Shopping Ban I guess?

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

As mentioned in last Random post I am joining a lot of fellow bloggers on some kind of shopping ban. This seems to be some kind of trend movement lately and probably everyone has their own reason – getting rid of clutter, saving for a vacation or whatever.

1608 shoppingban piggybank vampire goth

Still wondering why this piggybank had no mouth when I bought it!

Reasons are that I definitely want to save money for

a) Move. Gypsie feet are itching, it seems there are even less things to do / goth events around than a few years ago. And one of the main reasons why I moved here were the people I knew since my childhood. But even though we lately happen to meet maybe once a month (and meeting ‘sometimes’ is also possible if I live further away) I definitely meet those friends more often that live 100+kms away. I guess if we lived closer we would be able to meet a lot more often and the few meetings I have with friends here will pretty much still be able to sometimes as well. And that is what I want, meeting friends, maybe attend some events together. Three areas to decide which one would be best, hopefully I will be able to decide within a year?

b) Something a lot of people who do not know about my background probably will not understand but that is ok. I might have mentioned on here that I once fed myself to 120+kgs because I felt like eating would help me feel better (talking about toxic relationships). Anyways, some ups and downs in weight did happen and while I see my body changing to the better again there is one thing no workout can fix for me. My boobs. Probably will have their very own, dramatic post once I reach the amount of money required to get them done so not going to talk much about this topic here but please note: I definitely support body positive people, thinking the most important thing in life is a smile and a beautiful soul but I know how my boobs looked like before and I see seniors boobs every night at work. Which is a combination that makes me cry whenever I look at myself in the mirror so I made my decision here.

Clearing from Clutter: I think I don’t have a lot of things that are not used, except a pile of clothing, some heels that have been worn only a few times and actually I prefer my stompy boots, farewell to everything that hasn’t been used often enough, let’s say within  year unless it is not a piece with some memories attatched! So probably my next nights off work will be used to take pictures of all the things that will face eBay soon!

Shopping Ban: Not a 100% one for me, but I think buying only one NEW makeup thing each month and add 50€ for fabric or thrift stores or other cheap stores and maybe 50€ for the cave? This should work and probably encourage me to do some more DIYs! I am a guilty music buying person but since I still am going through my huge music library, to categorize and the like this also will be something where I want to save a bit.

How long: Starting with a plan of 6 months, starting August 2016 would end in January. Then I will sit down and take a look at how good this went and if I could do it for some longer time, maybe 6 months at a time.

Any of my readers also going on a shopping ban? How is it for you so far? Have a nice evening!