Flap your wings!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This being a sticky for a while… I am FAR behind visiting your blogs, approving and replying to your comments. Reason is that I will be moving, starting a new job November, 1st and still on my flathunt. So these days I still work my nightshifts, then drive 3 hours to Oldenburg, apply for a flat or two and then head back to work, most days sleeping in my car, eating some fries or other fast food (um, mainly fries because of gluten thing though). I read all your comments and am happy for all the love you sent especially during the past few weeks, don’t worry, I am still here and I am fine (well, will be). And as soon as I found a flat and the moving part is over Justkeepbrains will be back to normal, until then sadly there will be this lack of things XD I am sorry. ❤

Hope everything is fine on your side of the screen! See you soon!