Review, a month of: Balea Beauty Effect.

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

This seems to be a series on this blog at the moment so here is a tiny update on the last things I posted about!
2016, June was about my new haircolor by Paul Mitchell, did my third dye, about the same mixture like 2nd dye and it turned out as vibrant, less visible hairline and still happy!
2016, May was about the lash boosters by Alverde, I continued using them and still think they make my lashes grow stronger so I will continue using them for now!

So for this month I was hoping to find something for those lines that started to appear between my eyebrows, solving one problem at a time. When I am browsing my local drugstore I always am looking at the really cheap but good quality and cruelty free company Balea and they had this product ‘Balea Beauty Effect Falten (lines) Filler’. The packaging states that most of their testers (73%-86%) already felt a change to their skin after only one application. Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, sheabutter, vitamin e, this cream definitely is boosted with a lot of promising ingredients so 3.95€ for 30ml was a price I could not resist and by the end of this month there still was more than half of the product in. Even though with my age of 29 I am not really within the range of people they recommend it for (35-45) but those lines needed to leave my face!

1607 review amonthof balea crueltyfree beautyeffect faltenfiller hyaluron

so this it is, but does it work?

I applied it, according to the instructions, during my morning and evening skincare routine, right after cleaning. As the packaging promised was able to ‘feel’ my skin changing to the better after a short amount of time, maybe not the first day but after a week. That area definitely felt better, softer and less ‘old’. And now the picture that, in my opinion needs no further words.

1607 amonthof balea beautyeffect faltenfiller review crueltyfree hyaluron

Sorry for my visbible, big pores but to prove something really makes your lines disappear you need pictures without any makeup.

So yes, I am highly impressed by the result and so this definitely will stay in my routine, wondering if they have something to get rid of those big pores as well? Maybe this will be the next thing to look for!

Are you fighting with some parts of your skin or already found your holy grails? Have a nice evening!