Burning Faerie for my kitchen?

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

When you know me for some time you might already know that I have some soft spot for absinthes and faeries and that my kitchen is currently under heavy construction. Well, during my last nights off work I could not put the paintbrush away, there was some leftover woodchip wallpaper as well as some leftover tinting paint from when I painted my kitchen. That color would have turned bad soon (started to change structure a bit already) and since the wall above the stove was still completely empty I knew what I had to do.

1606 art diy painting green background 1606 art diy green painting background mossy 1606 art diy naked nude female faerie gothic macabre

Layers and layers and layers of paint!

The background was done with maybe 10-15 layers of paint, mixed with water to get some irregular color. Then I started with a faerie, I wanted to do something inspired by those beautiful absinthe faerie illustration, be it the ones of famous artists or those that you can find on the covers of your favourite bottle. But like pens always do everything in the end starts to change by themselves and my faerie started to get some spooky tentacle like arms and legs and moth-like wings instead of those butterfly shaped ones. Background got some flame inspired orange shapes on the bottom. Then I felt the hair I had on my mind would not look good anymore, that they probably would need some watery look as well to not look awkward in combination with the body. Thought was put onto paper and after another few layers I think I actually liked her.

1606 art diy painting green burning absinthe faerie 1606 art diy painting green fire absinthe faerie spooky goth home decor kitchen

In the end more of some spooky burning faerie than an absinthe one but it was her choice! And definitely needs some more decoration around it!

Hung her up on the wall and now will have to shop for some of those plastic decoration ivys and other leaves for the wall. Plan still is to have my kitchen over-crowded with decoration (Nope, not that bad idea to decorate, I barely ‘cook’ – am more of a salad in every way you can think of person so there is not that much of oily dust around!)

What are your current (artsy-) projects? Have a nice evening!