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On Blogging, Giveaways and Online Friendships

Hey there, Internet!

I think I said it quite a few times that the friends you make when blogging to me are real friends, even if most of us ‘only’ know each other online – we talk on a regular basis and can tell by our messages and posts how the other one is feeling. We probably know more about each other than a lot of our so called real life friends and when we meet, maybe at events like WGT or other festivals or when travelling through different countries it is like we have known each other for a lifetime. This definitely is one of the main reasons for me to blog, I love to read all of your stories, see how we work together like a family, send cyber hugs when needed and simply inspire each other. Can’t say that often enough.

Then there are Giveaways, I like to host mine twice a year (October for Halloween, February for Blogversary) and so far have been lucky it seems, with every giveaway I hosted here (or on my previous blog) there were quite a few entries, rafflecopter was used to randomly select a winner. When other blogs do giveaways I prefer to keep quiet, watch who is going to win and then stalk their blog for those extremely happy ‘I won!’ post showing what they got. Then sadly there are blogs whose followers seem to be all like me (aka stalkers / watching only) or who are not that active, whatsoever. It seems this happened to our dear frilly frenchie who hosted a goth / romantic giveaway on her blog. Like most times I clicked that ‘like’ button but nobody entered, still, this lady sent me a nice mail afterwards telling me she would like to send the prize to me, is this some kind of passive winning? Anyways, today I got a really cute parcel from my mailbox and here is what was inside:

 1605 giveaway winner by lululaterna art postcard pumpkin buttons 1605 giveaway lululaterna goth buttons

I definitely am happy, stuff that will be used in the future and her beautiful card that shows some of her art will be kept on my mood-board as well! So thank you again, hoping next time more people will notice your giveaways and enter so you will be able to pick a true winner! BTW, if it is any help – when you are hosting a giveaway at the end of the month you can tell me and I will add a link to your giveaway post in my monthly random post (posted 28th-31st of each month), love to share some joy!

What keeps you people away from entering giveaways? Just wondering… Have a nice evening!


Blogversary & Giveaway!

Entries are closed and winner has been randomly selected by Rafflecopter! Congrats to the winner and thanks to everyone who entered, if you did not win this time don’t worry, probably will host another one for Halloween 2016!

Hey there, Internet!

I actually can’t believe it was February, 27th 2015 that I returned to the blogosphere. Let’s say after a totally messed up year in real life it was time to start from the beginning instead of my old blogspot-blog that I missed so much while I was away! So, with a vague idea of what I wanted to do I sat down, working on the layout and my first wordpress post which was probably the most difficult one I ever wrote. (New year, new here!)

Anyways, after a while blogging felt normal again, and within a single year I have met so many amazing people, some even became close friends already. You guys mean a lot to me and all of your own blogs, youtube chanels, instagram or twitter things are pretty much inspiring. Thank you for being the way you are!

1602 blogversary bat celebrating

So. on to the giveaway!

Last time (with the Halloween 2015 giveaway) I really messed up the coding, but I learned afterwards that WordPress simply does not like the kind of codes / java that would be required to add the rafflecopter script right into the site so at the bottom of this post you will find the link…

Rules to enter:

list-bat-png Join the rafflecopter giveaway thing / link at the bottom of this post, please read all of the rules though (of course, sharing or following would be nice but knowing the unfollow button exists what can I do… Still, following at twitter gives an additional ticket) * rafflecopter saves your name and email adress and when the giveaway is closed I can push a button and it will select the winner randomly.
list-bat-png By entering this giveaway you confirm that you are an adult / allowed to enter giveaways, will be able to tell me your name and adress afterwards.
list-bat-png I am not responsible for any grammar mistakes in the description or missunderstandings of the things included in the package. I also am not responsible for any allergies, reactions, damages on people by the package or on things in the package or money charged by customs or whatever there might be – also please check before if importing any of these products would get you in trouble. And yes, I pay for the content of the giveaway, this is not sponsored, I am just sharing my love for those furry bats with you and yes, asked the people at BCI if they were ok with me doing it as a price for the giveaway!

This giveaway is open until 2016, March, 12th at 12:00am Berlin time, open worldwide.

Stuff you will win:

list-bat-png Adopt-a-bat at Bat Conservation International – Adopt-a-bat, according to their website / see link / consists of: A plush stuffed bat-toy, official adoption certificate, Complete species profile information for the bat of your choice, the money spent will help the BCI to preserve and protect bats around the world so you get a treat while helping bats ❤

So, here’s the link to the giveaway!

Thank you for reading, sharing, and entering! Have a nice evening!


Batfit 2016, January!

Hey there, Internet!

December 2011 our dear Professor Z first invited us to join her on a journey / challenge called bat fit, a group of darkly inclined bloggers would support each other getting healthier throughout the year. With it being January, 2016 it is about time to think about what we would like to achieve this year!

Bat Fit 2016 1601 batfit january goth fitness weights dance healthy year in review stomach batfit

The evil numbers: I know one should not focus on numbers but I have been everywhere from 120+kgs-61kgs, noticing when my body felt good and when my body was in pain. Currently at 75kg my long time goal would be to be back at 61-65kgs but first goal is to get under 70kgs. (To anyone wondering, I am 1.75m)

Workout: Required, muscles feel better than fat (nope, no fat blaming here, just talking about what -I- felt good with.) Workout every day was nice but my life changed enough to make it impossible, every two days will be tried, warmup, 50 minutes workout, 10 minutes stretches, 30 minutes dancing. Hoping to get back that stomach you can see above (circa 2012/2013?!)

Food: Montignac. Worked fine for me, then my lactose-intolerance became worse and gluten-intolerance appeared as well. Still figuring out how to eat healthy while taking care of all of the three – but I will not give up on a glass of Absinthe on my days off. Will try to reduce my energy drink habits to 0.5l / day and get up to 1.5l water a day, lately it was the same way around and I had far too many snacks as well…

Soul: Already on its way back up, the cave looks like a place to live (hoping to finish in 2016…) and I finally had the guts to show some of my arts. Next year I want work more on them to get better, especially in the details of Jewelry pieces (already bought a new sketchbook). I also want to DO / experience something special every month, to have something I can look back at that I enjoyed. Focus on positive things.

October-December probably my readers were able to see I have been going through a bad phase, bad eating habits, no power to workout or to take good care of myself in any way at all. Not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but by writing my bat fit goals down I have something to stick to, hopefully it will be enough of a motivation!

Did you already join our Professors group of bats? Have a nice evening!

Random 15-12

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month and would not fit into another post…

1512 goth drawing portrait by frilly frenchie 1512 random ticket the cure tour 2016 cologne köln germany 1512 winklepickers pikes goth pointy shoes leather boots bat buckle drings gothic shoe company

(whee, thank you frilly frenchie for the drawing! My Winklepickers / Pikes arrived, detailed blogpost will be done in January!)

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

* I think I need tiny bat-images to put in front of lists (the stars were nice in the beginning but now it is time for some tiny changes to make the blog look better… Edit: tried but sadly it seems wordpress or my browser will add a border around every picture, need to find out how to change that so the tiny bat below will be able to move in…)

list bat

* Thank you so much, This month Justkeepbrains hit 500 followers (as well as publishing my 100th post here), so grateful for every single one of you! Love reading through your posts & comments, the blogging community feels like a second family to me!
* Surprised to see that the Hallway in my flat is nearly finished already and for the first time in maybe 5 years I have more space for things than actual things that should be in said room! Feels good and I hope it will be the same with the other rooms soon!
* Fighting with trust issues after two really bad experiences with ‘friends’, one of them I thought I would have known for 4 years now. Of course things like these happen all the time but this time it was really dramatic to me and also triggered some memories from the past… (’nuff said.)
* Got told I do my creative things wrong because most of my ‘whatever’ is done sitting on the floor instead of a desk. So I obviously met another person who is trying to tell me that creativity has to be done a special way to be right…
* That warm or even hot weather. Everyone who ever met me knows i start shaking from cold at maybe 15°C and am happy for every day the temperature is above that point but the weather being so warm, spring / summer like here in Germany this December is scary, maybe nature now is fed up for good with that human-pests and what we have done?

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

* Lorkyn from Dark Wooden Path shared some amazing wooden art in her blogpost Yggdrasil – and since then you will find me looking for information on this kind of art since I only did sculptures from wood so far…
* Amy from She might be a Faerie is writing a story and teased us with an excerpt this month! (Gifts for Witches)
* Trend Predictions for 2016 – I have to agree with The Mutant Stomp Friends, would also like to see a more extreme (goth-)style for the new year!

Most played songs this month:

* Dreadful Shadows – A Sea of Tears
* Sound for Nights – Falsche Feuer
* Burntime – It is still…
* And One – The Great Commandment
* Mono Inc. – Forgiven

Plans for the next month (this time for the year…)

* Stay in contact & meet (new) friends
* Attend something exciting every month
* Finish the flat (except livingroom)
* Finish the Pokémon sleeve tattoo
* So the von Cyborgs said my ears would be able to be pointed, maybe we can already do that in 2016, if not: first 2017 plan already XD
* Re-pierce nostril
* Continue Working out throughout the year
* Continue Blog & Youtube, get better with my camera
* Repair some of the things my car needs
* Work on my arts

What has been inspiring for you this December? Have a nice evening and best wishes for a great, positive new year 2016!

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