My Cave: Jewelry Storage!

by Schnauzevoll

Hey there, Internet!

My cave slowly is getting closer to being finished, furniture wise at least. Some spots definitely need some more orgenization before I can start with decorations and knicknacks. So you can find me browsing on Amazon quite often. One night I found this lovely bench that was meant to be some shoe rack, it was not even 30€ so probably nothing could go wrong. Placed my order for June, it arrived the next day already! Heavy as the description promised (14kgs!) the package was opened and within 30 minutes the rack bench thing was put together.

1606 mycave furniture amazon jewelry storage bench

In the end I noticed the center board is unvarnished on the frontside or maybe I turned it the wrong way when I set it up. I can always do it myself one day though. The bench has enough space to store all my jewelry stuff while still looking tidy – and after all the years there definitely is a lot to store. On top there is a soft, cushioned lid, that has some storage underneath, in front there are two open shelves

1606 mycave furniture amazon jewelry organization necklaces 1606 mycave gothic homedecor jewelry storage 1606 mycave bench jewelry storage amazon cushion lid

So the things that need to be done in this place are replacing the plastic boxes and painting the unvarnished board front. But again, one thing is down the list and for very little money and it looks so much better than that simple pile of jewelry that I had before! And probably is going to save me a lot of time when getting ready. I am also really happy that I can display the box covered with spiderweb fabric that has been in our family for quite some time already.

How do you keep your Accessories and Jewelry stuff organized?