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Attitude Sale and Self Control

Hey there, Internet!

While I am trying to save up and said I would not spend anything on clothing before I am back to a weight that I am happy with (Not saying I am fat, just not in that shape that I had some time ago and that I want to get back to. Also no body shaming but everyone has that weight / shape they feel best in and for me and my own body it is definitely less than these days.) Whatever, I promised myself that if I happen to get into that shopping mood it would be accessories. I failed. I failed due to attitude UKs winter sale. Be warned, it is still running these days.

1702 gothic clothing haul attitude uk killstar666nevermoreminiskirt kreepsvillekoffinring leatherbeltchainsorings koffinleggings harness

Well, at least 3 of the 5 products were indeed accessories and also 3 of these items were on my wishlists for a while as well…

Even though there are some good online stores in Germany I have attitudes webshop (As well as some US and Australian stores) in my favourites and on a regular basis I regret to be subscribed to their newsletter. Oh you sweet sinful sale and new release mails. Order was placed January, 26nd and paid via Paypal. As always arrived within a week and this time no DHL troubles, perfect!

1702 gothic clothing haul attitudeuk folter rip leggings coffins cross 1702 gothic haul attitude uk sale killstar deep sleep coffin ring pentagram 1702 gothic haul attitude uk sale heartless spike harness fetish

Killstar Deep Sleep Coffin Ring – 11.77GBP
I was not sure sizewise because I am used to the sizes in mm but since my fingers vary from 14 to 21 I just picked a random size (Q) which works perfectly fine for my right middle finger (at least today, like for many women my fingers get swollen in hot weather or depending on hormones as well). Made from stainless steel so here is hope that my fingers won’t turn green. Love the little detail, that you can open the coffin.

Heartless Spike Harness – 11.76GBP
Well, you can easily create harnesses yourself so I refuse to pay as much as some of them are. Would do some myself but currently no time for that, still this one was a bargain so had to buy!

Bullet 69 Double Chain Ring Leather Belt – 38.83GBP
Ehm, this was one of those things that I put into my shopping carts a million times, did the same with similar belts before and always was frustrated when they sold out before I actually purchased one. Quite expensive and I probably should have ordered in L or XL because the M I got does fit quite well but I prefer accessory belts to be somewhat oversized.

Folter RIP Leggings – 20.60GBP
The one mistake I did in this order. I do like the way it looks but size L is a bit short on my legs (like 7/8 length) and does not cover my entire booty. I guess I can fix both with some cuts or if not I can always turn them into some kind of stockings. Will wait a while with both of that because maybe it will be better when I am back to my normal weight! (one item more or less on that pile of clothing does not matter)

Kreepsville 666 Nevermore Striped Mini Skirt – 15.30GBP
I think I have all different sizes of Kreepsville mini skirts and they all fit in a way or another, this is a bit loose fitting sie XXL but with a pair of leggings and a garter slip underneath it will be fine and one of those things that could be worn to some all you can eat event. (sorry)

So yes, overall happy. Even though I was not as good with my self control / self set goals at least I managed to do 50/50 and sticked to my used to 5-item mini haul habit. Bad thing was that my wishlist now has a few more things on it that were out of stock so maybe this year will make me order a bit from attitude again… Yes, it seems my self control shopping wise is not the best these days. May I blame the stress level of the past 6 months? Please?

How about your own saving goals, staying strong or are you a sale victim as well? Have a nice evening!


Review: Eye of Horus Cosmetics

Hey there, Internet!

A while ago I stumbled upon the Instagram account of Eye of Horus Cosmetics, another cruelty free (vegan friendly, paraben free) brand that got me quite interested, this time based in Australia. They stock eyeshadow palettes, pencils, different liners, brushes and some other things – all of them inspired by natural beauty, Ancient Egypt.

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics packaging 1607 review eyeofhoruscrueltyfree cosmetics haul products

Packaging reminded me of Illamasqua quite a bit with a bit of gold added, not a bad thing though!

Actually I was interested in some coppery liner to use for my eyebrows since on some days and with some looks the black brows I do will look too harsh combined with my coppery-orange hair. But they offer free shipping on international orders over $50 and so a palette and two liners, worth $109 AUD in total found their way into my basket. Order has been placed July, 1st, shipped July, 6th, delivered July, 12th – a bit longer waiting time from order to shipment but still ok since it is a smaller company and with this beautiful and also good quality packaging – some things probably need some time!

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics sekhmet eyeshadow palette smokey 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics sekhmet eyeshadow palette swatches

Sekhmet Shadow Palette ($46 AUD, 3.6g / .12ozE, use within 18 months)

Official description: Sekmet ancient Goddess of power and war unleashes the ultimate Smokey eye palette. Fearsome array of Charcoal, Steel and Grey tones are perfect for the dark powerful Temptress. The essential trio shadow palette is Italian baked in a stunning matte and satin shades. Deeply pigmented, long wearing crease-proof formula to deliver everyday brilliance. Key features The Eye of Horus cosmetics baked Goddess shadow range can be used either dry, for a subtle day ware effect or wet for a full-intensity finish. When water-activated, shadow colours transform to be more intense and radiant if desired. These remarkable properties give the freedom to create any kind of look from simple to dramatic in seconds. Paraben Free. (Elixir Sands Creamy Beige Matte (light), Silver Eclipse Silver Metallic (medium), Raven Onyx Gun Metal Grey Satin (dark))

My opinion: To me this is a perfect everyday eyeshadow palette, some creamy color to use under the eyebrows, a light warm silver for inner eyes, dark silver / charcoal for smokey eye look. The pigmentation is great with a bit of shimmer in the grey shades and I am looking forwards creating some different and maybe more extreme looks with this! Eyeshadows did pretty much stay in place even without base and even when I was sweating quite a lot, had it on for an entire day of activities and in the end still looked ‘ok’-ish!

  1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics bronze amulet goddess pencil 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfreee cosmetics bronze amulet goddess pencil details 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics swatch bronze amulet goddess pencil

Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil ($30 AUD, 1.2g / 0.042ozE, use within 12 months)

Official description: Gloriously glowing copper/bronze was prized as a precious Amulet and it accentuates your eyes like a sun goddess. Goddess Eye Liner pencils are uniquely formulated with beautiful waxes of Beeswax, Carnuba and Candelilla wax, with the added benefit of Organic Moringa Oil for a creamy rich formula thats easy to apply, waterproof, and smudge proof and long lasting, paraben free

I was not sure if I wanted this one or one of the greenish pencils (Serpentine or Emerald) but since my inention for this purchase as mentioned, actually was to find something to do my eyebrows with this was a good choice! Easy to apply and with a bit of powder on top also will stay in place quite good, even though the other products definitely were more smudge proof than this pencil. But since it comes with the other end being some smudge sponge tip thing I guess that’s the way it should be! I have one thing that got me confused, it says to use within 12 months but also says epires 30.09.2016, hoping they meant 2017 because I doubt a company would send out stuff that expires after only a few months time?

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics liquideyeliner liquid metal copper sphinx 1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics swatch liquid metal copper sphinx liquideyeliner

Liquid Metal Copper Sphinx ($33 AUD, 2.4g / 0.085ozE, use within 6 months)

Official description: Gloriously glowing and illuminating pure precious Copper metal shade in a Liquid metallic eyeliner that delivers a splash of piercing vivid colour. What it does: Transform eyes with a swipe of Copper Liquid metal electrifying color. Formulated with brilliant mineral pigments, this liners smudge-free, felt-tipped precision applicator allows you to effortlessly highlight eyes with a burst of statement metallic colour. Important: Shake well before use.The product contains a huge amount of minerals for fabulous payoff, and these pigments can sink if unused for a while.

Probably my most favourite product from this tiny haul, a liquid liner in a shiny copper that I was not able to kill in a day. It stayed in place the entire day and not even rubbing my eyes would smudge it! The official description is exactly what I have experienced and I am tempted to try some of their other liquid linders as well! Definitely something I want to play with a lot in the future, eyebrows, lips, tiny details, here I come!

1607 review eyeofhorus crueltyfree cosmetics after a day

At the end of a day, good staying power! Bronze Amulet Goddess Pencil for eyebrows, light eyeshadow under eyebrows, medium for inner eye, dark for outer, Liquid Metal Copper Sphinx as eyeliner.

In the end I am quite happy with all of my purchases and probably going to use everything a lot! As you can see above it didn’t run off my face even when sweating a lot (workout & after an entire day without any touchups) But I think if I order from that company again I might ask them to double check the dates of when their products will expire, as mentioned I am confused with the date for the pencil but both other products would also only have the amount of months left that they recommend to use them and they would be expired as well.

Have you heard of this brand yet? What are your thoughts? Have a nice evening!


Review: Spin Doctor Altaira Maxi Skirt

Hey there, Internet!

There was that skirt in my latest Outfit post, a skirt that I said I loved, that I do love but that also has some things that make me wonder if they should be like this of if mine simply is not as it should be and if I only had some bad luck when I bought it?

I got this skirt from darkages.de which is a store I happily shop since my very early baby bat days simply because they have really good prices and something feels ‘personal’ about them! It was described as Hell Bunny Altaira skirt, witch style with two layers, bottom layer black miniskirt, grey, printed taffeta on top wich didn’t seem to be too light in the pictures, fake leather waistband and zipper, 100% polyester and price was 34,90€.

1607 review spindoctor altaira sheer maxi skirt goth 1607 ootd gothic detail skull claw rings ripped tights spindoctor skirt 1607 review skirt detail zipper fakeleather waistband

left & center pic: from last outfit post, right: fake leather waistband and zipper detail

Since I lately have had bad luck with sizing when online shopping I went with size large (bigger waistband also helps to open or close a zipper when you have your waistline hidden under your corset because you can pull it out instead of completely unlacing. Order was placed June, 6th and so I wasn’t expecting it until three or four days later so I was pretty much surprised to find the parcel at my door the very next day.

1607 skirt clothing review spindoctor sewing detail 1607 review clothing skirt spindoctor maxi 1607 review skirt spindoctorclothing sheermaxi goth

left: this sadly is what and how much you can see when the mini skirt did not ride up yet. center: labels, waistband and the pretty fabric. right: sheerness and spiderwebs!

The good things: Size L was the right choice for me, I can easily hide the waistband under a corset and pull it out to open the zipper. The (very high) splitted part of the skirt also is nice when you want to show your legs, thights or leggings and it makes the sheer, light fabric fall even more beautiful when dancing or moving in general! Even though I would have preferred a black based fabric I like the print, some spiderwebs, branches, romantic and steampunk ornaments in different white to black shades!

The not so good things: The black mini skirt / bottom layer. It rides up within a second, no matter if I go barelegged or with something underneath, not so nice if you notice when you are in public that people can see more of you than you actually wanted to show. Then when it is not yet riding up the side with the seams is on the outside and hence visible in the splitted area of the sheer layer. So I think maybe the seamstress who sew together the layers of my skirt mixed the sides of the mini skirt up by accident?

In the end I still am happy with this skirt but definitely will remove that black mini skirt and instead wear something underneath that I am fine showing! But I am not sure if I would have seen this skirt in real life before purchasing if I still would have bought it, simply because of that mini skirt part, sorry.

Do you have clothing stuff by this company, maybe the exact same skirt? Maybe I only had bad luck with mine? Have a nice evening!


Haul: Illamasqua (Hypnotica)

Hey there, Internet!

These days I am in some kind of Illamasqua shopping mood – they throw one new collection after another one at us and you can be sure there always is at least one item you’re craving for. In the beginning of June they released the Hypnotica mini collection which included the marbled lipstick ‘lava lips’, sketch sticks, dolly fake lashes and slick sticks and I was lucky enough that I still had my Birthday 15% off coupon.

1606 haul illamasqua hypnotica false lashes dolly desire27 skinbasefoundation sketchstick haze black 1606 haul illamasqua hypnotica sketchstick haze black review

So this is what I bought when the Hypnotica collection was released, mixture of new collection and old stuff.

False Eye Lashes in Dolly (11GBP):
Official Product Details: Handmade and cruelty free, Illamasqua False Eye Lashes are the go to for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. Apply Dolly to the lower lash line with the latex-free glue provided for a flirty, fun enhancement.
First impression: I think these are the first pair of lashes that I own that say they should be used for the lower lash line. Will do some modification on them but like the first impression, they do look quite natural!

Sketch Stick in Haze (15GBP, 2.4 g / 0.08 OZ):
Official Product Details: A multi-use crayon with powerful pigment pay off. Sketch Stick allows you to get creative with colour with its creamy texture allowing for easy blending. The faultless way to add a splash of colour to any look.
First impression: I really want to try how good this one is as a lipstick or maybe as some primer for dark eyeshadows? Probably a lot of different ways to use this for and I will do a detailed review with some of them for you soon.

False Eye Lashes No. 27 (Desire, 12.50GBP):
Official Product Details: Handmade and cruelty free, Illamasqua False Eye Lashes in 27 are the go to lashes for adding subtle volume and length to your natural lashes. Apply with the latex-free glue provided for ultimate staying power and precise application..
First impression: Lovely pair of lashes, adding a lot of volume while still looking natural. I guess they will be some kind of everyday falsies for me.

Skin Base Foundation in 02 (32.50GBP, 30 ml / 1 FL OZ):
Official Product Details: Our award-winning Skin Base Foundation in shade 02 is the go-to choice to create a flawless complexion every day. This lightweight, easily blendable foundation is suitable for most skin types and smooths, softens and conditions thanks to skin boosting Vitamin C and E. Tested in HD environments, this foundation also provides the ultimate skin realism effect and with 26 shades to choose from, finding your perfect match has never been so easy.
First impression: For this I emailed the Illamasqua team, before this I’ve used Rick Liquid Foundation and Powder Foundation, both in 115 and I wasn’t sure which of the Skin Base Foundations would be the right color. They told me to get 02 and from the first swatch I think it is just perfect and now I just hope this will work good on my oily skin! (combination skin with very oily parts)

I guess in July the lip lure in Nebulus will follow since I really miss the dark green lipgloss color that I got a few years back in a glossybox and also would like to try some other brand of liquid lipsticks than the Jeffree Star one.

Is there something you can’t resist buying like I can’t with new false lashes? Have a nice evening!


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