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Wave Gotik Treffen 2016

Hey there, Internet!

Back at my cave after one of the most exciting events each year. WGT 2016 probably was one of the coldest I can remember, waking up in my tent and being able to see my beath while the rain and stormy weather were fighting with my tent. In the end though at least the rain only happened during the times I was in my tent, sleeping, getting ready for the day or while I already was watching indoor concerts. A bit warmer weather would have been nice though but since the calender said Whitsun would be during the Ice Saints at least we were prepared. Prepared for warm weather before and after Wave Gotik Treffen but horribly cold temperatures right at our special weekend in Leipzig (I think 4° Celsius at night was the coldest we had this time). According to the coughing people in their tents a lot of us brought a cold as souvenirs!

1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt weather1 sunny 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt weather2 clouds 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt weather3 rain

Well, yes, there was good weather and stormy weather this year, changing all the time – still, I would have been happy if we had a tiny bit warmer weather, next year I guess!

Talking about souvenirs, shopping was very much on a budget this year, still managed to find a few things to take home with me: A shirt from the absinthe booth in front of the Agra that of course will be turned into a dress, new temple stems for my glasses from Fledermausbrille.de who also had a booth inside the Agra shopping hall – did anyone browse their stuff? Another perfume by Perfume Noire, some tasty elderberry wine in a decorative stoneware bottle from Beerenweine.de who had a booth at the Heidnisches Dorf and I nearly got drunk trying through a few of their products. And of course the Pfingstbote that you get for free when you have the ‘Obsorge’ticket and sleep on the camping ground which has informations on all of the bands as well as a lot of other things. The wristband for the camping area was in grey / silver with a bit of purple and sparkling silver letters but sadly looked old before the festival was over, still is going to be kept.

1605 review wave gotik treffen wgt shopping pfingstbote book rav radikaler absinth vertilger shirt wristband 1605 review wave gotik treffen wgt shopping pfingstbote book beerenweine alcohol 1605 review wave gotik treffen wgt shopping fledermausbrille pentagram perfume noire pfingstbote book

Doing all the shopping! Even though this year it was not much for me!

This year as most other years before I managed to meet most of my friends even without setting up a time and place – actually this is a strange thing with festivals as big as WGT, there are thousands of people on a huge area with so much stuff to do and in the end we still run into people we know! I also was happy to be with that crazy group of people that ‘adopted’ me last year to their camping group when all of my usual camping friends decided to switch to hotel or stay at home or do whatever. I even got a sparkling unicorn sticky tattoo! Still, when Saskia (Graveyard Picnic) and I met, and we were camping only a few steps away from each other none of us remembered to take a picture, like last year… Ah, and since we already are talking about all the nice people, if you are craving a Mutzbraten please head to the Heidnisches Dorf, they know how to do the best meat, kraut and will talk to you a bit as well!

1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt medieval fair mutzbraten foodporn 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt medieval fair knights fight roleplay 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt medieval fair barbier

medieval fair, knights, food, all the different booths!

As for the bands and event stuff I saw, I didn’t exactly follow my plans this year – my body is still acting up so I preferred to stay near the camping ground so I could lay down if pain would get too bad. Even missed the opening event at Belantis and all the exhibitions in the city that I was hoping to take a look at. Not whining though, I still managed to have a lot of fun (and alcohol.) As probably mentioned before, I usually do an itunes / youtube listening to every band before each WGT to get a tiny first impression of the bands that I never heard of and maybe add one or two to my schedule.

Wednesday and Thursday: Last minute packing, travelling to Leipzig and setting up the tents, talking to the camping group before heading to bed / tent. Yes, missed Belantis, sorry for that – next year I will be more active again I hope!

Friday was spent with strolling through the shopping area before heading to Heidnisches Dorf, saw Arnica and Krayenzeit, time spent well and I definitely will take a closer look at Krayenzeit, liked their music a lot and they did a great show as well! Afterwards headed back to Agra for more music, last act for the day was Peter Murphy, something that still was on my huge list of things that one should see once in a lifetime!

Saturday the one big thing that was on my list was to see Unterschicht at Nontox (open air stage) and actually that was the only thing I did that would require travelling to a different location. Went really early because I didn’t want to miss, so there were a few other bands I saw before their gig. The weather turned stormy but aside from a few raindrops stayed ok-ish through the entire show. Good thing because a lot of people probably would have missed the exciting end of the show when Sven proposed to his girl Maria on stage! Best of luck to the both of you! Afterwards I headed back to Agra again…

Sunday was planned to be fully Agra (After Aurelio Voltaire at HeiDo which I missed due to some entertaining chatting with friends) because I actually liked all the bands that were planned for Agra that day and that’s what I did! Saw Lord of The Lost, Darkhaus, Diary of Dreams and in the end Lacrimosa who had their 7th show at WGT already! Saw all of these bands before so there was not much of a surprise, still entertaining! Had to leave after a few songs but even though it is not as loud as a few years ago at least I was able to hear all the music at the camping ground! Additional sidenote: This was the day when my nails started to chip, I think that is my festival record of non-damaged-nailart!

Monday was spent with the camping group at Heidnisches Dorf, those of us with shaved parts on their heads (beard, sidecut, whatever) went to the barber, I actually was afraid because I usually do the shaving myself and have had bad experiences with other people doing it for me AND it was the end of the festival so there was a lack of money, still I didn’t have a chance to say no since one of the camping group members said he would pay my shaving. There was a lot of fun made about my facial expression (including pictures that I refuse to share!) and shaking hands but in the end I was happy to have accepted that offer. I think next year I will head there before backcombing my hair and ask him to even both sides because of course sometimes you shave a bit of hair that should not be shaved and so both sides might look different after a while. Afterwards I planned to go to Kohlrabizirkus but since Sunday was the way it was I decided to stay at Agra again. Was a good decision because actually all of the bands did great shows! Saw Neuroticfish, Velvet Acid Christ (who were on my list for quite a while already, happy!), Aesthetic Perfection and Agonoize. I always wonder how people manage to do heavy dancing during concerts, a bit of moving will happen with me as well but in the end I am far too curious about what will happen on stage, how do you manage to do both? Anyways, last thing to do was heading to Agra Disco, sadly most of the music that night was more techno-like than anything else but still, met some friends for the last time this WGT, talking, hugging people, dancing and heading to the tent when the music stopped playing.

Tuesday of course, packing, more hugs, crying and a last walk around the Agra before driving back home to face a lot of dirty clothes and silence. Festival blues started!

1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt fun pink unicorn tattoo 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt bands unterschicht 1605 review wavegotiktreffen wgt selfie me orange hair deathhawk goth with glasses

Humm… see you again next year, dear Leipzig!

So I already am looking forwards next year’s WGT, it will be June 2nd-5th 2017 (click here for official facebook event) Like most years the first thing I did was writing down what I need to change or add to my packing list, boring but helpful thing to do so next year I can give you an updated one as well!

Of course there were a lot of photographers and TV people at WGT and my mobile went crazy throwing message notifications at me when one of those entertaining TV shows (taff / pro7) had me, or better my boobs on camera for a moment. BUT there also were some nice documentaries this year, to me one of the best I’ve seen so far was by MDR (direct link to the video) who seem to not only want to make fun of us or tell everyone how evil goths are like most others do.

Have you been to this years WGT or a previous one, share your experiences? Going there again next year? Have a nice evening!


The Joy of Pa(ni)cking

Hey there, Internet!

On a sidenote: You will be able to find my pics from WGT on my instagram (@rschnauzevoll) and twitter (@justkeepbrains). I still have some minutes before I leave so a few more comments are going to be approved and answered and your links then definitely will be visited when I am back after WGT.

While I am happy to have a visitor at my flat during my time at WGT so I know it is taken care of there still is one thing left to do: packing. In my case, even though I use a list for everything you can be sure there is something missing in the end. Anyways I thought I would share my ever changing packing list for Wave Gotik Treffen, Mera Luna and other festival travels with you today, feel free to tell me what you would add!

1605 panick packing festival wgt list

so this is what this years pile looks like…

Blanket & pillow (yes, believe me, this feels good to have! Instead of a pillow giant plushies will work as well…)
Airbed ( & Airpump)
Tent (of course)
Tent pegs (bring an extra bag of these!) and hammer
Impregnating spray for your tent (Sun always shines on TV, in real life not so much)
Camping Chair, maybe table

list-bat-pngFood stuff:
Empty plastic bottles (a lot of camping grounds won’t allow you to take glass bottles with you. Festivals where you park next to your tent, Rockharz for example, might even have a security check for bottles and stuff in your car before you can enter.)
Plastic mug, fork spoon.

Glasses / Contacts (plus cleaning stuff)
Comfy clothing for the night / travelling (Maybe some shoes to change if your feet get tired of stompy boots or heels quickly)
Socks, Slips, Bras, enough of all and an extra pair
Of course, enough of whatever you want to wear for all of the days!
Jewelry and Accessories
Sunglasses, Fan, Umbrella
As for makeup, try to go through your routine and put in everything you used (can’t give a list here I guess) and don’t forget to take a mirror with you!

Towels (body & hair)
Toilet paper
Deo-spray to take with you to the toilet (Yes, dixi toilets might have to be used)
Shower Gel
Blow Dryer (plus heat protect for hair and whatever iron you need)
Toothbrush, paste, mouthwash
Perfume and deo-spray
Body lotions and sunscreen

list-bat-pngOther stuff:
Money (For festivals I usually take 50€ / day with me, food, drinks and a tiny bit of shopping)
Mobile & charger
Alarm (Try to bring something additional to your mobile with you because of batteries that might run empty)
Medicines (whatever you need to have with you, maybe bring a paper from your doctor in case of harsh security.)
Torch and some other battery operated light to set up in your tent (don’t forget the batteries!)
Hankies, Disinfection Wipes
Safety Pins
Paper & Pen (new friends and other things you might want to write down)

Would there be anything you would add to that list? Have a nice evening!


Concerts and concerns…

Hey there, Internet!

When I decided to be less of a couch potato this year (not because of laziness but because of the home renovation stuff and working overhours and so on, no more excuses, bats need to flap their wings!) I thought it simply would bring some fun evenings with nice music and maybe meeting some lovely people I haven’t met before! Now three months have passed and so far I really followed that resolution, had amazing party nights even when all my friends decided to stick to their couches, met lovely people and had fun at some concerts! Hoping the year will continue this way (freetime wise, not the working overhours thing). But where there is light there must be shadow.

1603 gothic flyers festivals party locations germany

Going out obviously equals collecting flyers for festivals and party locations, some definitely are on my to-do (see / go to / …?) list now!

Why on earth do men (or people) feel the need to apologize before talking to someone / saying something nice? While standing alone, not talking to anyone, only thinking about weather to purchase a new shirt or if the stash of shirts I have at home, waiting to be altered are enough already… Some random stranger came up to me, apologized, said he did not want to hit on me but wanted to tell me that he liked my glasses. Thank you, that was kind but kept me wondering what happened to that person that he feels the need to apologize and to explain himself before saying something like this! There were a lot of similar moments and so I wonder if usually people start bitching after receiving nice words? Why not just smile, say thanks and THEN see if that person wanted someting else than saying something nice? Why is it that we always expect something bad to happen and therefor react in a horrible manner so that people will probably not compliment another person again soon? This coming from someone who also quite often walks up to people telling them if I like something they do or something in their looks. So far people reacted confused or started smiling or blushing. What would I do if they would make fun of me or react in some other ‘not so kind’ manner? Is it these days that we focus too much on the bad things and forget that maybe someone really just wants to make you smile? If you are wondering why maybe you should actually start to tell people something nice – you can have some nice chat afterwards, maybe make new friends! And even if it only is a smile and a thank you – what if that person had a horrible day and a ‘Hey I like your whatever’ would make their world feel so much better!

Enough negativy though! I need to tell you how amazing the concerts and events were this year!

The Faderhead show at Empire of Darkness at Matrix, Bochum was the first non-festival-show I have seen by him. Wondering why, so far I have been impressed by the energy and this time it was nothing less and I now will have to follow the newsletter and dates better so it won’t be years until the next time! Especially since he said the future shows will contain more of the ‘slower’ (or however one would describe the songs he mentioned) stuff which actually always were the songs I liked best on his albums! That night also recovered my bad experiences at previous EOD-parties at Matrix which made me avoid that location for maybe a few years, sorry for that! A party that managed to stay alive for 16 years already should be enough proof that it actually is a good one and I only had bad luck!

Melting Sounds Festival II at Zeche Carl was nice, I met a lot of nice people (‘new & old’) and even though I did not know any band before it was good and I definitely will have to take a closer look at Splendor, really liked their show! Wasn’t as much of a dancing night as with usual Nachttanz party nights (ugh, anyone can help, I know there was another goth party night happening there before Nachttanz, since EOD just turned 3 but I can’t remember the name!) Wish I would have had the guts to get a Gotikatur since that guy does amazing art and since he set up his desk for some live drawing this would have been some fun memory! Next time though!

Eisbrecher! Yes. Perfect show as always, Alex definitely is as much of an entertainer as Steve Naghavi (And One), I could spend hours just watching them and this time it seemed like Noel Pix as well was playing with the audience a lot more than usually! But they also made me feel old quite a bit with references to their early days and tapes. I still remember tiny me sitting in front of the TV, singing along the german Pokémon songs (Confused? Take a closer listen to the voices! Did not know whose voices I was listening to back then but love it even more now that I do know) and the days when Alex and Pix were members of Megaherz or the Unheilig & friends concert in Köln (Cologne) a few years ago where I only went to see them… Over the years though they only got better and I doubt there could ever be too many shows by them in a year so I’m looking forwards to Mera Luna this year! Oh and congrats on gold, well deserved!

How did you spend 2016 so far? Have a nice evening!


Autumn Moon Festival 2015!

Hey there, Internet!

After M’era Luna I thought it would have been the last goth festival for 2015, then my Halloween plans changed and I bought my Saturday’s ticket for the first Autumn Moon Festival (facebook) in Hameln, Germany. With Hameln only being a 60-90 Minutes drive from my home and parking facilities available right next to the festival ares I decided to go there as a day trip.

1510 autumn moon festival hameln germany goth medieval

Sorry for no pictures, my Canon camera sadly had to stay at home and my mobile refused to work.

Autumn Moon festival took place for the first time this year, October 30th-31st 2015. It is a new, mainly indoor goth festival in Hameln, Germany and also includes a medieval / halloween fair which is open to the public without festival ticket and open until November, 1st. For those who still are not satisfied, how about attending camera or drumming workshops, readings or taking a look at the gleemen or bourlesque shows?

The lineup to me was a perfect mixture between different genres as well as well known and new acts for both days. Admitting, the three bands I wanted to see pretty much have been around for what feels forever (in a good way) though and I only managed to see tiny bits of others. Clan of Xymox (facebook) was the first band I really wanted to see that day and they did a great job, no huge effects, simply amazing music, some nice words and more amazing music. If you are looking for a song to be stuck in your ear forever, you might want to take a listen at their ‘All I have’, they did not perform it this time but still I needed to mention. Right afterwards Tanzwut (facebook) did their show, it sadly was a rather short gig as well but it was a festival after all so instead of complaining I should take a look at if there is some future thing announced somewhere close! Whenever you will have a chance to see one of their shows, you should – overflowing with energy on stage with songs that will make you want to dance. The headliner And One (facebook) of course was a great choice to end the night with as Steve Naghavi probably like nobody else is able to entertain his audience – if it didn’t get killed by stage smoke before. Actually I was surprised when he mentioned that the Rattenfänger-Halle usually is a sports hall, sure there were the typical marks on the floor and all that but with the hall itself being dark and the sound of the stage being quite good I managed to not notice it on my own!

You can already buy your tickets for 2016 (October 14th-16th) via the official website I definitely hope to be able to go there next year as well but this time I will stay at a hotel so I can attend both days without having to worry about being too tired to drive back home (or to be able to enjoy another glass of mead – and this also is the only bad thing I can say about that day, I guess the guy who was selling the mead at the time I bought mine was new to his job, seemed to be quite stressed and confused). When staying a few days longer, Hameln also is a city with interesting historical background, architecture and probably is best known for the legend of the Pied Piper of Hameln.

Are there any other new interesting events that you know about or already have been to? Have a nice evening!

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