My Cave 16-11 -Moving to Oldenburg (& Youtube)

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

So you might have already noticed that it turned a bit quiet around here, after my emotional breakdown I was facing another ‘new job and new home’ thing, both required me to spend a horrible lot amount of time in my car, I often only had 2 hours of sleep because it would be another long distance move. In the end I would have been able (jobwise) decide between northern part of Germany and eastern part of Germany. I have friends in both of those areas, knowing the goth scenes of both are alive, flats compared to wage roughly not a big difference as well but the job offer from northern Germany was a bit better so I went with that. Would now have to find a flat in Oldenburg because that would be the smallest size of city I would be willing to go (and that only because it is in a nice distance to cities like Bremen, Hamburg and the coast of the north sea, ruhr area would be within two hours drive as well.)

Tiny video of my new, tiny flat a few moments after I got my keys! Video is shared on my Youtube channel

So I applied for 30 flats within a month, they would only take me for this one.My second favourite though so I won’t cry. It is a 35m² 2 room appartment, not far away from the city or the highway, affordable as well (as in maybe 100€ less than my current flat). Bad points would be that it will be pretty difficult to find a parking slot but can’t be worse than here in Brunswick, there is no balcony so I had to give away quite a lot of my plants. And I don’t have my own mailbox (everyone in the house shares a huge one). There are those boxes you can rent not too far away though, will take a closer look into that as well.

1611 newflat oldenburg entrance door glasswindow 1611 newflat goth oldenburg hugewindow 1611 newflat livingroom oldenburg bat

left: front door, center: huge window in bedroom, right: living room to kitchen, bat puzzle already moved in!

Now back to the flat itself. What I think is impressive are the really high ceilings, 3.55m (usually we have max 2.5m, think about all the extra knicknacks and spiderwebs one can place here!). The old flooring tiles add a nice atmosphere as well and it still amuses me that the shower is located in a tiny room attatched to the living room and without an actual door! An extra plus is that I am allowed to change things as long as it could be seen as an improvement. And with really old floorings in the toiletroom or shower room or with the old shover valve or lightswitches and whatnot that will be easy! My mind currently is exploding from all the ideas!

So while I already did order my new kitchen (facing a week without internet connection so that had to be done quick) and some fabric for curtains and a few knicknacks for the other rooms I first again will focus on the hallway, I like to have a beautiful, cozy spot as soon as I enter a flat, that’s why. Afterwards moving on to the other rooms, one room at a time with maybe a few tiny things happening in other rooms in the meantime though. Hoping you will stay with me on this journey of my new flat and new home area!

I know a lot of bloggers and youtubers and other online friends are currently moving, how about you? Have a nice evening!