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Month: July, 2016

Review: Spin Doctor Altaira Maxi Skirt

Hey there, Internet!

There was that skirt in my latest Outfit post, a skirt that I said I loved, that I do love but that also has some things that make me wonder if they should be like this of if mine simply is not as it should be and if I only had some bad luck when I bought it?

I got this skirt from darkages.de which is a store I happily shop since my very early baby bat days simply because they have really good prices and something feels ‘personal’ about them! It was described as Hell Bunny Altaira skirt, witch style with two layers, bottom layer black miniskirt, grey, printed taffeta on top wich didn’t seem to be too light in the pictures, fake leather waistband and zipper, 100% polyester and price was 34,90€.

1607 review spindoctor altaira sheer maxi skirt goth 1607 ootd gothic detail skull claw rings ripped tights spindoctor skirt 1607 review skirt detail zipper fakeleather waistband

left & center pic: from last outfit post, right: fake leather waistband and zipper detail

Since I lately have had bad luck with sizing when online shopping I went with size large (bigger waistband also helps to open or close a zipper when you have your waistline hidden under your corset because you can pull it out instead of completely unlacing. Order was placed June, 6th and so I wasn’t expecting it until three or four days later so I was pretty much surprised to find the parcel at my door the very next day.

1607 skirt clothing review spindoctor sewing detail 1607 review clothing skirt spindoctor maxi 1607 review skirt spindoctorclothing sheermaxi goth

left: this sadly is what and how much you can see when the mini skirt did not ride up yet. center: labels, waistband and the pretty fabric. right: sheerness and spiderwebs!

The good things: Size L was the right choice for me, I can easily hide the waistband under a corset and pull it out to open the zipper. The (very high) splitted part of the skirt also is nice when you want to show your legs, thights or leggings and it makes the sheer, light fabric fall even more beautiful when dancing or moving in general! Even though I would have preferred a black based fabric I like the print, some spiderwebs, branches, romantic and steampunk ornaments in different white to black shades!

The not so good things: The black mini skirt / bottom layer. It rides up within a second, no matter if I go barelegged or with something underneath, not so nice if you notice when you are in public that people can see more of you than you actually wanted to show. Then when it is not yet riding up the side with the seams is on the outside and hence visible in the splitted area of the sheer layer. So I think maybe the seamstress who sew together the layers of my skirt mixed the sides of the mini skirt up by accident?

In the end I still am happy with this skirt but definitely will remove that black mini skirt and instead wear something underneath that I am fine showing! But I am not sure if I would have seen this skirt in real life before purchasing if I still would have bought it, simply because of that mini skirt part, sorry.

Do you have clothing stuff by this company, maybe the exact same skirt? Maybe I only had bad luck with mine? Have a nice evening!


New Ink! 16-07

Hey there, Internet!

It feels as if it has been ages since I got my last tattoo (and nope, the millions of appointments I’ve had to ‘save’ or to continue my Pokémon sleeve do not count here).

I guess if you follow this blog for a while you know that I have a sweet spot for mystic stuff and nature, especially my plant babies like my ivy who can be poisonous as well as medicine, showing that everything has a good and a bad side. So it was just a matter of time until I would get something related to this on my skin. The inverted pentacle actually to me has no evil / satanic meaning, I prefer the ancient idea of something that ‘looks’ evil would save you from evil. I am aware of the fact that there are so many different meanings for it by different religions, countries, history, whatever and there would be some more meaning of it for me as well but this was something I needed to state because there already have been quite a few comments on this on my social media accounts. I still wanted the style to match my other tattoos so definitely needed something ‘sketchy’, and since I really love those watercolor accents I thought adding some hint of natural, greenish color would look nice in this! That was the thought.

There is some tattoo studio very close to my home that has some really good reputation, an artist from that studio also had some tattoos in his portfolio that looked very similar, stylewise, to what I wanted. Went there, talked to a few people, decided I would want to get my chestpiece done there and since they have lists with 3-6 months waiting time I would be able to save up enough before my appointment. My appointment at Green Pearl Tattoo was July, 7th at 12:00, artist would be Jance Armstrong who convinced me to not get a pentacle made of ivy, the tattoo would still include what I wanted but the ivy would be more like a frame or background to the pentacle.

1607 newink lastselfie gothglasses fledermausbrille copperhair 1607 newink freshtattoo invertedpentacle sketchy ivyleaves chestpiece 1607 newink freshtattoo detail ivyleaf watercolor green bruises

left: last picture before the tattoo, looks so empty but clean!, center: after cleaning the tattoo at home for the first time, right: a few bruises but could have been worse!

This took, including preparation and some breaks, 5 hours. Pain when getting tattoed is different for every person and bodypart, for me it was absolutely ok, the only spot I hated was the upper middle parts. Not because of pain but because the vibrating tattoo gun made it nearly impossible to breathe. Not complaining though, have seen people suffering a lot when getting their tattoos done and mine so far were all fine!

Now I am facing a time of itchy skin, going outdoors braless (sorry but nothing can force me to put on something that will rub the sensitive skin with new ink, covered with plastic wrap or not, rubbing will cause infection and so the people around me will have to deal with this for a few days) and two weeks of no workout or wearing necklaces. Guess the spiked neckbands will have to be used a lot more during that time! So in the end I can say that I am really happy and am positive I won’t regret my choice of having a hint of color in this piece. There still are a lifetime of plans for Tattoos, Piercings and other Bodymods (pointing at the jar where I save up for my ear pointing by Samppa Von Cyborg). You can also take a look at my other posts on bodymods here: Bodymods and Self Destruction (yes, this again was in quite a rough period of time for me but something I’ve been planning for even longer), Bodymods: Piercings, Bodymods: Scarification, New Ink! 15-04

How about your current plans? Have a nice evening!


Today’s Outfit & Makeup 16-07

Hey there, Internet!

Actually, nothing special was done that day, being lazy, watching DVDs, skype, cleaning the flat and that fuzz. But as you were able to read a few days ago, I slowly am getting back into my old shape which means my corsets and other ‘tight fitting’ clothes start to feel better on me again, who could resist putting them back on asap?

1607 ootd gothic corset yourshape rippedtights chains winklepickers gothicshoecompany spindoctor sheermaxiskirt

Let me know when you found my other hand?

1607 ootd gothic detail skull claw rings ripped tights spindoctor skirt 1607 ootd gothic jewelry silver rings 1607 ootd gothic spikes chains batnecklace detail pale

What I’m wearing

A skirt that probably needs a review, so much to say about it.

Boots: The Gothic Shoe Company (Dark Godess, see detailed review)
Skirt: Spin Doctor
Corset: Your Shape
Hairclip: Kreepsville 666 (Glows in the dark!)
Watch: EtNox
What else: Ripped tights, chains, random wristbands and rings, glasses from Fledermausbrille, and a bat necklace from bitterwren sent me for halloween last year!

1607 ootd fotd gothic orangehair piercings glasses noeyebrows blacklips 1607 ootd gothic fotd eyemakeup eyeliner smokeyeyes noeyebrows piercings fledermausbrille glasses falselashes illamasqua021 1607 ootd nailart gothic stargazer129 chinaglaze crackle green glitter 1099jaded crueltyfree


Was a bit sad to see that this green crackling polish started to change structure, but made it work one more time!

Lips: Illamasqua (Sketch Stick in Haze), Stargazer (Glitter Lipstick in Red)
Nails: Stargazer 129, China Glaze (Crackle Glaze 1099, Jade-d)
Eyes: Alverde (First Class Volume Mascara), Illamasqua (Precision Gel Liner in Infinity on waterline, False Eyelashes 21, Sketch Stick in Haze as base), Stargazer (Eyedust in 51)
Etc: Illamasqua (Beyond Powder in OMG)

How big is the pile of clothing you refuse to give away because ‘one day they will fit you again’? Have a nice evening!


Batfit 16-07

Hey there, Internet!

* Batfit is a ‘challenge group’ by our dear Professor Z where all kind of (darkly inclined) people try to motivate each other to get healthier or change / do whatever in their lives to feel better

Bat Fit 2016 1601 batfit january goth fitness weights dance healthy

I have no idea why I still am trying to plan my workout and diet when my body currently tries to make fun of me with pain attacks and allergies / food intolerances. In January my goal was to get back to a weight under 70kgs within 2016 (which by then would have been -5kgs) and in the end get back to the 61-65kgs that I felt good with a few years ago but thanks to the things mentioned above and my medication I even managed to gain some weight. So this currently is not what I should focus on. Also shared a picture of my stomach in that post that I wanted back…

Do not get me wrong, I actually still would love to get that stomach back but I understand that currently this will take longer, if it is possible at all. I will not be able to do the workout the way I wanted. (which was every second day warmup, 50 minutes workout, streches and then 30 minutes dancing) But during June I slowly tried what my body would accept, it seems 2 days workout, followed by a rest day is ok. Workout currently consists of 10 minutes for my arms, 5 minutes for stomach. This is not a lot but it is something. I am hoping to expand to 10 minutes each for arms, stomach and booty until December and then, hopefully with new therapy / medication add a bit more. But yes, there is some progress visible on my arms and stomach already but not enough that I would feel good sharing yet.

Learned a lot about food. My doctor suspects (or is sure about this but I have to wait for the specialist appointment in December) that the pain attacks are from some kind of rheumatism so there was a lot of research and testing for what food will make the pain in my joints worse and which are ok. Thank you, dear body, another thing that I now have to think about when planning my diet, shopping for food or eating outside.

What I managed to do is to feel better, emotionally. I had another bad phase when the pain attacks got worse and didn’t stop but no demon is going to keep my down for long! Prove? I only missed one day of work even though I sometimes was crying when moving or even sitting still. Hoping this will not make the doctors believe I only am pretending to be in pain?! Did not go out too much but did a lot of jewelry and painting, being creative. Getting back into my plans for body modifications as well so I re-started my jar to save for my ear pointings by Samppa von Cyborg. We’ll see when this will happen!

Who else is with our Professor and the Batfit group or do you have some other way of motivation for making yourself feel better (in whatever way)? Have a nice evening!


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