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Month: October, 2016

Random 16-10

Hey there, Internet!

Monthly Post of Random Pictures / Thoughts & Questions / Links and other things that happened during the past month (or since writing last random post) and would not fit into another post…

1610 random burgerking blacklevelburger foodporn sorrybody 1610 fotd selfie gothgoth makeup glasses fledermausbrille pentacle tattoo pentagram piercings 1610 autumn fall germany redleaves nature tree

left: I knew this was going to cause me a lot of pain but I could not resist trying this black burger king thing… center: another in-mid-of-moving selfie and somehow I feel the need to go back to platinum blonde, nearly black hair makes me look like my mom, nothing against her though. right: even though I barely had any time there still were some nice moments close to nature, whee autumn!

Maybe these thoughts / questions would be useful as inspiration or someone knows the answer? (If none of these, hopefully at least they would be entertaining.)

list-bat-png Seems I have VERY bad luck with The Cure. First bought a ticket for Cologne, that crashed with my holiday schedule at my old job so I sold it and got a new one for Stuttgart but since I start my new job November, 1st I will miss that one as well but could make it to the Cologne show so I am thinking about buying another ticket for that show.
list-bat-png Enough Blogging breaks, first one was because I found myself being thrown into friendzone which got me down pretty much and then, on my way to recover there was the moving to Oldenburg related stress from hell. Now, hoping to focus on my blog and on the good things in life again. Party anyone? or going to some concerts? Cozy Absinte, Gaming or DVD nights? Exploring nature, cemeteries or ruins? Count me in!
list-bat-png So my favourite German Goth magazine changed the added CD to a download thing for Spotify. That CD with new bands that I might love and start to follow actually was one of the main reasons to buy that magazine. I refuse to join Spotify and the like, buy all my music on itunes or on CD, converting them to itunes. Pretty sad. I know that there is no money involved for the bands with those CDs BUT I usually did find one or two bands to follow and to support (as in concerts, buying cds, merch or mentioning the names). Probably not going to buy that magazine as often anymore, something simply is missing now. (Update: seems they brought the CD back after one issue already!)
list-bat-png Tried to update my new adress for my mobile contract and received a text message that they received my letter of cancellation. Phone support was not helpful as well and seemed to be the most confused and distracted person to talk to. Then their facebook page sent me a link to the live chat support where they seemed to be able to help me, finally. Maybe this was a sign that I should cancel though?
list-bat-png Managed to get the unanswered comments on my blog down to 50 again – Promise to catch up asap and bring you new content, but I will have no internet connection in my new flat before th 8th of November.

And here are my most favourite / inspiring posts from other blogs / websites this month:

list-bat-png Our dear professor asked bloggers and darklings to help a fellow blogger who just recently lost everything in a fire. No matter how you could help (spending clothes, money, sharing the story) it would be great ❤
list-bat-png Fledermausbrille.de has some new colors for shades in stock, lovely duochromes to maybe match your hair?

Most played songs this month:

list-bat-png Cynical Existence – Dead Eyes
list-bat-png Deine Lakaien – Deathraft
list-bat-png Lucyfire – You can have all my love tonight
list-bat-png The Mission – Deliverance
list-bat-png Reaper – She is a Devil and a Whore

What has been inspiring for you this October? Any plans for November? Have a nice evening!


Another house moving update post

Hey there, Internet!

After applying for 30 flats in Oldenburg I finally got accepted for one. Actually that was my 2nd favourite flat and so you probably can immagine how happy I am right now. All letters have been sent out with the new adress. Most of my things are packed, only what is needed for the few days until moving day are left outside. Moving day this year is as well Halloween, that’s the downside, nearly no time to go shopping for home decor and presents for my friends and family, no party because house moving vampires took all my energy and still no workout because of lack of time and energy, this might be the first year ever I am desperately waiting for November to be here. The To-Do-List is getting smaller each day though and I am slowly catching up with my online life as well, found my way back to twitter, next will be instagram and then the biggest project, catching up with your comments, your blogs and my blogposts and putting some youtube things in my schedule as well, planning to be fully back with my posting schedule and everything by November, 15th.

Until then I hope you are having a great time and see you soon!

Anyone else who will miss this year’s Halloween due to some drama? Have a nice evening!


Batfit 16-09 & Gear review weighted gloves by ‘Mov it’

Hey there, Internet!

* Batfit is a ‘challenge group’ by our dear Professor Z where all kind of (darkly inclined) people try to motivate each other to get healthier or change / do whatever in their lives to feel better.

Health update: Pain is still down on a level I can take. No painkiller since August, 4th!

Emotional update: Back to normal. Of course there are some bad moments, I am human but not as bad as last month!

Body update: currently at 75kgs, going down – hoping to reach the ‘6s’ this year!


I think this is quite some good changes, really looking forwards to the next few months to see how close I can get to my 23/25-yr-old stomach!

Workout update: Still 1hr / 4days each week. Afterwards covered in more salty water than any ocean can offer and with a skin more red than any sunburnt person I’ve seen this year.

Gear upgrade: I already mentioned this in the Batfit Facebook group, this month I got some 2kgs weighted gloves from Amazon. Actually wanted to get bigger weights than the tiny 2kg ones I currently use but since the others seem to have different materials as middle part, which is simply perfect on mine (no sweat, no nothing) gloves were my choice this time. Started adding them on a day off work because first time with new gear I like to start with double time and time to rest afterwards! I still only managed to go through half of my workout but this made me set this months short term goal!

1610 batfit gothic fitness health weightedgloves movit review

Short review: I bought the Mov it (Power and vitality) 2kg weightd gloves / wristbands from Amazon. They had mixed reviews but with 9.99€ I could not resist. They were available in three colors (red, blue and black – of course went with black) in 4 different weights (0.5kgs-2kgs, filling depends on what size you buy), fabric is neoprene and I hope maybe this will prevent sweat from sticking inside so they won’t smell bad after a few times of use. Some reviews mentioned sand falling out of their weights but since 2kgs are not filled with sand I can’t tell if this is what you get with the less heavy ones, mine arrived in a good condition. The Velcro closure is nice but I have tiny wrists so they are a bit loose on me, could fix with the thumb loop but those feel too tight and the fabric here is a bit rough on my skin. Still I am happy with them and for that kind of money I think it is a good investment in building muscles on my arms and I think I will do some researches on other gadgeds that might or might not help with my long term goals!

September Batfit goal: Go through entire workout with the weighted gloves. Achieved but probably will have to start at the beginning again when house moving thing is done because when working nightshifts, then driving 3hrs to attend a flat viewing and apply for it, then driving back 5 or more hours because of traffic jam your freetime activity  is trying to get some sleep in your car and decide if you want fries or coleslaw for dinner…

Who else is on batfit or maybe any other groups to get healthy / happy? Have a nice evening!


Flap your wings!

Hey there, Internet!

This being a sticky for a while… I am FAR behind visiting your blogs, approving and replying to your comments. Reason is that I will be moving, starting a new job November, 1st and still on my flathunt. So these days I still work my nightshifts, then drive 3 hours to Oldenburg, apply for a flat or two and then head back to work, most days sleeping in my car, eating some fries or other fast food (um, mainly fries because of gluten thing though). I read all your comments and am happy for all the love you sent especially during the past few weeks, don’t worry, I am still here and I am fine (well, will be). And as soon as I found a flat and the moving part is over Justkeepbrains will be back to normal, until then sadly there will be this lack of things XD I am sorry. ❤

Hope everything is fine on your side of the screen! See you soon!

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