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Mobile: Cthulhu Virtual Pet

Hey there, Internet!

I only do one hour of social media each day (unless really bored or sick in bed while unable to sleep any longer) but that obviously is enough to see my friends post a tiny text about some app and get me interested. Happened with the lovely purple haired lady you might remember from her own blog a few years ago or mentioned in one of my Random posts in 2015.

1604 cthulhu virtual pet game1 1604 review mobile game app cthulhu virtual pet level0 1604 cthulhu virtual pet minigame2

Simple but cute graphics – and better play with sound on!

In Cthulhu, virtual pet you have to take care of your tiny Cthulhu, a virtual pet like the Tamagotchis probably everyone had back in the 90s. It wants you to feed it, clean or play some mini games with it, you have to switch off the lights when it gets tired and sometimes it wants to haunt a city or drown a ship with you and to take care of the witnesses, for those you can also change the names. Every level Cthulhu seems to change a bit – a level might take a few days to finish. And the background does change as well, day/night or ships appear randomly on screen.

1604 cthulhu virtual pet level3

See tiny cthulhu grow – wondering what the next level will look like!

The only thing I actually do not like is that you can’t choose the language you play the game in. I really prefer to have all games, apps, movies, whatever in english. But as seen on their facebook page they are working on it as well as on other things like different skins! When you are sick of the adverts that appear every other minute, it only is 0.99€ as ingame purchase and they are gone forever! Other than that it is a free to play game by Neurocreativa and definitely addicting, available for iPhone and for Android on google play as well. No matter if you are a Lovecraft fan or enjoyed the Tamagotchis or the 8bit greenish Gameboy games back in the days, this game could be fun to play!

Official description: The stars just came right and it’s your turn to wake up the great God from his eternal dream to resume his rule on earth. Since you were the one who invoke him, you have to take care of him as if he were a new born, until he gets bigger and stronger again. For that purpose you have to feed, entertain, clean, bath him and prevent him form getting angry because he’ll start to eat his witnesses. If none is left he´ll fall into the eternal dream one more time and you’ll have to wait for the stars to be right again to wake him up.

By the way, if you need some music to get in the right mood for this game, how about ‘Hey there Chthulhu by Eden Brooks‘?

Any nice apps you have tried lately? Have a nice evening!



Hey there, internet!

Any MMORPG-people here? Well, I enjoy them myself, too, sometimes. Sadly there comes a time when you have to take a break or maybe leave something you enjoy behind. I noticed recently that I don’t have enough time to actually spend on AION, when I am on I feel behind, need quite some time to get used to all my attacks and get back into the game and while doing that I realize how afterwards I don’t have enough time for everything else I enjoy or for everything that simply needs to be done. So since I have a lot of interests it seems I will have to at least take another big break in that game hoping that one day I will have enough time to jump back in – so goodbye for now Zombat, everyone on the Siel server and goodbye to all the nice people I’ve met in Pitch Black legion <3.


But now on to all those people who actually do have enough time on their hands! AION as said is a MMORPG / PVPVE by NC-Soft where you first decide on a Fraction (Asmodians, dark winged, might seem ‘evil’ at first sight from Asmodae – or – Elyos, white winged proud Daeva’s from Elysea, sadly youre not allowed to chose Balaur) then you have the 6 primary classes that split up at level 10 when you ascent to a Daeva (and are able to fly!): Warrior (Gladiator/Templar), Scout (Ranger/Assassin), Mage (Spiritmaster/Sorcerer), Priest (Cleric/Chanter), Bard (Songweaver/no second class yet) and Technist (Gunslinger/Aethertech). Each class of course has different choices for Weapons or Armor – different in stats that still can be improved or skins that of course can be changed, too. Different atacks or heals/buffs that by now are available as soon as you reach a certain Level, plus some that you need the Stigma Stones for and where you have to decide on how you prefer to play your character.

As said you ascend at Level 10, don’t worry low Level means safe zone at first. You have your main quests and always enough other quests to be able to level up fast AND to not get bored. Even at max Level there is always a way to improve your character (crafting, gathering,…) and equipment (enchanting, different stat changing stones,…) Or a few quests left to do, doing some PVP or PVE/PVPVE instances on your own or with your friends or with the entire Fraction to get hold of Forts and Camps and whatnot to get better influence on your Server or to be able to do the Instances/Quests in that Location.

And yes, Aion is free to play, you can buy a Prestige Pack (which is some kind of Premium Account) or other Items from the official Shop that might add a bit of extra fun or might help you ingame but actually none of that is really needed and most of those things you can also buy ingame at a point without spending real money on it…

So, have you tried AION or maybe there is another Game you really enjoy or did enjoy at a point? Have a nice evening!

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