So I am sitting here…

Hey there, Internet!

So while more than a year has passed without me writing a blogpost my real life turned to the better. I managed to fix myself mentally (or am close to doing that) and am neeeeearly back at my old weight.

A lot of thoughts crossing my mind while I prepare my new flat here in Leipzig for my friends to joing me at WGT. So much has been happening during my semi break and during the full break here on justkeepbrains that I don’t even know where to start. I definitely should start writing again. Especially now that the main part of renovations are done, not promising anything this time because whenever I did last times SOMETHING happened and blergh.

But I renewed my domain and that money better not be wasted.

Hoping all of you are healthy and happy these days and maybe we will meet at WGT?

My plan for WGT 2018:

tomorrow, Thursday: Moritzbastei (opening night)

Friday: Mutzbraten at Heidnisches Dorf (you have to try it, really – this is still the reason why I can’t go vegan. Then some shopping at Agra, 13:50 Clara Zetkin Park for Victorianisches Picnic and to see Goethes Erben. 20:30 Täubchenthal for Merciful Nuns, 22:20 for Skeletal Family and then probably staying for the party or heading to Noels Ballroom.

Saturday: Again breakfast at Heido, then sticking to whatever my friends are doing, later at Westbad to see Eden weint im Grab, 22:50 Samsas Traum and probably party at Agra (DJ Bruno Kramm) or spending an hour or two at Darkflower or Moritzbastei on my way home.

Sunday: Breakfast at Heido (yes, this will always be where I start my WGT days even though it is not as near as it was when I was staying on the camping ground), again sticking to my friends or staying around Agra and Heido, since I want to see 21:20 Schandmaul and 23:30 fireshow at Heido anyways.

Monday: *cough* Breakfast at Heido, browsing the stores at Agra, sticking to my friends and leaving to see 20:40 Illuminate at Westbad, Party at Moritzbastei or Darkflower.

And then another WGT will be over, festivalblues will come, tickets for Mera Luna will be bought and heading back to work. Whatever, really looking forwards to the next days.

So, are you going? What are your must see bands?

Have a great day!