Review: DM online!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Sorry for two review posts right after each other but this at least would fall into another category as well. Since moving into my new cave in November I haven’t been able to find a DM (drugstore) that would stock all of the things I was used to find in those close to previous flats. So I decided to try their online shop which is a service that they started not too long ago (maybe 2016 or 2015?)

1701 review dm onlinestore germany 1701 review dm onlinestore germany packaging 1701 review dm online germany drugstore

Perfectly wrapped and included everything from the huge order!

The webshop at first was quite confusing and sometimes while browsing things switch pages and appear double or not at all which was quite annoying for someone who likes to browse an entire online shop before placing an order instead of looking for three things, buy and bye. But you also are able to search for an item or company or sort by a lot of other things. DM online store also does have some kind of wishlist where you can save your regular items and simply add them to your cart with only a click or two!

The items as much as I was able to compare, are the same price as in store and shipping was 4,95€ for the entire order. I was happy that you can get your payback points online as well (my mom collects those so if I can I will collect them for her). The only bad thing is that I didn’t find a way to pay via paypal, of course they have several options but I always prefer paypal to other payments.

Order was placed Dec, 30th and arrived at Dec, 31st so shipping was literally overnight and nothing from my huge order has been lost! Have to mention that because there are webshops that manage to mess up orders with only 5 items. Liquids were packed in additional plastic bags inside the parcel so even if something went wrong during the shipping still everything would stay clean. Empty space was filled with packing paper to avoid things flying through the parcel.

Have you placed an online order there yet? Have a nice evening!