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Review: Necromancy, Oh no Nancy! & It’s Wednesday!

Hey there, Internet!

While lately I often stumbled upon the name Necromancy cosmetica and the lipsticks they are selling seemed like they were good quality as well it still took me some time to finally buy two of them (that is with 22$ shipping to Germany and each lipstick being 16$) Necromancy are a cruelty free (on their website they even say 100% vegan) cosmetic brand from Puerto Rico.

The packaging is simple black plastic with their logo engraved on the cap and a sticker with color description on the bottom. The lipsticks themselves have different colored parts (marble-like or spots in some places) that they mentioned on their websites FAQs already but since those are caused by their products being handcrafted and would not be visible on the lips anyways who would complain about it.

1512 review crueltyfree cosmetic necromancy lipsticks ohnonancy itswednesday 1512 review crueltyfree necromancy cosmetics lipsticks ohnonancy itswednesday swatches

Left: It’s Wednesday & Oh no Nancy! Lipsticks and packaging, Right: Swatches

Oh no Nancy! – This color is what got me in the end. I do have quite a selection of brownish lipsticks already but none of them seemed to be this chocolate-y! The structure feels really nice to me, not too heavy or too dry! With a thin layer you will get a light brown and when you apply a bit more you can get a beautiful dark shade as well! Lasted 4 hours of girls-night including a lot of chatting & snacks before I had to touch up!

1512 review swatch ohnonancy necromancy cosmetics crueltyfree lipstick brown

It’s Wednesday! – This is not a black lipstick but a very dark grey with a hint of silver shine / metallic look. Kept me wondering if it is the tiny bit lighter shade or whatever that makes my teeth look less yellow than most black lipsticks would do. The best thing about this to me was though that it will easily hold eyeshadow or any powder product on top without feeling dry and this way you will be able to create a lot of nice effects! Color looked perfectly fine for about 4 hours including drinking a can of energy but you might want to take the lipstick with you for a touch up after a while.

1512 review swatch lipstick itsfriday darkgrey crueltyfree necromancy cosmetics

The only thing about these that I did not like was the scent that they have before applying, which reminded me of crayons, but won’t be noticeable once on your lips. So with all the positive things I guess a lot of other Necromancy lipsticks will find their way into my makeup bag! And it seems they are also selling glitter for the holidays so here is hoping more different products will be released in the future!

Have you tried their lipsticks yet? Or maybe another ‘new’ brand you can recommend? Have a nice evening!

Beautiful Blogger Award!

Hey there, Internet!

Lovely Brooklyn girl and mother of faeries, Glendaly (Lamamahada) Nominated me for the beautiful blogger award. Thank you so much for that – also, I am happy I met you (blog & youtube) this year, you definitely are a great inspiration in many ways! As mentioned in previous, similar posts I love exploring new blogs and hope some of my readers do the same and maybe find a blog they like in these posts!

skelanimal - diego the bat

So the rules for this Award / Tag are:
* Thank the person who nominated you
* Write 7 facts about yourself
* Nominate 5-10 beautiful bloggers that you love reading.

7 facts about me (That I hopefully did not already post somewhere before…?)
* I’m not a red-fan-girl. Strange fact? Let me explain: A lot of goth brands like to add bloody reds to their clothing or accesories. Of course the blood reference is nice and I see why so many darklings like to add red to their outfits but I prefer simple monochrome looks or maybe a hint of orange / green. When looking at my wardrobe you might only find 5-10 pieces with red in them. Have to add though that I love my car which actually is red.
* Sometimes I will not correct mistakes by autocorrect because they will make my friends laugh!
* I often am covered in bruises and scratches without knowing what I did, always was this way so my mom tends to call me ‘Chaoten-Paula’ a lot.
* The television in my flat is only used for my N64, maybe a DVD but I have not had a cable to actually watch TV for 6-7 years now and I don’t regret living ‘behind the moon’
* My sense of direction is worse than that of a nut, nuts at least know where the floor is located.
* When going out a lot of my friends enjoy collecting spiders and putting them in my backcombed hair so they would move in and add some webs for the night!
* I spend far too much time cleaning my flat. At this point I am blaming the fact that I still am missing a lot of furniture and hoping it will get better as soon as a single item will not be able to make my flat look like a complete mess.

Bloggers I would like to nominate
* Samm Sanity (Blood, Lace, and Faeries)
* M. (The Girl loves Makeup)
* Maria (DeusXMachina)
* The Shameful Narcissist (The Shameful Narcissist Speaks)
* Louise (Queens of the wild Frontier)
* you?

Did you recently find any new blogs you enjoy reading and would like to share? Have a nice evening!

Sleep Control?

Hey there, Internet!

Today (Dec, 1st, 2015) was after a long time that I woke up, sitting in bed, screaming. I am sorry for my neighbors, even though luckily I sleep when most of them are awake or at work anyways. Maybe people think it is quite common to wake up from nightmares, for me it is not. When I was a child, maybe at the age of 10 I started to concentrate on my dreams, thought it must be possible to actually change the way you act in them.

1512 dream control info lusid nightmare goth bedroom raven

This being the ceiling of the sleeping area in my bedroom…

Eventually I noticed by concentrating before falling asleep and recording my dreams as well as thinking about my behavior in them as soon as I woke up started to work, I was not able to control my entire dream but knew I was dreaming and was able to change a few sequences, for example to turn around instead of walking where my feet wanted to go in the first place.

So when I was allowed to google a bit (Those were the early days of internet for private people in Germany!) there was not much I could find but a few people mentioning they were able to fully control their dreams and you were able to find a few ‘steps’ as guidelines on how to achieve this. Those steps seemed similar to mine so I tried even more, to the point when I was able to completely control ‘my character’ / myself while being asleep. I also was able to change the environment sometimes but I did not care about that too much.

Maybe until today, I found myself in a place I have never seen, neither awake nor asleep. A place that I felt uncomfortable in from the beginning. I was still able to understand that I was dreaming, able to control what I was doing but there were so many creatures after me. Mixed creatures, human-shadows. They were trying to catch me, they became taller and because of their legs also getting longer they were getting faster. I tried to escape using tricks as well as hiding myself, nothing did help, in the end I saw myself jumping off a cliff, one of the shadows following me was tall enough to grab me with his hand, it felt uncomfortably tight, I started screaming and woke up this way.

Common nightmare maybe? Maybe I just didn’t have any nightmare after I realized I could control my dreams and this is something that had to happen sooner or later? Still I am pretty much confused because usually this would not have happened to me. So being part of generation google that was the first thing I did when I woke up. It seems there are two (or more) different ways to ‘control’ your dreams, ‘Lucid Dreaming’ and ‘Dream Control’.

In both cases people advice to get enough sleep, maybe the 3-4 hours I’ve slept during the last few days were not enough but I’ve definitely slept less when the creative bug bit me before. The only electronic devices that were left on were the common cd-player with rain-sounds and a faerie-light.

What about my readers, any of you (trying to) control your dreams or active in analyzing them? Have a nice evening!

Random 15-11

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month and would not fit into another post…

1511 germany brunswick braunschweig lastdaysofautumn fall golgenleaves river 1511 gothselfie ikea ra plushie 1511 ceramic pumpkin silver white green goth decor

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

* Why do people always have to be jealous in their relationships? Seriously, I adore beautiful people, taking pics if they agree (Asking before). I don’t care for your relationship status, it is for a picture, not for the night. When I ask your partner for a picture without knowing you are a couple, simply tell me you don’t want that picture to be taken or that you only accept when both of you are in it, I can’t see what is on your mind and starting some kind of drama will not feel good for any of us…
* Weighted my daily Jewelry for fun this month, was a bit confused to see it is an average of 1kg each day!
* Cutest thing this month: Right after I had my appointment at Fledermausbrille in Düsseldorf – a girl, maybe at the age of 5, proudly wearing a neon pink fluffy jacket & huge fancy shades ran towards me, her parents politely asked if they could take a picture of us together. Made my day, I hope this little lady will make her way, and that her parents will always support her. Also: thank you for that reminder of always staying true to yourself, maybe we will meet again one day!
* It seems the old lady who sneaks into my flat every night and adds dirty streams to my glasses also has a grandchild that adds random things to my shopping cart when I am hungry while shopping for food.
* Having problems with my WordPress switching to German, seems not even WordPress support is able to fix that.
* The Cure will be on a Germany tour in October / November 2016 (I am so nervous right now because I don’t know when exactly my holidays will be so I will have to wait a bit until I can buy my ticket. Update: bought a ticket for Köln / – Cologne for November, 10th hoping I can get that day off)
* When someone draws a heart on my car’s hood is it because they adore my car or because it is still covered in autumn-dirt?
* Can’t believe we already are facing the last month of 2015, even though I really am happy about that, even though blogging added so much positive things, ‘real life’ brought a lot of bad news & moments, let’s see if December is able to write a happy end!

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

* Thanks to Sylvie / Little Corp Goth Girl, her Product Review on the Kreepsville 666 devil horn hairclips convinced me to spend some money! If you are looking for bat family stories as well as cute goth outfits and Pop-figure-addict posts, you should head over to her blog!
* Laura shared a lovely short story, Ink on her blog Roses and Vellum. (Oh, and look, she got a new family member this November as well! Hello, Little Miss Sarah!)
* I have to admitt the early-winter pictures Jade posted of her hometown Picturesque city of Tampere actually do show winter can be nice!

Most played songs this month: (sorry for them mainly being german this time…)

* Teufel – Absinth
* The Crüxshadows – Halo
* Mantus – Tanz mit mir
* Lacrimosa – Kaleidoskop (from new Album ‘Hoffnung’)
* ASP – Duett (Das Minnelied der Incubi)

What was inspiring for you this November? Have a nice evening!

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