Another house moving update post

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

After applying for 30 flats in Oldenburg I finally got accepted for one. Actually that was my 2nd favourite flat and so you probably can immagine how happy I am right now. All letters have been sent out with the new adress. Most of my things are packed, only what is needed for the few days until moving day are left outside. Moving day this year is as well Halloween, that’s the downside, nearly no time to go shopping for home decor and presents for my friends and family, no party because house moving vampires took all my energy and still no workout because of lack of time and energy, this might be the first year ever I am desperately waiting for November to be here. The To-Do-List is getting smaller each day though and I am slowly catching up with my online life as well, found my way back to twitter, next will be instagram and then the biggest project, catching up with your comments, your blogs and my blogposts and putting some youtube things in my schedule as well, planning to be fully back with my posting schedule and everything by November, 15th.

Until then I hope you are having a great time and see you soon!

Anyone else who will miss this year’s Halloween due to some drama? Have a nice evening!