt but I think this as well would make a nice dress as long as you cover the spots you want to cover, just the perfect length! And love the slight hint of batwing sleeves!

1611 review punkrave splitside skirt gothic punk clubwear fashion

black wool leather spanking split punk skirt – Short skirt or split sides? Count me in! This would definitely be a nice addition to the clubwear part of a goth girls wardrobe! A few years ago I got a similar skirt (but with less details and in fake snake leather) by punkrave at WGT, love that cut especially for dancing clothes!

Do you have any Punkrave clothes? What are your opinions? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Makeup 16-09 (FOTD)

Hey there, Internet!

It was an Illamasqua kind of day. Usually I like to mix different brands of makeup but when I was playing with my face today all the products I went for were Illamasqua. Actually these day’s I dive into my entire collection quite a lot, even those colors that were not used for ages find their way onto the brushes and into the face. Reason? Detailed post will follow in a few days but changed my haircolor to some greenish black (even though some ‘black’ areas still do have a lot of copper and orange pigments to them but soon!)

1609 fotd gothic pale eyeliner lack spiderweb piercing 1609 fotd mua gothic eyeliner black scratches falselashes illamasqualush noeyebrows nostrilbatpiercing 1609 fotd gothic makeup eyeliner spiderweb falselashes illamasqua mua

fullface, eye-detail and the other side!

1609 fotd makeup illamasqua spiderweb gothic glasses fledermausbrille

And this is for those who never dare to do detailed eye-makeups because of their glasses.

Products used: Illamasqua Matte Primer, Skin Base Foundation SB02, Powder Foundation PF115, Beyond Highlighting Powder OMG, Precision Gel Liner Infinity, Mascara Raven, False Eye Lashes Lush, Lipstick Growl, Intense Lipgloss Touch

Do you stick to one company or mix different ones? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-07 (II)

Hey there, Internet!

There are not a lot of days that I consider being too warm for a jacket of some kind, but that day definitely was. So the DIY shirt from last post got its first se already because it is one of the thinnest fabrics and loose fit which both are perfect for this hot weather. Still, sunblock on, fan was added to the bag and off to the city, spent that entire day off outside, catching Pokémon!

1607 ootd fullbody gothic sidecut diyshirt

Would Sunblock and Shadow from whatever we could find count as accessories?

1607 ootd diyshirt hmwirdebelt 1607 ootd accessories watchetnox sophiewristband rings gothic 1607 ootd gothic alternative spiked neckband tattoo detail diy

What I’m wearing

As little as possible.

Pants: Bäres
Shirt: DIY
What else: Glasses Fledermausbrille, Watch etNox, belt H&M, some other random accessories

1607 ootd illamasqua lipstick growl bloodyred darkred gothic pale 1607 ootd makeup eyeliner glasses nostrilpiercing 1607 ootd gothic nails darkgrey black kiko naillaquer382 crueltyfree


Also, only the smudgeproofiest products from my collection were used.

Lips: Illamasqua (Lipstick in Growl)
Nails: Kiko (382)
Eyes: Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline), Stargazer (Black Liquid Eyeliner), Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Highlighting Powder OMG)

Dear ladies, anyone else a bit jealous that men can simply throw away their tops without anybody looking strange and we have to think of other solutions? Have a nice evening!


DIY: Bleach me Cobweb!

Hey there, Internet!

I am guilty. After a trip to the city for some Pokémon Go adventures I was browsing some second hand stores without finding anything at all and then ended up in Primark – needed a new pair of pants for work anyways. Next time I will head, trousers wise, to H&M again though because obviously my calves are too thick compared to my booty for Primark trousers, which I never thought would be possible because usually my booty is the reason why I have to size up. Anyways, ended with a pair of new pants (with more space around my booty than I ever will need, not even if I would need to wear diapers) and a shirt from their sale, biggest size, really thin black fabric. Perfect victim for a DIY project that I did so often back in my baby bat days when I was not able to afford any fancy clothing. There was not a lot available back then anyways except maybe lip service.

1607 diy spiderwebbleach blackshirt goth

Instead what my friends and I did, probably like a lot of you, was using bleach, from the cleaning sections or leftovers from your latest hair adventure. Eventually I have a lot of whitening powder left because I currently use hairdye that requires no pre-bleaching. So the bleaching powder & creme oxid was my choice this time! Instead of a paintbrush I used the pointy end of a back-combing-comb. Since I wanted to do some spiderweb print and those I prefer to look irregular.

1607 diy bleachingspiderweb hairbleach gothic blackshirt detail 1607 diy spiderweb bleach black shirt gothic alter 1607 diy bleaching black shirt orange spiderweb gothic

Workplace was kind of prepared, I know the flooring in my flat won’t stain from bleach, hairdye accidents happened before but everything that might suffer was put aside, be careful! Bleach was mixed and applied, color went lighter and I stopped somewhere between the red and orange phases (roughly 20 mins but if you’re doing this by yourself remember to try in between to find the right amount of time for the exact color you want to see in the end!) and washed it out in the shower, dried and decided the print was fine the way it was, back then I often did a second or third bleaching for highlights or add acrylic color, really liked the broken touch it added.

1607 diy gothic black shirt spiderweb bleach wearing

And sorry, this shirt will also be shown in next Outfit post!

Then, as always some cuts happened and I wonder if there is only one shirt that didn’t suffer from my scissors in my entire wardrobe? Maybe on the pile to wear at official, serious dates like job interviews, maybe one? But this time not much that had been cut, hems got removed and a sleeve, then I was happy with it and decided I should do this with basic clothes more often again, alter clothing while listening to the good old music from ‘back then’ while dancing, singing and smiling because of all the memories. Therapeutical destruction?

What were your latest DIY projects? Have a nice evening!


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