NOTD – Catrice, Nearly Blacks, Noir Vert swatch!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

So it seems I’ve been ignoring the makeup racks at my local DM for quite some time, when I went last time I was not happy with the nailpolish colors at home so I had a closer look at the ones by Catrice. They obviously had a very goth-card-approved collection, the nearly black noir laquers. 4 different dark shades (rouge / red, cassis / purple, bleu / blue and vert / green) 10ml (0.33fl. oz.) bottles for 2.75€ each! Had some argument with my bank account because I definitely spent enough on makeup this month already so I only took the green one with me.

1611 notd review catrice nearlyblack noirlaquer verte onecoat swatch 1611 notd nailpolish catrice crueltyfree swatch review nearlyblack noirlaquer vert 1611 review nailpolish naillaquer noir nearlyblack vert green widebrush

left: one coat on clear base, center: two coats (yes, both before cleaning), right: the brush

I have to admitt that those new wider brushes most companies use these days are not my favourites but this one actually did work quite well for me! They said one would have an opaque, even color with one coat, for me I needed 2-3 layers to get an even color, sadly then you would not be able to see much of a green shine, the polish appeared to be a plain black but was extreme shiny, more than my common blacks. Did dry pretty fast as well  and I managed to spend more than a day without any visible damages which is pretty good since I was deconstructing my furniture, repotting my plants and all that stuff! I really think that a nearly black collection is a great idea and probably will go for the other colors as well soon, maybe those have a bit more colored pigments than the green ones has!

Did you grab any of these polishes yet? Which one woud be your favourite? Have a nice evening!