Review: Spin Doctor Altaira Maxi Skirt

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

There was that skirt in my latest Outfit post, a skirt that I said I loved, that I do love but that also has some things that make me wonder if they should be like this of if mine simply is not as it should be and if I only had some bad luck when I bought it?

I got this skirt from which is a store I happily shop since my very early baby bat days simply because they have really good prices and something feels ‘personal’ about them! It was described as Hell Bunny Altaira skirt, witch style with two layers, bottom layer black miniskirt, grey, printed taffeta on top wich didn’t seem to be too light in the pictures, fake leather waistband and zipper, 100% polyester and price was 34,90€.

1607 review spindoctor altaira sheer maxi skirt goth 1607 ootd gothic detail skull claw rings ripped tights spindoctor skirt 1607 review skirt detail zipper fakeleather waistband

left & center pic: from last outfit post, right: fake leather waistband and zipper detail

Since I lately have had bad luck with sizing when online shopping I went with size large (bigger waistband also helps to open or close a zipper when you have your waistline hidden under your corset because you can pull it out instead of completely unlacing. Order was placed June, 6th and so I wasn’t expecting it until three or four days later so I was pretty much surprised to find the parcel at my door the very next day.

1607 skirt clothing review spindoctor sewing detail 1607 review clothing skirt spindoctor maxi 1607 review skirt spindoctorclothing sheermaxi goth

left: this sadly is what and how much you can see when the mini skirt did not ride up yet. center: labels, waistband and the pretty fabric. right: sheerness and spiderwebs!

The good things: Size L was the right choice for me, I can easily hide the waistband under a corset and pull it out to open the zipper. The (very high) splitted part of the skirt also is nice when you want to show your legs, thights or leggings and it makes the sheer, light fabric fall even more beautiful when dancing or moving in general! Even though I would have preferred a black based fabric I like the print, some spiderwebs, branches, romantic and steampunk ornaments in different white to black shades!

The not so good things: The black mini skirt / bottom layer. It rides up within a second, no matter if I go barelegged or with something underneath, not so nice if you notice when you are in public that people can see more of you than you actually wanted to show. Then when it is not yet riding up the side with the seams is on the outside and hence visible in the splitted area of the sheer layer. So I think maybe the seamstress who sew together the layers of my skirt mixed the sides of the mini skirt up by accident?

In the end I still am happy with this skirt but definitely will remove that black mini skirt and instead wear something underneath that I am fine showing! But I am not sure if I would have seen this skirt in real life before purchasing if I still would have bought it, simply because of that mini skirt part, sorry.

Do you have clothing stuff by this company, maybe the exact same skirt? Maybe I only had bad luck with mine? Have a nice evening!