February, 14th…

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

So, it was Valentines Day, again. February, 14th. I never actually cared about this day but when you really miss a person, being an unhappy single or having a partner who lives far away from you, this day can be quite painful. I knew this year I would have to stay away from social media because there would be hearts and happiness everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I am very happy for my friends in happy, sweet working relationships and whenever they post couple pictures or roses or heart-emojis on each others timeline I am squeeing from cuteness overload. It is just, on days like this when all your newsfeed on social media, email, TV, EVERYWHERE is covered in reds and pinks it is too much.

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Too much for a broken heart or for most people who, like me, think you should show your partner, family and friends, how much you love them and support them every day of the year. To me, valentines day is like most ‘holidays’ it can be ok but easily too much, when you feel a pressure to do something, something is wrong. Today’s society seems to turn every holiday into something where only presents are important. When you feel the need to spend more and more each year and to celebrate those events with bigger parties, presents, surprises, decoration, whatever, so maybe Valentines day for those people in relationships are even more of a horror these days than for the singles? At least we save money on presents, can spend that day in a hot bathtub, dreaming of the next day when chocolate is on sale.

Some of my friends posted their valentines traditions and it seems for some countries valentines day is about friendship rather than about that romantic relationship. Nice thought and I think I need some friends to spend valentines day with next year. No matter if by then we are in relationships or not. I just think we should be there for each other and that this special day is something that might trigger a lot of my friends into bad moods, maybe I will do some anti-valentines day party next year? Maybe some friendship-valentines / halloween mixture, pizza for dinner, tiny chocolate cupcakes with bloody looking icing for dessert, presents with bloody anatomical hearts or knife jewelry, red sparkling wine, cuddles and horror movies? Knowing my friends though the presents probably would turn into adult-shop gifts or giftcards within a year or two… This again though would mean some present pressure again then… Dunno.

While doing some research german Wikipedia did have a nice fact on this day for all the vampire lovers: 1931 in New York Dracula had premier night. Tod Browning’s horror movie after Bram Stokers book with Bela Lugosi. V-day then is not short for valentines but for vampires?

How did you spend this day? Covered in roses with a loved one, laughing with some friends or with some tea and chocolate by yourself? Have a nice evening!