Review: Restyle

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Today’s post is a review post, maybe a little different because it is something work related. Talking about the Restyle Snake Bite Satchel which I ordered as a new bag for work since my old one simply needed to retire.

I am a geriatric nurse, working in intensive care though, nightshifts mainly, and need a bag to carry most of my stuff in to get me through my shifts. with 42€ this bag was within the 50€ price range I was willing to spend and it did cover all the things that I wanted (see list below for more information)

1701 review restyle snakebitesatchel gothic messengerbag detail 1701 review restyle blanchette zipper messengerbag snakebitesatchel 1701 review restyle snakebitesatchel messengerbag fakesnakeleather detail

some details of this pretty bag, happy with my purchase!

Things that need to fit in:

list-bat-png Toothbrush & Toothpaste (12 hour shifts you sometimes need this to feel better), deo spray as well as pressed powder and brush to ‘refresh’
list-bat-png Bottle of tea, drinking hot tea in winter but prefer cold tea in summer so would have to prepare at home (I love to re-use the true fruit smoothie glass bottles, 0.75l in size)
list-bat-png Emergency set (Allergy nose spray, tissues, headache pills,…)
list-bat-png Purse
list-bat-png A book for those silent moments when all the work is done.
list-bat-png Additional space in winter for a hot water bottle and oil to unfreeze my car.

Things I am trying to aviod:

list-bat-png Any symbols that could make people ask questions (my workmates and probably the patients and their family definitely noticed I am wearing mainly black clothes at work, some do know that the goth community is a big part in my life but I am not interested in discussions about my life at work.) My blog can easily be found with my name via google that is enough risk of getting into discussions at work for me.
list-bat-png Would prefer fake leather bag or one made from cotton or something. While I do own some leather boots, my other leather things like that 80s jacket that I love to bits and pieces are second hand, my taxidermy things are from roadkills or died from natural causes, I don’t need any animal to die for my bags.

Official description: Made of solid, faux leather with strong texture. In the center part of the bag there are snake textured geometric patterns. On the middle there is big lock with hardware ring. There is a roomy pocket under the flap and additional zipper. Inside lining with large zipped pocket and two smaller ones. Bag comes with long, adjustable arm strap. Size: width 36 cm, high: 26 cm, side width 10 cm, arm strap 120 cm. €42,57 / pieceincl. VAT, excl. shipping

My thoughts: So as mentioned it covered everything that I was looking for and I also liked the way it looked. At first view I was really happy when I unpacked it, loved the tiny details like the planchettes as zippers and the snake textured parts they already mentioned in the description. Have been using it for about three months now and no sign of breaking or anything. In the beginning I was a bit concerned the silver things would change color to copper like you can experience with a lot of bags with applications these days but so far I really don’t see anything like that. The small zipper pockets hold all the tiny things you carry with you in place and the bigger pockets have enough space to perfectly hold all the bigger things.

What kind of bags can you use for work? Do you have to tone down? Have a nice evening!