DIY: I heart Bats Pants

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Intenet!

While I finally managed to bring my Else (sewing machine) to cleaning and fixing, since she refused to work for a while now, I got my hands on some more or less basic things from my shopping money and even though basic black is a must have in every darklings wardrobe I will never be able to resist to do a bit of alteration. The first thing I started working on were a pair of shorts / jeans hotpants, bought them in plain black and started binge watching some DVD series.

1608 acrylicpaint paintbrush diy

So I took some old and pretty rotten clothes to wear them while working on the shorts – because this time I just wanted to get comfy on my couch and had no safe workplace to use there, I kind of became my workplace.

Instead of bleach the coloring part / painting this time was done with simple acrylic paint. This does not last as long as bleach and when machine washing might get cracked a bit but I like that quite old and broken look it gets after a while and pants won’t see my washing machine as often as shirts do. I have used acrylic paint for some previous clothing alteration and so far still am happy with how these things look like so there was not a lot of risk. One of the pockets of the back now has some sketchy bat with ‘I ❤ bats’ written next to it while on the front there are a few tiny bat silhouettes.

1608 diy pants alteration gothic bat 1608 diy bat acrylic alteration gothic clothing 1608 diy gothic clothing alteration acrylicbats

This time, since it was already short enough there was no destrcution part, nothing, just paint. While I might maybe add a few cuts or a bit of thinning to the fabric at the front for now I like the simple and quick alteration!

What kind of painting-colors have you tried to alterate your clothing? Have a nice evening!