DIY: Modelling Clay Spider

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

You probably know those moments when you sit in your place, some art supplies next to you and you just start something, maybe without knowing what will happen in the beginning. That one night one of my ‘Super Fluffy modelling clay’ pots was staring at me.

1609 diy modelling clay spider bodyparts gothic decorย 1608 random diy workinprogress spider decor 1609 diy modelling clay spider gothic home decor

New family member has been added to the cave!

Eight legs, four eyes, two teeth, head and body. After 15-30 minutes the parts were shaped, put together, I put them aside in a place where they could dry without getting out of shape. This can happen because this modelling clay needs a while to dry. There are some clays that can be dried fast with heat but I still prefer this one. When it felt completely dry a few days later I used silver nail polish for the eyes and teeth and then matte black acrylic paint for the body and legs. Still unsure about the name though and sorry, some creature that was made by yourself needs a name.

Any name ideas for the spider? Have a nice evening!