My 26th…!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

Oh how much do I wish I was talking about a birthday here but nope, talking about another house moving. Never thought it would happen this soon but there are people I miss having close to me and there are jobs and there are my gypsie feet. So soon you will be able to find me in Oldenburg (which is quite close to Bremen and Hamburg, lovely, I smell some clubbing nights!), job-hunt is already done now looking for a tiny 1-room flat, which hopefully will be available for October, 1st already. I don’t mind paying a month of double rent but I really don’t want to stress too much moving this time, especially since it is happening during Halloween season.

1609 moving stressed goth glasses fledermausbrille piercing

So, traffic jam during one of the million hours I spent in the car during the last few weeks, looking totally relaxed, don’t you think?

Whatever, I also did some extra Halloween shopping already for the annual Halloween giveaway, but I am sorry I first want to get this moving thing under control before I start, hoping my readers are Halloween-all-year-long people like I am so you don’t mind if the giveaway is happening right after Halloween!

Anyone knows any nice locations, nature spots, clubs around that area? Have a nice evening!